I can't believe this littler munster is 8 months new! How could I possibly sum up all of my emotions about her without boring the rest of you.
A few words that best describe her:
Knows what she wants and gets it kind of girl.
She's as cute as a button and knows all the right ways to push mine. She also has a particularly lovely skill of always being able to find the tiniest baby hairs and pull them as hard as she can. Don't let those rolls fool you, she's a savage. It's a miracle I'm not bald at this point. And just when I'm about to hit my breaking point she gives me the gummiest, overbite of a smile and melts my heart into a million pieces all over again.
Gosh, I love her!

  ^^ Don't let that face tell you otherwise. This blue eyed babe LOVES apples. Her favorite thing to do at the moment is suck on apple slices. ^^

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  1. Ok that second picture is cracking me up!! Such a beautiful little girl!!


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