Happy Monday friends! To anyone else whose going through a case of the Monday's go and listen to the "Baby Driver" soundtrack! Has anyone else seen that movie? I'm kind of OBSESSED! I've already told myself that I'll need to see it again because I made a potty break during an intense fight scene and I'm kicking myself for it now! I hate missing anything, ha. Also, I just adore Ansel Elgort ever since The Fault in Our Stars so theres that.

Seattle has been having the most beautiful Summer days, high 70s and 80s. My hippie self is loving every second of it because shoes are never my favorite. Barefoot all day every day if I can help it. All my years of Modern dance prepared me for it, nothing pierces these feet. Also, I love simplistic dresses that you can just pull on that are thin enough to keep you cool on those warm days. I have this Love Winnie James dress on repeat right now. The best part is it is a great disguiser of Zoe stains. Trust me, there are plenty on there that just blend right in. A few more dresses I have my eye on are this one and this one! Make sure to check out Love Winnie James and use code LOVETANYA for 15% off now through the rest of the month of July!

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