If there was ever a doubt that this girl was mine, this is all the proof you need. Diving head first into cake. That's my girl!! Happy birthday baby Zo! Mommy and Daddy love you oh so much! Although it makes me sad to know you are getting older, I couldn't be more excited to see what fun little stages come next!

Twelve fun facts about Zoe on her twelfth month
1. She hates when I wash the dishes. As soon as the sink turns on she crawls as fast as her little body lets her and cries as she climbs up my legs. I think she doesn't like the fact that when I'm doing the dishes I can't hold her at any given moment. Silly girl. 
2. She loves being chased! She falls flat on her stomach and does the biggest giggles and squirms when she knows you are close. It's one of my favorite things to play with her.
3. Zoe can inhale whatever strawberries, grapes and apples you give her. She also is obsessed with my grandpa's famous applesauce that he makes from his own garden. The applesauce is made from transparent apples which can have a pretty tart taste. If you didn't grow up eating them you may not like them. That's why I was so happy to see Zoe go to town.
4. She only loves to give her daddy kisses. And by kisses, I mean open mouth licking. She really goes for it, ha!
5. She's starting to learn how to dance. I love watching those little "drop it like it's hot" moves.
6. She's back to taking two naps a day and sleeping 12 hours through the night. Can I get an amen!?
7. Her favorite book is "Global Babies". She'll pick it up and cry until you start reading it to her. She LOVES to look at babies. And she's starting to really love interacting with babies too. It's so cute to watch her.
8. She is the most talkative baby I have every met. All day long she is making all sorts of sounds. I can't wait to hear what she's going to sound like when she really starts talking!! That cute little high pitched toddler voice!
9. She's great at walking with her walker or holding onto your hands but she has no desire to take those few steps on her own just yet. Any day now!!
10. Just call her a little daredevil. She thinks it's so funny to go down the stairs head first or jump off the couch and fall into my arms. Whatever she's not supposed to do, she does anyway. Babies, am I right? 😜
11. Car trips just aren't complete without singing "Wheels on the Bus", the "Friends" theme song, and "5,000 Candles in The Wind" (Parks & Rec anyone?!). Those are on constant repeat and always do the trick to calm her!
12. The only way she'll drink water is if it's from your own cup. She's such a big girl! 


  1. So cute! The pictures look so funny. Adorable and also... Happy birthday! ;)

  2. What a cute little chubbikins! So adorable! (And I was totally prepared for an epic cake smash by my daughter because I'm a chocaholic, but she totally started crying when she tried some and ate it! Ha ha. Guess we shouldn't have waited until her first birthday party to give her any sugar!)

    Oh, and the 12-hours-at-night, two-nap stage is divine. We're *just* starting to phase down to one nap a day now, and it's so sad to me. Yay for babies that sleep well!

    1. You just never know with those little babes if they are going to love it or not. Zoe was hesitant at first, and didn't like getting sticky, but once she got a little taste, it was game over. She's so funny!

      And definitely cherishing these two naps. I know there are probably only a few left. AHHHH!!

  3. She is absolutely precious. Every time I see her pic on IG, it brings a smile to my face. The cake smashing pictures are awesome! And the background, wow! Did you do it all by yourself?

    1. Aw, you are the sweetest! Thank you! And yes, I did! And it is not for the faint of heart. Lots of hours and paper cuts put in to that, ha!


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