Q&A time

now that we are all starting to get comfortable with each other, let's play a little Q&A shall we? every once in awhile people ask me questions and I wonder if anyone else wants to know the answer. or even better, have some questions of your own? well here's your time! leave me questions below and next week i'll compile the top ones and give you awesome responses back! don't feel comfortable leaving your question here? feel free to email me your questions:
 mr.taylorandhislady [at] gmail [dot] com. ready....GO!

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awkward and awesome Thursdays

- i wanted to put this on the awesome list, but for mr. taylor's sake it's going right here. the other day we were in the bathroom and mr. taylor said something really funny to me so i pulled an elaine and pushed him which resulted in him flying through the closed door and onto the ground. and the good wife that i am, i laughed before asking him if he was okay.
- crawling into bed and snuggling, i thought everything was so romantic, until mr. taylor says, "mmm, i can't wait to wake up so i can eat marshmellow mateys." "goodnight".
- i headed to the kitchen so excited to slice me up some zucchini bread and low-and-behold it had mold on it. i thought for a second (or maybe ten), maybe i could just cut the mold off. i seriously considered it. and then i thought, i don't have insurance i can't afford to get sick. that's how sad it's gotten when it comes to me and food and what comes between us.
- cutting in line of a little 4 year old so i could get to the water fountain first. apparently i think my health is more important? sorry to the mom that was watching.

- re-enacting any cheesy movie or commercial. what mr. taylor and i love to do the most is re-enacting cheesy lines to one another in our best impersonations, and being super overdramatic about it. it's pretty awesome, give it a whirl.
- we've incorporated "interpretive dance" into our nightly routines. we now have larping, robot night and interpretive dancing. now we just need 4 more and we have one for every night.
- video chatting with someone when they are either sitting right next to you or in the room next door. lame? no. awesome. yes!
- frolfing (frisbee + golf) again. somehow i managed to get even worse. was that even possible?
- having general conference this week and the sister-in-law visiting. our first house guest, how exciting!
- having a friend deliver homemade cheesecake just for fun. making some nice friends out here in utah. and you best believe mr. taylor and i consumed that cheesecake like a vacuum the second we could. om nom nom!

image via instagram

caving into temptations

i caved in and got myself a pinterest. all this time, i tried so hard to stay away from this amazing site because i knew i would become addicted. that's just who i am, i have an addictive personality. and pinterest was no exception. so i spent 2+ hours browsing the images and being inspired. love me some pinterest. why didn't i have this while planning my wedding??! the thing i love looking at most? hair lovin'! so find me and let's pin together!

p.s. become a follower of this site on Facebook by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner! 

no more apologies

the other day i stumbled across this idea over at Casey Wiegand's blog. she wrote about how she had this experience of finally being over apologies. that's not to say we shouldn't say sorry if we hurt someone else's feelings, but we need not apologize for the things in which make us who we are. and it hit me! i do this all the time, but no more. this is who i am:

i am that wife that likes to spend all her time with her husband. not that i don't adore my friends.

i am not that wife that is a good cook. in fact, we are the ones who will eat cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and anything that can easily be put in the oven or microwave for dinner.

i am that girl that gets her feelings hurt easily.

i am not that girl that gets to things on time. i am at least 3-5 minutes late to ev-er-y-thing!

i am that girl that knows everything about every single celebrity, which movie they've been in, where' their from, who they have dated, etc. i should work for IMDB. just sayin'.

i am not the person to share my food if i think it's really good.

i am that friend who will be there when you just need someone to listen.

i am not that wife that does everything right.

i am that person who goes grocery shopping in their pajamas.

you know what? i feel really good about this. i suggest we all make little pledges like this. no more apologies.
p.s. happy two monthiversary mr. taylor! love you!!


oh my goodness, you guys, i am such a failure! here i was promising you i'd bring about new pictures and yet i deliver another favorite oldie. it's not my fault though. now that mr. taylor leaves me for 10+ hours of the day, this leaves me with no one to take my pictures. that, and the fact that i do nothing all day to even inspire me to get dressed. reading this now makes it seem like i'm super depressed or something. i promise, i'm not. i'm getting there though. please job fairies, deliver me a job, because i do not think i could get myself to watch one more episode of basketball wives or anything else for that matter. maybe i need to pick up a new hobby. suggestions?

