Oh man, I love my little family! It always takes a little convincing to get Eric to agree to family pictures. In his mind he would rather just get a tripod and do it all on our own. But after seeing these pictures and working with Erica I think he'll sing a different tune. There's something more special and more formal about taking pictures with a photographer and Erica was amazing! She had great direction but also was able to get candid shots of our little family. She played Disney music for Zoe to keep her occupied and she made us feel right at ease. Make sure to look her up if you are in the Seattle area! Also, how dreamy is this location? I sent Erica a picture of what I had in mind for a backdrop and she delivered!

*Also take note of the millions of different facial expressions Zoe makes throughout this shoot. I'm dying!!

^^ My all time favorite pictures of these two now! Zoe loves nothing more than being spun around and thrown up in the air, my little daredevil! ^^ 

 ^^ Zoe literally does a million different facial expressions in the span of a minute. This is one of my all time favorites. I could just kiss that scunchie little nose a million times over. She's so animated, I love it! ^^

^^ This picture just cracks me up! We asked Zoe to do "touchdown" (seen above), and when we all clapped afterwards she did THIS! Our little entertainer! ^^ 


  1. I love these so much! SOOO MUCH! So much that we copied you :) :) :) :) :)

    1. Can't wait to see how yours turn out!! Make sure to text me some!

  2. Those pictures are all awesome! That picture of Zoe so high in the air is priceless but scary LOL

    1. Aw, that's one of my favorite pictures! I just got it blown up and framed in my house. It's her favorite thing to do, she's so funny! :)


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