mr. and mrs. taylor

why hello there! i thought i'd blog for a moment while everything settled down and mr. taylor and i wait for our LONG flight out to st. maarten! soooooo excited! i'm also just excited to announce that i finally married my bestest friend on wednesday and the day could not have gone any more smoothly. the day was simply perfect! i know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for some pictures so i'll go ahead and show a sneaky-sneak of me and my new SIL's (a.k.a. sister-in-laws)!

p.s. get ready for some awesome guest bloggers come next week. pretty excited to share some lovely readers of mine!

the bachelorette party

hello my lovelies. this post will be short and sweet as i am royally tired from this weekend. it was my bachelorette party, and it was fabulous! we stayed at a lovely hotel in downtown seattle, went out to dinner, went and saw "friends with benefits" came home and had facials, made a spa day trip and went on a shopping spree. all spent with my lovely bridesmaids. brava my besties! tomorrow marks my final day as a "single lady".

jasmine skirt

two posts in one day? oh my! i spent this morning picking up my wedding dress (it's finally done, YAY!) and then i popped over to my bff's KIMBERLY and spent some time watching the newest abc family movie, cyberbully. yes, we get together to watch all new shows and movies on abc family, because we are just that cool! jealous?
i bought this skirt the other day and i am completely obsessed. not only because it is a maxi skirt and they are my favorite, but also because this color make me feel like jasmine from the disney movie, aladdin. and i know that i go to the university of washington, but i DID go to washington state university at one point in time. the cougs will always have a little piece of my heart. happy saturday!

dear mr. taylor

dear mr. taylor,
you are amazing and i am completely infatuated by you. i cannot believe that in four short days we will be married. i have spent so much time reflecting back on our high school days and the times that i was completely in love with you without you even knowing. you are the one for me.
i had an incredibly hard day the other day, and lots of tears were shed. you always know what to do to make me feel 10x better. so we headed out to downtown seattle and had a BLAST running around the town being complete goobers. we went to gavi's concert, did some goof shopping, ate some great food, and walked the pier.
dear mr. taylor, i love you!
your future wifey

p.s. i was awarded the 'sunshine award' over at petite femme jolie. so honored!! so here's the deal, the sunshine award is awarded to a blogger whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world. the sunshine award is given by bloggers to bloggers as a way to spread the bloggy love.
- thank the person who gave you this award
-write a post about it
-pass it on to 10 bloggers who you feel really deserve it

so below are my top 10 bloggers who i think deserve the sunshine award! (in no particular order)

blog on!!

awkward and awesome Thursdays


can you tell what is consuming my mind at the moment?

do you ever look into your closet and just feel like there is NOTHING to wear? yep, that's what happened today. here i am peering into my cluttered closet and i realize i'm going through one of those fazes that all i want to do is throw everything out and start fresh. i hear a shopping spree in the near future *cough cough mom!

- so i was at work trying to call a lady who won a prize from the station. someone on the other end picks up saying, "hello?" and then proceeds to yell at her children in the background. she then says, "what, hold on a second." followed by, "you know what, i'm going to have to call you back." i was getting so frustrated. i was trying to reamin my upbeat self, stay focused and get this call over with. what was this lady doing? and then..."BEEP". it was a voice message recording. are you serious?? she totally got me! my boss was sitting behind me wanting to know what was going on. i can't believe i fell for it. but not as much as i can't believe this forty something year old woman made such a lame voice message. it had me reflect back to junior high when everyone first got cell phones thinking it would be so cool to do stuff like that. i personally never got the appeal of faking people out, but maybe that's just me. i hate being tricked! meh.
- driving through redmond and passing by an old lady walking her dog in a large t-shirt. she leans over to pick up dog poopie leaving me only to discover she is not wearing any pants. bravo lady.

- getting bridal pictures taken this saturday. so excited for my photoshoot!
- having all big projects done and out of the way just in time for the wedding.
- the one good thing about geting married is you get to have a lot of great heart-to-hearts with family and friends. i can just feel the love.
- finding someone to do last minute alterations on my dress. trust me, this was a lot harder than you think. everyone is booked in the summer time. it's a miracle. can i get a 'amen'!

another one bites the dust

(don't mind the cheesy high school pictures in the background. luckily the sun just so happen to hit at the right spot and glare mine out. phew!)
i went down one reader yesterday. i will admit, one single tear did drop in its place. i can't help it though, i just love all you readers and your lovely comments / emails. it's okay though, having you all still here makes up for it! so from now on i will try not to disappoint. good news is, all you DYING to catch a glimpse of my alterations are taking place as we speak. we are officially at the one week mark people. can i get a "woot, woot"! i just hope my dress does not disappoint. but i must say, i am quite fond of it and the lovely fabric in which it possesses! i'm just saying. 
moving on. sooooo today i must stay focused, as i have a two and a half hour presentation to give later tonight for a class. yes, you heard me right. TWO AND A HALF HOUR PRESENTATION! who does that? me apparently. so if you want to sneak in and enjoy a lovely conversation on the nineteenth century white supremacy, the power of euro-american colonialism and lynching (super depressing, i know) feel free to make an appearance. your smiling faces will get me through it! other than that, enjoy this lovely Wednesday and get your style on!

p.s. one of my BFF's gavi was seen on TV earlier today and performed her new song, "Sorry I'm Not Sorry". Perfection. So so so proud of you girl! you rocked it! if you're in the seattle area this weekend, she's performing at the "Triple Door" on friday at 5:30 right before Thomas Starks. come come come and support the music of gavrielle! Xo girl

inspiring wedding decorations

i adore this inspiring 1920's wedding theme. the decorations are perfected to a tee! brava! 
what do ya think?

get your hippie on!

i put this outfit on and felt my inner flower-power child come out. oh how i wish i was born in the 70's. love everything about the clothing. that would be my dream photo-shoot for sure! and oh how i wish these photos had shown my rockin' feather earrings which i'm completely in love with. so here's a sneaky-sneak:
this weekend was an emotional roller-coaster with only a mere seven hours of sleep total. good thing i took these pictures last week otherwise you'd probably gasp in horror over my raccoon eyes i'm sporting at the moment. oh well. off to do some dress alterations. all this stress has got me losing to much weight. bring on the twinkies!!


oh my goodness. i have never been so excited to see the weekend approaching! it will be jam packed with homework, homework, homework! i want to get all that i can get done so i won't have to take any of this on my honeymoon. wouldn't that be great?! not! this post is unfortunately short, but i MUST get back to this midterm which is screaming my name! which is unfortunate because all i want to do is take a nice long nap after the midnight premiere of harry potter last night. now before i go, thank you ever so much for following my blog. i finally passed that 100 mark, yippee! now let's double that! love you all!
(us at the midnight showing. about to fall asleep.)

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