Moments to myself are non-existent these days. Whether it's working out, folding laundry, taking a shower, or running to the grocery store, sticky little fingers are always tightly wrapped around my legs (which makes for an interesting time when going to the bathroom). Having Zoe these past 16 months have been some of the hardest, happiest, trying, and reward times of my life. Patience is a skill I pray to keep throughout the day, because babies know how to push your buttons. To other mommies out there, do you ever feel like your babes don't like you sometimes? I swear when we are at home Zoe will scream and cry, and then as soon as I meet up with friends she's happy as a clam. No one ever believes me when I tell them how hard she is at home. Is it just me? Please say no, or just lie and make me feel better. 

Something I've quickly learned after having a baby is the importance of forming a tribe around you. You need other mommies to let you know you are not alone in this. Introducing the "Let's Be Honest Mamas" group. Because let's be honest, it's so easy to check out your Instagram or Snapchat feed each day and see all these pretty squares and cute videos of happy smiley babies. Yes, babies are stinkin' cute, but they can also be stinkin' hard. I love the "Let's Be Honest Mamas" group because it allows you to share true facts about your life without feeling shame or guilt. So make sure to read through our posts, and play along if you want by sharing the hashtag #letsbehonestmamas and tagging me and all of these fun ladies found down below. Because let's be honest, we all need to stick together!

1. Describe a typical day's schedule.

7am - I can always tell how the day is going to go by Zoe's wake-up call. A good day is waking up to the cutest little baby voice talking to her stuffed flamingo. A not so good day is instant cry fest, and boy are those days hard.

7.15am - Breakfast time. Zoe always starts off her days the same - She eats a handful of cheerios and drinks from her water bottle while I heat up her milk. I eat cereal in t-minus 5 minutes while her bottle heats (otherwise I don't get breakfast). We watch the morning news, I feed her her bottle, and we play on the floor. Z loves her ball pit, it's always the first thing she runs to when I put her down.

9am - Gym time. I recently started heading back to the gym. I LOVE the gym, but I've had so much anxiety about what to do with Zoe. I've never left Zoe alone with anyone besides my mother or mother-in-law. And the idea of putting her in the kids club that's provided by the gym terrifies me. I get worried about germs. I get worried that she'll pick up bad habits. I get worried that she'll miss me. I get worried that she'll be crying the whole time. First mom problems. I finally caved and put her in kids club. I mainly spend my time in my kickboxing class watching the class door or my phone for them to call me in but that time apart is good for both of us (at least that is what I'm telling myself).

11am - Quick shower while Zoe pounds on the glass door with a big smile on her face and I splash water at her. This only lasts for about 10 minutes before the entire bathroom is a pigsty.

12pm - Lunch time. Zoe eats the same thing almost every day. Is that okay? She eats a cheese stick, pb&j sandwich, cut up fruit, sometimes craisins. The only way she lets me clean her up afterwards is if I play the FRIENDS theme song. This girl cracks me up!

1pm - Nap time. This lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Let's be honest, it's more so on the lower end. She has never been a good napper, so I try to use my time wisely. It's mainly spent eating my lunch in peace. If she sleeps longer I get to read a chapter out of my book, read through some emails, pin, or binge watch This Is Us (finally got on that train).

3pm - I try to leave the house at least once a day otherwise we both go a little stir crazy. Depending on the weather that might only be a 15 minute loop around the neighborhood or we head straight for the playground. I love that Zoe is finally getting big enough to have fun at the playground. Her favorite thing is climbing up all by herself and pushing herself down the slide. Her other favorite thing is to sit at the top of the slide and watch for dogs to walk by. She LOVES dogs and always freaks out when she sees one.

5pm - I feed Zoe her bottle and then get dinner started. I'm challenging myself this year to make at least four new meals a month. So far so good. Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the plethora of ideas.

