What can I say about our main squeeze? Eric is the kind of guy who is so smart, patient and selfless. All good qualities. But when it comes to being a father, he is the best there is! He's the kind of dad who wakes up early to play with your baby so you can get some extra zzz's. After a long day at work he'll come in and first thing he'll do is grab Zoe right out of my hands and play with her. He asks me to send daily pictures and videos. He sings all the funny songs to her during bath time. He'll even change those poopy diapers every now and again. How did I get so lucky to have a hands on dad?

This is the first year that I truly loved celebrating Father's Day! I love having a great example of what a father really means. Appreciating every sacrifice and being apart of every moment. I can't wait to watch Zoe turn into the biggest daddy's girl. Gosh, we sure love you!

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  1. Ahhhhh! This is THE cutest video in the whole wide world! So fun to see Eric as a dad!


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