"a-z of me" thing

another old picture, my apologizes. i've been grabbing some new followers lately, so what better way to introduce you to the blog than be introducing ME in the ever-so-popular "a-z of me" thing that has been going around. so here we go. 

A. Age: 23. i know i look like i'm 16. i guess it will pay off though when i'm older.
B. Bed size: king.
C. Chore you hate: washing dishes. but only because we don't have a dishwasher at the moment. no bueno.
D. Dogs: i have one dog who lives back home with my parents, my miniature dachshund, Teddy! i practically treat him like my child. missing this little face!!
E. Essential start to your day: eating a bowl of cereal. really, just eating anything. i seem to always wake up starving in the morning. and you do not want to cross me when i am hungry. 
F. Favorite Color: turquoise and white. does white count as a color?
G. Gold or Silver: i love the way that gold looks but i am actually allergic. so with that i have to go with silver. 
H. Height: 5'3. i'm ginormous. 
I. Instruments you play: tambourine. not really. but how hard could it be? i wish i could play an instrument though. i've always fantasized about being an amazing street performer. weird?
J. Job Title: unemployed. kind of desperate over here...

K. Kids: none yet. not for a while. i'm kind of selfish and don't want to share mr. taylor at the moment. 

L. Live: Utah currently. originally Seattle.
M. Mother's Name: Margie. she hates when you call her marge though, like from the Simpsons. 
N. Nicknames: TJ, tan tan, wan tan, tanzie, t, butters (yes, like south park). basically anything but my real name.
O. Overnight hospital stays: birth and personal matters back in the 5th grade.
P. Pet peeves: people correcting the "he and i" or "me and him", or whatever it is. who cares? because ultimately you know what i am getting at.
Q. Quote from a movie: "it's okay! i'm a limo driver!" - dumb & dumber
R. Right or left-handed: right.
S. Siblings: too many. 
T. Time you wake up: at the moment, 9. but it usually requires about 30 minutes of mr. taylor trying to drag me (literally) out of bed kicking and screaming. 
U. Underwear: normal..underwear?
V. Vegetable you hate: pickles. wait, is that a vegetable or fruit?
X. X-rays: mouth, ankle, head. i've had a lot of concussions which explains a lot.
Y. Yummy food: ice cream is my weakness. that and hunan chinese food.
Z. Zoo animal: panda bears. they are just the cutest when they eat their little bamboo. but i must admit, those okapi are just rad!

awkward and awesome Thursdays

since i didn't feel like getting dressed this morning, i thought i'd dust off an oldie instead. i promise to not slack next week. and why yes, that is a transformer's t-shirt. thanks for asking!

- mr. taylor always tries to wake me up in the morning, no matter how many failed attempts. i'm definitely NOT a morning person, you see. but one day i decided to surprise him and get up all on my own. i walk out of the room to find the living room empty with an open computer. i sit down on the couch and wrap myself up in the nice warm blanket. just then, mr. taylor walks out of the bathroom and sits down right next to me on the couch and gets back to homework on his computer. he sits there 2+ minutes and then gets up to walk to his office. i continue to sit there confused as to why he didn't say anything to me. again, 5+ minutes later he walks back out of his office to come sit back down on the couch and continue working on his laptop. with a failed attempt of making him happy that i actually got up before 9 o'clock, i pull the blanket off of me to grab some breakfast. as soon as i flinched just a little, mr. taylor jumps up scared out of his mind. he had no idea that i was even there! supposedly the red blanket had meshed well into the red couch and honestly did not even see me and my big bed head - head! to his own embarrassment, this has now happened twice. oh mr. taylor, you are not a very observant one, are you?
- going to a church activity night, mr. taylor and i were hopeful to make some friends. while sitting chatting with one lovely lady, mr. taylor leans over to me and whispers, "should we ask them on a date?" it's funny how your new life as a married couple is to ask other couples out. the dating world apparently never ends.
- i was given a number to call for further job information. due to dyslexia on someone's part, i instead called a rude old man from wyoming. it's bad enough when you accidentally call the wrong number, but to be chewed out for it just makes everything much worse. thanks rude old man. i am now traumatized to call anyone i don't know ever again!

