Hello world, it's me again! Nothing too exciting to talk about over here on my little space of the Internet, except announce this little bump that has taken over my body for the last 5 1/2 months. Surprise!! More on that later, but for now just wanted to do a little update on what else has been happening in my life. Eric and I just got back from a week long vacation in London and Iceland. It was SO hard leaving Zoe behind (it was my first time ever being away from her), but it's so fun to have Eric all to myself for once. I'm doing things a little backwards because we visited Iceland second, but I have too many pictures to rifle through from London (and by the time we got to Iceland my camera had died so you'll have to suffice with iPhone shots - but seriously, who forgets their camera charger when they are going to Iceland!!! UGH!).

Iceland was absolutely incredible, and extremely cold. We only had a 24 hour layover here but I already know I want to head back as soon as possible (and preferably in the Summer time). In just 24 hours we were able to swim in the Blue Lagoon and road trip to see craters, waterfalls, geysers, and lots and lots of Icelandic horses (the cutest). It's hard to take pictures of everything, they have a pretty strict rule about pulling over on the side of the roads to take pictures (probably because no one would get anywhere). But don't take my word for it, check out the rest of my pictures to see for yourself!

 ^^ Funny story, I had to work myself up to take these pictures. It was in the low 20's and the wind was blowing super hard (making it feel more like 2 degrees). There were road workers that were driving by right when we were taking these and they were just laughing. I'm sure they thought I was crazy! Lucky for me, the only thing that was cold were my ears weird enough. But oh well, I love how the pictures turned out! ^^

^^ Fun Fact: During the winter season, you only get about 7-8 hours of daylight in Iceland. Eric and I woke up early to hit the road for our road trip to catch the sunrise at all of our destinations. As we were driving I just kept saying "WOW!". It really felt like you were exploring an uncharted area. Or you were in Antartica! Snow and vast lands and mountains as far as the eye could see. I have about 100 pictures of this, but they all pretty much look the same so I thought I'd spare you 😉 ^^

 ^^ All of the benches were completely frozen over. Eric thought it would be hilarious to pose as 
if he froze on it.... 😏 ha! ^^

^^ Our first stop was to see the Strokkur Geysir, which is about an hour and a half outside of Reykjavík. With a geyser going off every 5 minutes there is certainly a lot to see! Just watch your step in the winter, I kept worrying I'd slide right in! ^^

^^ Our next stop was Gullfoss Falls! Because of all the ice you weren't allowed to get as close as you would during the Summer, but it was so beautiful and by far one of the most touristy locations that we stopped off at. I can't wait to come by here next time and get a closer look. This is also where my camera decided to die so enjoy these images courtesy of my phone... ^^

^^ Our last stop on the road trip was Kerið the volcanic crater lake. It was EXTREMELY slick walking down to the lake. We were only two of 5 other people who attempted it. But totally worth it! How many people can say they walked on a crater lake! Granted, we looked ridiculous crawling up and down trying to reach the bottom. I wasn't going to risk falling for obvious reasons. ^^

^^ Of course no trip to Iceland would be complete without a trip to the Blue Lagoon. For anyone planning on going here, make sure you reserve your spot. We tried to play it safe and paid for a later time slot but ended up getting there in plenty of time. They are pretty strict about when you get in, but they'll let you slip in 30 minutes before your paid visit. It's so foggy (and was already getting dark) so these were the only pictures we were able to snap. I was actually kind of happy about that though, it left it so Eric and I could just hang out together and not worry about the camera or taking a million pictures. It was kind of hilarious swimming around in little swim suits and seeing the lifeguards covered head to toe in winter gear. Seriously, all you could see were their eyes. Sadly, we didn't see any Northern Lights during our visit, but apparently they were out and shining bright the night before we got there. Oh well, until next time! ^^

^^ Can't wait to visit you again Iceland, you're beautiful! ^^


  1. Congratulations on baby #2! You look great! And now I think I might have to add Iceland to my bucket list :)

    1. Aw, thank girl! You are just so sweet! And seriously, Iceland needs to be on everyones lists! It's incredible!!!

  2. Congratulations!! I missed your announcement for some reason I thought to myself you might be pregnant when I watched a few of your snaps. We talk about going to Iceland often!

    1. Don't worry, I just announced it so you didn't miss much!! It will be interesting having a boy this time around! We are so excited but intimidated. Eeee!
      And you HAVE to go to Iceland! It's beautiful!


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