awkward and awesome Thursdays

who says "grunge" clothes can't be fashionable. today i just didn't really feel like wearing jeans. ever have those days? the last picture is probably my favorite. little teddy felt like joining in on the fun. he pulls at my little heart strings for sure!

- so mr. taylor and i ventured to the carwash the other day and quickly made our way to the mall to pick up some new dress shirts. two awkward things happened this particular day. one, when we parked at the mall and got out of the car we noticed that one of the large wash strands got stuck in the back windshield wiper of the mr.'s car. we spent 20 minutes driving on the freeway with this thing flapping in the wind totally oblivious. it took two days until we were finally able to pry that thing out of there.
exhibit a)
exhibit b)
- part two of this day. when we arrived i needed to take a little *ahem potty break. while washing my hands i hear a lot of screaming from the outside door. i come out to find three people wrestling on the floor, one of which with handcuffs. WHAT is going on?! mr. taylor was sitting by waiting for me along with a large crowd just watching from the sidelines. i still do not know what happened, but it was awkward to be the one coming out of that door completely unaware what was waiting on the other side. all eyes on me.
- in class today we talked about the overall ideas of monogamy and if it is un-natural to be with only one person. the conversation  was centered around the whole Weiner fiasco. in the middle of the discussion my teacher decides to share that at the beginning of his marriage his wife told him it would be okay if he decided to have an affair or two as long as he didn't tell her about it. umm, yeah....

- good bosses. the other day i wrote about how i went to work on a day i wasn't supposed to. not only did my boss (Terri - who is the bee knees!!) sincerely apologize for my mistake, she also paid me for my time. ALSO, she has been out of town for a week, in new york doing big things, and when she saw me this morning she came running over to give me a hug and told me that she misses me. what am i going to do once i get married and move away?! love you Terri!
- america's next top model re-runs. these play allll the time on oxygen. or as mr. taylor calls it, the women's channel. i love yelling at the tv believing i could walk better then all of the girls. although on my behalf a few of them i probably could....or so i tell myself.
- knowing that i'll be getting married in just 27 days now!
p.s. let me know if you want to guest post while i'm away on my honeymoon. i need 5 bloggers! shoot me an email :)

starbucks proposal

all you guys out there, you're so much more creative then i thought you were! props. here's another fun and unique proposal that i wanted to share. so much wedding on the mind, what with only 28 days in counting till my big day! exciting!! any fun stories and pictures to share from your own proposals? Let me know! We could even do a little feature of YOU on here, eh eh?!?!

lazy tuesday

i woke up extra early today to drive all the way over to work to find out i didn't need to work that day. lame. oh well, i got back home, busted out a few homework assignments and took full advantage of this lazy tuesday. and although the weather is all over the place this week, i am fully enjoying this warm 70 degree weather today, clouds or no clouds. in other news, i am happily overwhelmed with the amount of questions you all are sending in to my email. the questions are all over the place so what i think i'll do is answer the first three i received. look forward to those next monday on the vlog! it may become a regular ;)

p.s. did anyone catch 'the bachelorette' last night? i thought the whole bentley coming back thing was a little anti-climatic. and for someone who sure seemed 'over him' she went ahead and mentioned his name AT LEAST 20 times throughout the episode. let's cross our fingers that's the last we hear of him until the  'men tell all'. jp still has me captivated. and i'm pretty sure ames was a little 'hazy' with that whole kiss debacle. super awkward!! thoughts?

introducing the vlog

i am very excited to introduce blog episode #1 from mr. taylor and his lady. i got the grand idea from fellow blogger dear darling who is quickly becoming a new favorite, so make sure to check her out! i've never done anything like this before so it's a little experiment that i am conducting. make sure to let me know what ya'll think! enjoy!

beach proposal

i don't normally post on weekends, but this beach proposal i stumbled upon over at Green Wedding Shoes blew my socks off! the barbershop quartet is what just kills me! plus, beach proposals will forever pull at my little heart strings since that is where mr. taylor popped the big question.
so what do you think??

ceeeeelebrate good times

i have to note that i stole mr. taylor's business shirt. it makes for good fashion, so thanks mr.! moving on, i am so excited that it is finally the weekend! was it just me or did it seem like this week was terribly long and draining? mr. taylor rewarded me one night with a beautiful surprise after a long day at school. 
exhibit a)
so some of the highlights for this weekend are:
  • celebrating mr. taylor's 23rd birthday. huzzah! i'll post fun pictures on instagram. find me: stokkt
  • wedding planning (i.e. FINALLY heading out and grabbing some decorations). well overdue.
  • doing TONS of homework...oh how i have (not) missed you!
  • sleeping in. sleeping in. oh, did i mention sleeping in?
  • anxiously awaiting for the new episode of the bachelorette come monday! anyone else?
what fun things will you be doing this weekend? share with me and keep on following!

here's to happiness

10 things that make Lizzie ever so happy

1. traveling traveling traveling!
2. celebrating taco tuesday EVERY tuesday with my friends
3. making fantasy online shopping lists and pretending their going to magically appear on my doorstep
4. playing with my precious nephews.
5. being the host, having people over for drinks and snacks
6. black pug puppies
7. making cake cookies! yummy
8. anthropologie candles
9. margaritas. my number one drink of choice.
10. vintage gold jewelry.

thanks Lizzie for sending in your "10 things that make me ever so happy". if you'd like to join in on the fun and get some blog lovin' too, become a follower and email ME (tj) along with an awesome picture! Happy Friday!

awkward and awesome Thursdays

oh gosh, i can't believe it's already been a few days since i last posted here. i AM alive, i promise. thank you all for the amazing words of encouragement and prayers for a swift recovery. i'm doing a lot better, just a little soar. but i knew i couldn't let this week go by without an "awkward and awesome Thursdays" post. so here we go!