- welcome back fall television. i love this time of year when all my favorite shows come back on the air. hello friends, i've missed you all!
- my amazingly beautiful and talented friend, Gavi, just made the big move out to LA to follow her dreams and become the start that she is and sing her heart out. so so SO proud of her! love you girl!
- two date nights in a row! on friday we went to the movies with another couple and saw kungfu panda 2. super cute! the next night we got together with another couple to watch the BYU football game over at our place. during the halftime we made a run (literally, we ran) down to the local creamery and got some amazing ice cream to eat our feelings away at the depressing game.
- in the middle of the night mr. taylor turned over, grabbed my hand, and held it all through the night. my heart nearly melted.
- this conversation: me - "so i went ahead and called that girl about that job. she didn't answer, but i left a message. she'll probably call back later tonight." mr. taylor - "no who else is going to call?" me - "ghost busters!?" yeah, i made myself crack up at my own joke. i'm so funny...

p.s. decided to take a step forward and created a facebook page for the site. click on the facebook link on the top right and become a fan. spanks!

me, myself and i

photobooth is the result of when your hubby leaves you alone for 12+ hours of the day. that, and lack of showers because, let's be honest, who is there to impress? seeing this just makes me that much more motivated to find a job. i'm going a little stir crazy at home. and the weather is still too hot for me to go out running. what's a girl to do? all hands on deck!! suggestions to keep myself motivated are greatly appreciated. amen sister friend!
on another note, if you visit Jessica Kettle's official website, and click on "contact" you can see a sneak peek of one of my bridal shots! i thought it was pretty cool.

p.s. today marks the 100th post from mr. taylor and his lady. woot, woot!
p.p.s. i also feel it is my duty as an american citizen to inform everyone that season 3 of modern family starts up tonight. just saying...

exciting news

some exciting news to also share today:

the lovely Gentri, Ashley and Kelsey are so generous to put together this amazing blogger meet up! what a great way to meet new bloggers and become real life friends! if you live in Utah and would like to attend, RSVP to Gentri at gentrileeblog [at] gmail [dot] com. okay? okay!

also, I was awarded the "versatile blogger award" by kelli over at the daily polkadots! thanks lady!
as part of the award i am to share seven things about myself, so here we go!
  1. i married my best friend of seven years!
  2. i would much rather live in sweat pants and grunge t-shirts all day. i'm all about the comfort.
  3. i was raised protestant and converted to mormonism almost two years ago.
  4. i am one of eleven siblings. right in the middle. i suffer from the jan brady syndrome, ha!
  5. i am deathly afraid of needles, the sound of thunder and cats! 
  6. i absolutely hate the smell, sound and look of gum. i believe the world would be a much cleaner and less stickier place if it did not exist.
  7. my favorite movie is Hook! i love anything to do with peter pan. when i was younger i used to want to be a lost boy. yep, i was a major tomboy. 
i now pass this award onto YOU:

lunch date

i decided to take mr. taylor to my lovely little spot i went to last week for my own date day with myself. we packed a lunch, brought along a frisbee and had some fun in the sun for the hour break that the hubs had before he needed to get back to his studies. curse all that homework that separates us at the moment. it was a grand ol' time just getting to spend that one-on-one time with him at the park all by ourselves. sometimes the most simplest of dates are the most special.
and as you can tell, we are quite healthy eaters over here: sandwiches, goldfish and jalapeno chips. i'm such a great cook. *cue the sarcasm.
love you so much mr. taylor!

