orange grove engagements

life is pretty tame over here in the taylor household. mr. taylor has been well into his studies already and i have been job hunting up the ying yang. we're "almost" near complete in finalizing our little home. we finished all of our shopping today (fingers crossed). all we need to do is return our tv and get a smaller one. we mis-measured our tv stand by, well, a lot. so back to costco we go. pictures of the apartment are to come soon. in the meantime, check out these breathtaking engagements i stumbled upon over at green wedding shoes by Priscila Valentina. isn't this couple just perfect? these makes me even more excited to get all of ours back, ciao!

unpacking is worse than packing, i decided

hello world! i have gotten a few requests to take a tour of our new place, but to be quite honest, all you would come across is boxes, boxes and more boxes. yes, the unpacking has begun but trash has been piling up. exhibit a)

and this is only 1/4 of the "disaster zone". so until the place is spick and span, i will fill you all in on the adventures we have had thus far instead. the drive from seattle to provo takes about 14 hours. in that span we busted out some awesome tunes, witnessed a car engulfed in flames (no one was hurt), and watched some intense lightning storms. i'm not a huge fan of lightning so this wasn't the big highlight for me. but we finally made it here around 11pm. we unpacked the cars and headed straight to bed. the next morning we woke up early to head to the bookstore to get mr. taylor all of his school supplies for the semester before it got too crowded...i am certainly not going to miss this aspect of school anymore. books are ridiculously expensive! next we headed to the creamery to pick up some grub and meet up with our friend Scott for some fun and music. later came the 4 hour long shopping spree where we bought all the things that we didn't get off our registry and the groceries that we needed to survive. coming from seattle, i'm not quite used to this 90+ degree weather and constant sunshine. thus resulting in many mini-naps and change of clothes at least 2 times due to sweat. overshare, i know.
as for now, mr. taylor has headed off to his first day of classes today, leaving me with all the clean-up and continued un-packing. hopefully i'll throw in a few skype dates here or there with friends and catch up on the latest "bachelor pad" that i missed last night.
friend count in utah= 0. still working on that one...

view from front door

moving day

mr. taylor and i are off on our next big adventure! we will be spending the rest of the day unpacking and just nestling in to our new place. Be back tomorrow lovelies!!
P.S. our prayers are with those on the East Coast #irene 

image from Ruche look book

and so the packing begins

and here is what i wore. i'm not a fan of packing. there is just something always so depressing about putting all of your things into boxes, and taking them somewhere new. maybe it's just me, i'm not a big fan of change. hence why i proceeded to bawl my eyes out today at work, as it was my last day with my kiddos. i loved the family i nannied so so much, and their mom is a gem. she gave me the sweetest going away presents ever and we both cried reminiscing down memory lane throughout the years. miss you all already! but at least we had our last day end with a bang! and by that, i mean a party (bouncy houses and dunking booths included).

so i guess this means that i am officially an unemployed college graduate, joining the rest of society during this economic downturn! oh well. i am going to celebrate the rest of this day FINALLY getting a start on packing, doing laundry and watching the marathon of "sex and the city" in my scrubs. exhibit a)

p.s. i really am starting to get bored of my blogging template. does anyone have any awesome recommendations for blogger template sites? i could use all the help i could get get. for how much i blog, i really am not blogger savvy.

awkward and awesome Thursdays

so mr. taylor has been away on his business trip for just over 24 hours now, and in that span i caught up on all of my TV shows (the bachelor pad is intense this season), went to a concert at the park, played out in seattle, had a romantic candlelit dinner with this lovely, and got a drastic hair cut. productivity on packing is still at a 0% but leaving two days to pack should be enough, right?

- showing up to work 4 minutes late and getting chewed out by your supervisor by using the silent treatment. nothing like that is ever fun.
- PDA. i'm all for everyone showing their affection for their loved ones, but it's a little awkward when sitting in a group of people asking the new couple how they met and in between each sentence they feel the need to be all over each other. okay, we'll come back later. 
- conversations where you are sitting there both waiting for the other to ask meaningless questions just for the sake of keeping a conversation going. note to self: just walk away.