- so i'm on my way to my internship, trying to make a right turn at the light. of course now with all these intense photo enforced cameras i'm super paranoid and take my time making turns by doing complete stops and checking ever which way. so i'm proceeding to turn right when this c-RAZY woman behind me lays on the horn and makes inappropriate finger action. um excuse me, i'm turning as we speak, what is your problem?! i turn, she turns, i drive straight and she continues to ride my butt and lay on the horn. seriously, what is this ladies deal? no joke, this continues for 3 minutes until i make my final left turn into my work office. i check my review mirror and notice the annoying woman behind me make the same left turn. that's okay, there's plenty of other businesses within the office building (there's no way she's headed to the same one as me). i park and make my way to the garage elevator. as the door begins to close i hear a voice shout out, "hold the elevator!" i hold the elevator and low and behold.....the SAME bloody woman. i'm pretty sure my face turned bright red and steam fuming from my ears at this point. i'm not ENTIRELY sure if she realized it was me, but i gave her the coldest shoulder i possibly could the entire way up to the 5th floor. i get off, she gets off. no....way! i open the door to my office and she shoves me aside and goes in. really lady? i wasn't opening the door for you. luckily this was the last of where our paths crossed. she was there for an interview. is it bad that i mentally prayed she wouldn't get it?

- while playing outside with the kids i nanny, the six year old boy came running over to me, gave me a hug, kissed my cheek and told me that if i needed him he could be my knight in shining armor. no joke. mr. taylor better watch his back.
- having this guys doppelganger in my class. ponytail included.
- receiving our first wedding present in the mail the other day. i never knew i could be so excited over towels, but let me tell you, it's possible.
- and finally, this minor work done on my back has improved my posture tremendously. i know mr. taylor approves! of course, it's probably only temporary ; )

last minute surgery

this morning i had last minute surgery done, so no fashion shots from me today unfortunately. i had to put this picture in an off color to spare you from my ghostly white complexion after almost passing out a few good times.  so glad that my momma was there to hold my hand through the entire process. as for now i am resting on my family couch, catching up on some real housewives drama, stiff as a board trying not to tear these stitches, and resting up for my first day back to school later tonight. i might just have to skip, i mean, surgery is a good excuse right?! can't wait for mr. taylor to get off work so he can comfort me with a nice big bowl of soup and a good 'ole family home meal. fingers crossed for a quick recovery.
and thanks for all the blog lovin'! i'm enjoying creating this little blog family and i just adore reading all of your comments and emails. i'm catching up on all of those as we speak. stay tuned!

final free bird

hello my fellow scallywags! sorry for the late night posts, but i felt just awful not getting around to it during this busy day. this weekend is my last to be a free bird until my FINAL quarter of school starts up again. this will be quite difficult having already graduated, blast! so i will leave this short and sweet so i can get back to cuddling with mr. taylor and watch The Dark Knight. in the mean time, here are just a few photos taken throughout the day.
have a FABULOUS weekend!

here's to happiness

10 things that make Kristen ever so happy
1.  tulips in may.
2. a spoonful of ice cream. this is kind of a big deal. an intolerance to lactose causes this tasty treat to make me quite sick, but sometimes it just has to be put up with to enjoy this in summer!
3. thrift stores, garage sales, and all the like.
4. tea stores!
5. picnics...without mosquitoes preferably, and extra sun.
6. window seats.
7. blogging. alright, ya caught me. this is actually number one on the list.
8. sandals. as in, nice ones. i don't like flip-flops (or toe nails for that matter), but i love a good pair of gladiator style sandals.
9. square bowls. have you tried eating cereal out of these instead of a round one? do it! you'll never turn back.
10. Modern Family. i love this show.

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awkward and awesome Thursdays

it's that day of the week again, awkward and awesome Thursdays! i hope you all have been joining in on the fun and making some of your own lists. i have just adored reading all of them! so here we go:

- looking to your right, while waiting at a red light, only to see the woman next to you full finger up the nose picking away. somehow i felt this was more awkward for me then for her to witness this....{shiver}.
- i told a friend that i got paid to dance to "shake your booty" for an hour. needless to say, she got the wrong impression. i now feel it important to state that i am a nanny and the kids came up with a cute dance to the song. perhaps i should have explained beforehand. ha!
- running into people you went to high school with. why is that always so awkward?

- graduating from college!! i've mentioned this a few times on the blog, but it finally happened this weekend. Wooooooooo!
- my sister and soon-to-be-sister-in-law graduating from high school this same week!
-'super 8'. i have to admit, after much hesitation to see this with mr. taylor, the movie was quite excellent. those kids are going to be mega stars!
-receiving TONS of RSVP letters in the mail for the wedding. 41 days to go!!
- finally getting my engagement pictures back {as seen above}

graduation #2

this week is just full of graduations. today is both mine and mr. taylor's  baby sister's high school graduation. from the same school, of course! double the pleasure, double the fun! it's crazy to think just 5 short years ago, mr. taylor and i graduated from this same high school together. oh memory lane! check out these baby faces!
p.s. i see lots of people are starting to view the blog. i would love to see who you all are! 
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