dayton's legs

it's another monday. i can't believe how fast september is flying by! the only reason why this is a good thing is because all the best holidays are just around the corner! that, and the beautiful trees are starting to change over here in provo! simply perfection! this weekend was full of meeting new people, awkwardness, dollar movie theater's, long walks, frisbee golfing, football games, date nights, great food, and the emmy's. GO MODERN FAMILY!
on sunday we spent a good chunk of time in church talking about the importance of missionary work and how the internet and all the technology out there has served as a great tool for educating and helping thousands of people across the world learn and grow, and become closer to Christ. i know that there are so many beautiful religions out there, and seeing such miraculous things out there like this? how could you not believe.
it is so comforting to know that anyone, no matter what age, is able to understand and demonstrate Christ-like attributes. what things have you done, great or small, to show your Christ-like attributes for your fellow man?

engagements and fridays!

happy friday! so glad it's the weekend. i need a few days to just spend with my man and get out of the house. on another note, i'm so excited to share these pictures with you. they are all starting to reel in. just keep posted for bridals and wedding. yay! big thanks to my amazing photographer, Jessica Kettle. Head to her website HERE to see more or on the front page of "Love Olio", HERE.

an extra special something

so this lovely lady is in charge of the amazing blog, natalie off duty. she's a model, blogger and singer. basically she is perfection. anywho, i stumbled across this amazing video of her on her blog and i felt it too good not to share. plus, she's singing adele....enough said.

awkward and awesome Thursdays

- taking a stroll through the university, mr. taylor wanted to be all romantic and take me down to the new man-made creek and waterfall. once we got down to the sight he wanted to show off by jumping across the rocks through the creek. little does he know that some of the rocks are plastic, ultimately leading to one giant fall into the water. i hear laughter in the background as a guy walks by witnessing the whole thing. i know i'm not doing this story justice, but OMG...hilarious!!!
- mr. taylor and i had a mini date night last night and headed to the texas roadhouse (romantic, i know). while enjoying some very intellectual conversations mr. taylor proceeds to finish his sentence with "back-boob" just as the waitress had come up to take our drink order. why "back-boob" you wonder? i wish i knew, but i can't remember what our conversation was about.
- earlier last week i contacted a person here in provo for a possible internship while i continue my job search. 11 emails in, this person finally informs me that i had been addressing them as the wrong person. this 'she' that i had thought that they were was in fact a 'he'. woops! thankfully i still got the job.
- my husband has been reading this book, How to Win Friends & Influence People. With nothing better to do i decide to take a peek and read the chapter, "Six Ways to Make People Like You". while half way through my bestie from back home called me up to see what i was doing. i told her the book i was reading. "oh my gosh, TJ, i didn't realize you had gotten to be that lonely and desperate down in utah!" "what? no! i was just reading it out of bordom." "suuuure." good to know that my friends are starting to realize how pathetic i really am, ha.

- eating so much food that you actually create a love food child. i finally know what it must feel like to be pregnant and not be able to see your feet. meet food baby, Sammie!
- making that chicken curry the other night. seriously, this is an accomplishment, coming from someone who usually feeds her husband mac & cheese or cereal for dinner.
- coming back from our date night mr. taylor serenaded me some music, some which he wrote himself. i know, i'm lucky.
- skyping with friends and family. i loved getting to skype with my baby sister and see her new college dorm room. so proud of you katie!!
- enjoying some photoshopping on the iPhone. face-in-hole. i nearly cried, i was laughing so hard.
- while i attended the hubby's intermural soccer game, i ended up making a friend while cheering on his team. friend count in utah = 1. yep, i'm pretty popular around these parts!

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