- movie marathon dates with best friends, creating a bate cave and catching up on life itself. i adore my friends.
- having a celebratory dinner at panera bread. i absolutely love this restaurant and will miss it terribly while in utah. in fact, i might just have to go back one last time before the big move.
- waking up at 6 AM every morning just to sit down and chat with the husband while he eats his big bowl of cereal and then make him a lunch sack for his day. i'm such a good wife. who says i don't have domestic skills? next step is mastering dinner dishes....we'll see about that.

*sorry for the lack of cool awkward and awesome stories. i'm sure this coming weekend will bring plenty of those.

first time apart

early this morning, mr. taylor left for some business trips in san francisco. fingers crossed that he falls in love with the area and we'll be making the big move come a year from now. this is the first time we've been apart since the big day and to say that i miss him is an understatement. hopefully packing and my friends will distract me for the remainder of these four days that he's away from me.

coming to an end

it's all coming to an end. i have officially graduated from college. mr. taylor had his last day of his internship. i have my last day of my internship on wednesday and my last day of work on friday. what comes next you ask? moving out of this crazy city i call home and moving to the small town of provo, utah while mr. taylor finishes up his last year of college. am i nervous? of course! i know no one, will be moving away from my entire family, jobless, and kicking off my life with the hubby in our own quaint place with no direction. i'm not the homemaker that i probably should be - sorry mr. taylor, we may starve. but if you live in the provo area or know any awesome shops and restaurants, hit me up! let's be friends! i like to think i'm funny, nice, and outgoing. applications now being accepted, ha!
  yay for new adventures!

awkward and awesome Fridays?

sure, why not! so here's awkward and awesome Fridays. happening on a different day then usual, i know. but something is better than nothing, and i have some funny stories to share. hope you all will bear with me while i am adjusting to life at the moment. sheesh! when did things get to be so complicated?

p.s. i changed my URL of the site to: add it!

- tiny toilet seats in public restrooms. you know the ones, where you knees practically go up to your ears when you sit down. whats even worse is when bathroom stall doors have very wide open spaces so you are essentially peeing for an audience. hello little girl waiting with her mommy for me to be finish. 
- another toilet story...walking into a bathroom stall after someone just came out only to find they had forgot to flush the toilet and left a little surprise for you. yes, this is gross, but i felt it necessary to share because this happens way more often than it should.
- having a nice old lady shove 50 ballots into the winners box to be called to have won this months Josh Groban tickets, and then having to tell her that she's disqualified for breaking the rules (only one entry). "i'm sorry ma'am, but the rules clearly state only one entry per person. i'm going to have to take you out of the running." outcome, i have never heard an old lady swear so much in my entire life. don't get between an old lady and her Josh Groban.
- having my skin peel due to the nasty burn i got while on the honeymoon. i'm a snake, people! and am shedding everywhere!! remedies por favor?

- i know i graduated a few months ago. but technically i needed to take a few more summer classes to be up to par with my credits. but last night (at 10:41 PM) i officially turned in my last college paper. it's done people! i'm a college graduate! now if only a job would magically appear so that all that hard work doesn't seem like a waste.
- finally getting to plan get togethers with my friends. oh how i've missed you all!
- not having anywhere to live after our honeymoon only to find that one of our family friends has asked us to housesit for them for the entire month. score! and let me tell you, this house is so stinkin' beautiful, i'm in heaven!
- husband (yes, i just said husband!) and i have begun doing fun games every night while getting ready for bed. last night was robot night! bee boo boop! try brushing your teeth in robotic's hard.
- i can't remember if i mentioned this or not but i got to go parasailing while in saint maarten. always been on my bucket list. check and check. AMAZING!

what to blog about when you have nothing to blog about

1. three weeks of laundry. 2. finals. 3. LOTS of food. 4. going through wedding gifts.

as you can see, life over at the "taylor" household is not very exciting. can't wait for this week to be over, to say the least. so this is what my day will entail. how about you?

the honeymoon, according to my iPhone

all in all, honeymoons are the best!

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