rainy days

*fair warning, this post is a debbie downer for sure:
rainy, lazy days. today has been a little of a blah day for me. no fun. i feel i am in dire need of a mini-vacation of some sorts. perhaps a trip up to canada will do the trick. i just need to get out of this funk. the drizzly, cold weather can only last for so long before it starts driving us seattlites up the wall. i must be its first victim. some words of encouragement from you fellow bloggers is much appreciated.
in the meantime, i must get back to hours of studying and writing for the three finals i have this week and two more next week.
p.s. if you watch "The Bachelorette".. who is this masked guy. seriously? and bentley has GOTSTA GO!

memorial day barbeque

memorial day weekend seems to always sneak up just in the nick of time. i was beginning to feel swamped with wedding planning, homework assignments and just the overall stress that life has to offer. so i proceeded to take full advantage of this lazy weekend and do just that, be lazy. good thing too, because i was beginning to feel a little under the weather, boo. i took some muscle relaxers to lessen the pain, and i now write this fully drugged up - disregard any spelling errors i may make in the process. 
over the weekend i laid around with mr. taylor,  ate some good ol' fashioned BBQ, and re-watched some oldies such as 10 Things I Hate About You. p.s. one of my friends is an extra in this movie. i always have to mention this whenever i watch it. probably because it makes me feel like i'm somehow important to the making of this movie or something, HA. one thing I do regret, however, was not participating in all the great sales! oh well, there's always next year. the rest of the night was spent giving a tour of the city to a friend of a friend from out of town. seattle is always a beautiful place to come visit. preferably during the summer time when the sun actually decides to show it's bright shiny face. please sun, make your long lasting appearance already!
i also made sure to really focus on the importance of this holiday. my momma had one of her letters read on the radio talking about her father who served in WWII and i had a remembrance retweeted by A Fine Frenzy honoring my other grandfather who passed away over 15 years ago. i love hearing about his particular war story. my grandpa otto was actually shot and killed on the battle ground and pronounced dead. A few minutes later he was revived. he told our family that he remembers seeing a light and meeting all of his loved ones who had passed earlier on. since that day he said that he was no longer afraid of death. isn't that amazing!!!??! miss you grandpa! how all did you celebrate this memorial day weekend? any great stories you'd like to share or loved ones you'd like to remember?

"o naturAl"

i decided to go "o naturAl" for today. no make-up. that's probably me just deciding to be lazy. that or because i am exhausted from late night study groups and the massive amounts of energy i put in to NOT being productive with my homework. instead, i blog or catch up on the occasional seinfeld episodes on demand. it's hard being me, i know. anywho, today is my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's 18th birthday so later tonight we shall celebrate with a trip to the old spaghetti factory with great food and good conversation. so happy birthday ms. allison!
i also have a sneak-peek of one of my engagement photos, yay!

p.s. i adore all of your "10 things" lists. keep on emailing and don't forget to follow :)

here's to happiness

10 things that make Ramsey ever so happy:

1. Ice cream
2. Especially on a bad day
3. Spring days that are just cool enough but warm enough too.  Like the ones that scream "put on a sundress and have a picnic for crying out loud!!!"
4. Going on a drive in the country with my Dusty to unwind and just chat.
5. Watching movies at home.  With a fuzzy blanket and jammie pants.  Heck, we can watch Swamp people with fuzzy blankets and jammies for all I care. {Ok, well not reeeaally Dusty if you are reading this}
6. Georgia peaches.  Juicy ones, like the ones that run down your arms when you bite into them!
7. NOT having an alarm clock go off in the morning.
8. Friday nights and playing in the kitchen.  Super delicious.
9. My big hairy puppy dog who loves to go on walks.
10. Date nights with Dusty...or kind of any night with Dusty.  He's a pretty cool cat.

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p.s. one of my amazing friends just launched her very first .com. check her out, because she's brilliant, talented, and beautiful! love you G!

awkward and awesome Thursdays

well here i am following the trend from the beautiful sydney. Thursdays will forever be known as "awkward and awesome" over here at mr. taylor and his lady, so get used to it :)

- a man congratulating me on my engagement before proceeding to tell me he just broke his engagement off....yeah.
-getting facebook poked by a random guy i do not know. i guess that's flattering?
- sitting in the middle of two patience. one with their nose taped up. the other with a chin wrapped. plastic surgery? am i in the right line?
- the nurse asking, "is this normal for you?" "umm, yes?" something tells me that's not a good sign. 
- wearing my transformers t-shirt. i know you all are jealous. believe it or not, i get lots of compliments on this bad boy. sadly it's usually from a crowd of guys who proceed to talk about D and D (dungeons and dragons people, duh!) 
- sitting next to someone who had the "inspector gadget" theme song as his ringtone. i'm making myself sound super nerdy.... 
- getting a spur of the moment, "i love you" text from mr. taylor.  
-movie nights with my BFF kimberly, and then later re-enacting that movie through the day in very public places. 
- getting a coupon for 20% my next hair appointment because i'm their best customer? i'll take it!
-having conversations with strangers on the street using fake accents. i wish i had a sweet accent like i pretend to have.

