^^ I picked the best tulip out of the bunch! I could kiss those cheeks all day long! ^^
 ^^ That sky looked like a painting right out of Andy's room from Toy Story, ha ^^
 ^^ Twinners!!! ^^
 ^^ Those little overalls, pigtails and high tops were the star of the tulip festival. Everyone kept stopping Zoe to get a good look. She's just so funny! And she was all about those puddles, rocks and chasing after birds. We ended the day with her face planting in a puddle of mud! Luckily she was a good sport about it. ^^
 ^^ Playing peek-a-boo through the tulips. ^^
 ^^ She's so pretty! ^^
 ^^ Always holding rocks, and throwing them, and showing you. My future geologist. ^^

Before typing this up I was looking at our time at the tulip festival from last year (here).  I remember envisioning back then how fun it would be to see Zoe walking around the tulips for the next year. I just can't believe we're here already! 18 months new and the cutest out of the bunch! She is all about rocks, mud, birds, and chatting up a storm. I love when she puckers her lips and drools while she's talking to you so serious like, pointing in every direction. And the older she gets the more and more she looks like her daddy. I love it! I was staring at the two of us in the mirror this morning and just sat there thinking, where am I in this little girl? Her hair and eye color is all me. And that sassy personality she has is mine too. But boy, is she sweet and sensitive like her dad. Oooohh, I could just squeeze her! 

Story time: While we were packing up the car heading out for the festival we were looking everywhere for Zoe's iPad. We rely heavily on that thing for long car trips (Moana and Trolls are always on repeat). *I know, I'm one of THOSE moms that let their babies watch TV. Judgement free zone over here* I looked for it in all the typical places and was driving myself crazy. I hate to lose things. Finally after 20 minutes of searching Eric confesses that he remembered moving the iPad around and thought he might have left it on top of the car and drove off with it the other day. Panic mode set in because basically that thing could be anywhere. And my parents had JUST given it to us. AND our neighborhood roads were being repaved that morning. I quickly got on our neighborhood Facebook page and wrote asking if anyone had happened to see an iPad laying around in the road the other day (amongst the torrential downpour). After about two hours I received a message back saying in fact that they had found one that morning RIGHT before the pavers came and that it was still working, despite the rain. HALLELUJAH! Long story short, there are still good people in the world. And our neighborhood is awesome! 

See you next year tulip festival!



* All photos by Kate Livingstone
There's something about a new season that always makes me crave a fresh start. A fresh start on working on mini goals, a fresh start on working on my relationships, a fresh start on Spring cleaning! I don't know what it is about cleaning your home, cleaning out of your emails, cleaning out the clutter  of life that just makes you feel so refreshed! Having a crazy toddler running around with sticky fingers all day long makes cleaning, however, almost impossible now a days. Incorporated into my night time routine now includes a clean sweep of putting toys away, cleaning dishes, washing stains out of clothes, and putting shoes and jackets where their supposed to go. No point in trying during the day when two seconds later mess will follow. Love you Zoe 😉

Do you ever notice yourself apologizing to people when they come over to your home for the mess that your babes have caused. I have, and I kind of want to stop. I say mess means life and fun happen here. Of course there's a fine line between mess and MESSSSS if you know what I mean.

It's time for another "Let's Be Honest Mamas" Q&A! All things Spring cleaning!! Make sure to read through our posts to see how other mamas keep their homes organized (or at least try). Shout out to our girl Hannah for starting this all! And play along if you want by sharing the hashtag #letsbehonestmamas and tagging me and all of these fun ladies found down below. Because let's be honest, we all need to stick together!

1. Do you have any routine spring cleaning that you do? How do you go about it?

My husband and I always go through sprits of "cleaning mode". That's where we start cleaning one thing and the next thing we know our whole house is sparkling. With Zoe, cleaning can be kind of hard. She doesn't quite know how she feels about the vacuum, but that always makes for an interesting experience. Most cleaning happens now either during nap time or when she drifts off for bed. Somehow I always get roped into toilets (how did this happen?!), and Eric always gets vacuuming. I DESPISE vacuuming. I always get so hot and sweaty (just me?!). We like to clean together though, in the same rooms. Talking or singing to music always makes the time go by faster. 

2. What does living simply mean to you?

Having babies means acquiring a lot of toys. Before being married or having Zoe I was a nanny for 7 years. One of the rules that the family had was whenever they got a new toy they had to give away three toys. I always appreciated their simple living and knew I wanted to incorporate that rule into my own home when the time came. Finding great hiding spots for toys also is a great way to "live simply" when people come over. We keep two baskets underneath our coffee table that are easy to pull out for Zoe when she wants them, and easy to hide when guests come over. 

3. What are five of your "go to" products for your home?
* None of these products are sponsored. I just really love them.*

- Babyganics toy and high chair cleaner is on hand multiple times a day. I love that it's soft and gentle, and also fragrance free while getting the job done. I always feel things are properly clean once I wipe things off with this stuff. Definitely a must for mommies in my book!
- Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Because of Zoe's fair skin, her skin is extremely sensitive to lots of soaps and lotions. When it comes to keeping our babe clean we only trust to wash her with this. It was recommended by Zoe's allergy doctor. If you notice your little one ever suffering from dry itchy skin try giving this a try. We were also recommended this lotion to put on her afterwards to keep her skin from drying out.
- all Free Clear Laundry Detergent. We noticed that even the laundry detergent we used effected Zoe's skin. Ever since we switched to this it has helped immensely.
- We love this rope basket that we keep in Zoe's room to store her stuffed animals. I love that it's soft and not stiff. Zoe looooves to pull out all of her toys, climb in and then cover herself up with her toys again. She's so funny! It's something simple, but so easy for keeping rooms organized!
- To help with smells I love to whip out my Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle from Anthropologie. This candle smells amazing and quickly fills my home. Even more, I don't even have to light it. I just pop off the lid and instantly each room smells great!

4. How do you approach tidying?

Keeping things tidy can be tricky when you have a little one pulling things out the second you put them away. For my own sanity, I love to do a quick sweep during her nap, and then a more proper clean up when she goes down for the night. You have to pick your battles during the day, ha!

5. How often do you clean your home?

Daily Cleaning:
- Making the bed. I try to make our bed every morning, it's a great way to start off your day! It's the small accomplishments, am I right?
- Dishes I love to clean the second they hit the sink. One less thing to deal with at the end of the day.
- We have our Ubbi Diaper Pail which was nice for newborn diapers (pre baby food), but once Zoe started eating solids those dirty diapers are one tough stink to keep hidden. The second we change diapers, those go straight out to the garage trash can. So running to the garage is a frequent stop of the day.
- Picking up toys every night.
- With hardwood floors downstairs, sweeping is a daily chore (especially after meal time with Zoe). It's those times I wish we had a dog, ha!
- Stains are inevitable when it comes to Zoe's clothes. I'm scrubbing at least one article of clothing each night.

- Laundry, laundry, laundry! I think I'm one of the only people who actually likes doing laundry. I love listening to podcasts or watching something off Netflix while I fold laundry. It's almost therapeutic.

Once a Month:
- Okay, I know this is discusting but I am not up to date when it comes to cleaning. Eric and I do a whole house cleaning at the end of the month. This includes bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting. Don't judge! 🙈

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