I had a few people write to me wanting to know all the details for Zoe's party. Where I got things, how I made things. So here's a quick little guide to Zoe's 1st birthday! Let me know if you end up trying any of these and tag me on Instagram (username: tanyajtaylor)

^^ These tassels are one of my favorite decorations! I wanted to keep with the bright, fun whimsical theme and tassellove got everything spot on! She made all the colors perfect to what I wanted! If you are into tassels for a birthday, cake smash, superbowl party, head to tassellove. ^^

^^ Zoe's flamingo costume! I got a lot of emails about Zoe's little outfit, which I found on Etsy, by The Wishing Elephant! They have a lot of other cute baby costumes that you should check out! My other favorites are the personalized flight suit and the black swan! Her headband I made myself just buying fake flowers and hot gluing them on one of her old headbands. Easy peasy. ^^

^^ When prepping for Zoe's party I was all over Pinterest all day every day. Her party wasn't animal themed, but our family costumes were so I wanted to keep everything tied together.  I saw these donuts on Pinterest: the flamingos and pandas. I couldn't find any tutorial for the flamingo donuts so I had to just eyeball it from the computer, and use my own imagination. But for the panda donuts, I based mine off of these! Her animal cookie cake I based off of another Pinterest find from A Subtle Revelry!  ^^

^^ Zoe's invitations! I got the inspiration for these from Oh Happy Day! As soon as I saw these I knew I wanted to use them for Zoe's birthday invites! After a little photoshop magic, I was able to change around the wording! You can find the template and how-to on the above link! ^^

^^ The floral backdrop is what I got the most questions on! If you are thinking about doing these they really are simple to do, but EXTREMELY time consuming. Of course I decorated nearly two walls so it all depends on how many flowers you are planning on making. My backdrop has nearly 1,000 pedals, if that gives you any indication, ha! You can find the template and a how-to video on The House That Lars Built! ^^
^^ The photobooth cardboard cut out stand I saw on an IKEA website. Unfortunately there is no template, I simply eyeballed it. But I found other photobooth cardboard cut outs that would be fun to do too right here!

Mondays are a great day to be inspired! Cheers to another week, and happy Halloween!!!

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