fashion and skate parks

today is perhaps the saddest day of all time. oprah is donezo. say it ain't so! what will i do without her 'aha moments' and tear jerking guests??! good thing mr. taylor is sooo cute!! he keeps me pre-occupied with cuddle sessions and glee marathons.
the weather was pouring today, so no fun outfit pictures i'm afraid. sorry my loves, but i found some beauts for you all to enjoy. ah, green wedding shoes, you get me every time! completely obsessed with this look and location. i commend anyone who could walk in such shoes. i am super, SUPER clumsy and would probably break something in the midst. but they do make for some great art. agree??!

where's waldo

i'm seeing stripes people and i like them! the sun might be in hiding, but i decided against my dresses doing the same. so here they are, still rockin'. 

last night was an interesting experience to say the least. after spending a total of 13 hours at school my mind was completely fried. needless to say, i was a bit delirious. after driving my tired, ahem, behind, over to mr. taylor's we decided on the fun, light hearted family film, Toy Story 3. i laughed, i gasped, i did all that was fun. the end was where it got a little weird, and if mr. taylor is reading this i apologize. now this is not my first time watching the film. and yes, i was one those pathetic people in the theatre who proceeded to cry at the lovely ending. i'm also one of those people who cries even the 5th time around. but i'm going to have to blame my reactions last night as shear exhaustion, because it was to the point of excessive. the end of the film came, andy looks back to see woody waving at him with the help of the little girl bonnie. as andy then drives away to college woody says one last time, "goodbye partner." now THIS is where it got weird as i began to not pretty cry, but full on BAWL...the shaking and nose dripping combo. mr. taylor looks over at me only to laugh, then hug and give a sweet little smooch. 10 minutes later and i'm still bawling. seriously, what is wrong with me? he's so sweet. i'm sure anyone else in their right state of mind would have thought i was a complete looney and walked away. so thank you mr. taylor. and i promise, next time we watch that movie, i'll make sure i'm not so tired.
please tell me i'm not the only one who cries at this film??

manic monday

"it's just another manic monday". i hope you enjoy this cheesy, but oh so awesome music video. i believe it perfectly sums up my day thus far. i am currently typing this up in one of my many fabulous classes as we speak. obviously i am an extremely dedicated student - emphasis on the sarcasm. afterwards i will head to the library to work on an extensive project with my study group, and will not get back until late, late tonight. hopefully i'll have time to see mr. taylor tonight, at least for a little while.  in the meantime, i ran across this beaut. of a wedding over at green wedding shoes. my own wedding is garden themed, so obviously this photoshoot was quite inspiring. LOVE! what do you think?

day five

today is the final day of the challenge. i have to admit that these little outfits and photoshoots have been fun. perhaps i'll do it again sometime in the near future. i lucked out with the good weather so i could actually get away with wearing all these dresses, skirts, etc. pure bliss. sadly, mr. weather man is giving off bad news for tomorrow and the following week, boo. but i made sure to take full advantage yesterday.
i had penciled in a date with mr. taylor, pushing the stacks of books and unwritten papers aside, so that we could enjoy the sunshine together. the day went even better when i got off work 2 hours early because the family thought i should go out on the town and not waste the day. love them! mr. taylor had the bright idea that we should go on a bike ride along the sammamish river. so much fun, but oh so long. 14 miles later, a mexican filled dinner, marathon of 48 hours, and a nap....the day was perfect!! i wish you all could have joined in on the fun, but here are just a few snapshots to clue you in on the beauty!

p.s. i have absolutely LOVED reading all of your emails with your "10 things that make you ever so happy". keep them up! i'll make sure to post those every friday, because i can tell that there is so much to be happy about in this world!

here's to happiness

10 things that make me ever so happy:
1. spending any and all time with mr. taylor
2. early morning cuddle sessions with teddy
3. my dear friends and family
4. river floating in the summer
5. making fire's during power outages
6. getting lovely emails, text or phone calls from old friends
7. sleeping in
8. bon fire's on the beach, making smores
9. watching new movies
10. reading the good book

what makes you terribly happy? send me an email with your list, along with a fun picture, and get some blog lovin'. email ME (tj) and remember to become a follower! Happy Friday!

day four

i had one of those mornings where you push the snooze at least 7 times. my brain was functioning but my eyes were not so cooperative. i woke up with 20 minutes to get ready. i kind of cheated with grabbing the comfy clothes again, but hey, at least i put more effort into the make-up and accessories department. it's amazing how much those little things can make a difference, huh? the rest of my day will consist of work, homework, more work, and then date night with mr. taylor. FINALLY!
happy thursday!
p.s. if you're into photography, here are just a few of my favorites in the local area. take a look:
Andria Lindquist
Kristen Marie
Ben Blood
Sean Flanigan
Julie Harmsen

p.p.s i want to start featuring some of you lovely readers on my blog starting next week. email me 10 things in your life that make you ever so happy, along with a picture to boot at [email protected] keep on following!

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