6.30pm - Bath time. This is Zoe and her daddy's time to bond. It's my favorite thing to listen to him singing to her while she splashes around and I clean up around the house. Then we wrap her up like a little burrito and play peek-a-boo with a blanket before lotion-ing her up, brush her hair, brush her teeth, give her vitamin D drops, clean her ears, diaper, pajamas.

7pm - While I take a shower, Eric plays with Zoe in her room. After my shower I read Zoe 1 million books. She loves her books.

7.45pm - Zoe's bedtime. This is my favorite part of the day because no matter what it always ends the same. I feed her her bottle while she slowly relaxes in my arms. Sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes she doesn't, but no matter what when she finishes she always wraps one arm around my neck while I carry her to her crib. I lay her down, kiss her forehead, stroke her stomach, wave bye-bye, and then close the door.

9pm - Tanya/Eric time. Eric and I always give ourselves an hour to just do our own thing and then we meet up at 9 to snuggle, eat ice cream, watch a movie or tv show before bed. We talk about our days, and Eric always ends with giving me a back massage and braiding my hair. I know, I'm lucky.

10.30pm - In bed.

2. What is one thing as a mama that makes your heart pitter-patter?

I love when I get to just sit and watch Zoe play all by herself. It makes me think that I did something right. I love when she makes herself laugh, when she turns to look at me to make sure I'm watching and she gives me this little closed mouth smile before turning back and playing again. I love when she drags her stuffed monkey around and talks to him. She'll even bring him her toys. Basically listening to her little baby voice is the ultimate greatest. I love when she brings her hands up and raises her shoulders like she's asking you a question.

3. How has being a mother/homemaker challenged you?

Overcoming loneliness. You'd think having a little sidekick 24/7 would never let you feel alone, but sometimes motherhood can be the most isolating thing.

4. Do you struggle with routine or do you have a happy reliable routine down?

Routine is definitely not our strong-suit in this household. The only thing I hold on to is nap time. Everything revolves around nap time. But I'll look forward to that happy reliable routine someday.

5. What are two things you do for yourself to recharge? 

"Me time" is so important when becoming a mother. It's so easy to get swept away in helping your baby, your spouse, and keeping up with household chores before finally turning to yourself. Like the saying goes, you can't help others until you help yourself. Exercising is one great way to refocus and boost my energy to chase after the babe. I also love to just relax and watch trashy tv shows to turn off my brain.

6. How would you describe your parenting style in 3 words?

Relaxed. Compassionate. Learning.

7. When do you feel the most joy in your day? 

Whenever Zoe is truly happy is when I feel the best. It helps reiterate to me that I'm doing okay in this mommy gig after all.

8. Do you ever feel a sense of guilt being a stay at home mom?

I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I do miss feeling like I'm contributing economically to our family household (and buying myself something is always a struggle), but raising a baby is no joke people. For any mama's out there who have a sense of guilt, trust me, you are doing enough!

9. Share three activities/places/crafts you currently enjoy with your babe.

Activities: Peek-a-boo. Playing Tag. Bath time.
Places: The Park. Indoor Play Spaces. Grandma's House.
Crafts: Pulling Out Markers and Putting Them Back. Finger Painting. Throwing Paper.

10. Lastly, just for fun, how many babies do you want to have?

I looooved being pregnant. I would be pregnant 20 more times if I could, but I think 3 or 4 babies is enough for me and my family.

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  1. I really loved reading this! especially seeing what your daily life looks like with Zoe, I love knowing how other mamas break up their days! You are such a cute mama. & being a parent is definitely hard, trying & exhausting. I feel that way juuuuust about everyday!

  2. I agree, baby voices are the best! It just makes me smile :)


  3. This was so helpful. I am having my first child in 6 weeks. I will be a SAHM. So excited but so good to read this and know the truth.

  4. I agree! I loved being pregnant! ☺️ Also, I loved reading this post. Motherhood is amazing but can definitely be isolating and lonely at times. Thankful for this collaboration that brought us together! xx

  5. Beautiful photo! I enjoyed reading your honest answers ♡


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