Okay, I have to disclose that this is totally not a paid ad. I just love good quality baby clothes, and this dress gave me all the heart eyes! If you haven't heard of Little Cottonwood before, let it be on your radar now! All of their baby clothes are stylist, and something I would want to wear myself! Especially these. Don't you just want to snuggle up in those next to the fire?! Man, babies have it so easy 😋

On another note, can you believe we are already in November now? The holiday season is here, and you best believe I'm already writing up my Christmas list (which mostly entails everything for Zoe - because let's be honest, once you have a baby that's all you shop for!). We're taking family photos next week for a family Christmas card which I've been wanting to do for forever! I'm sooooo excited! So I guess we'll keep is easy this weekend and just have a date night and come home and snuggle with our baby. What fun plans do you have this weekend?

Happy Saturday friends!

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