Do you know the book, "Blueberries for Sal"? I read it to Zoe every so often and when we were going raspberry picking I just kept thinking of this book. More berries were consumed than picked (whoops), and luckily we didn't loose Zoe to any bears. However, we did lose her to some horses. It felt like we were in Tuscany out in the middle of no where in the blazing sun and then we turn down another vine path and standing right there are the prettiest horses! We had this little hidden pathway and horses all to ourselves. So magical! Here's to a magical summer!

My happy guy. He could eat raspberries all day if you let him. He took picking so seriously, and kept telling me how important it is to "not pull, they should just fall off." 

Thanks for sharing your half eaten, warm raspberry Zoe 😶😂

Sneaking berries. She thought she was so clever 😉

This horse was obsessed with Zoe. She kept following us everywhere we went. It was super cute. Zoe kept feeding her grass, and she was so proud of herself! I took a million pictures of them two but I'll spare you with just these few! 

Those rosy cheeks are just about the sweetest. She's just like her daddy and gets red faced so easily when she is hot. And no matter what she always gets dirt on her face. Fingers in mouth ALWAYS!

See you next year Remlinger Farms. You're our favorite!


  1. That looks so fun!! You and Zoe are just the cutest mama & baby girl duo.

  2. I'm obsessed with Zoe's face. God made our kids cute so we can deal with the tantrums! haha

  3. Honestly this is the most precious thing I've ever seen.


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