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Did you ever watch The Oprah Winfrey Show? I used to be (still am) obsessed with Oprah and her positive energy and outlook on life. One of the things that she talked about regularly that helped her have such a positive attitude was keeping a gratitude journal, a journal where she would write down 5 things that she was grateful for each and every day. As a teenager I would go through hiccups of being depressed and I wanted so desperately to have that little outlet to bring sunshine back into my life. I was never very consistent with it, but when I was it really did help me to be happier.

When I first heard about the 52 Lists Project, I was instantly excited! It came at a time in my life where I'm going through so much transition that it's hard to think straight sometimes. So much about your life gets shifted when you become pregnant and have a baby. Life is no longer about you. All of your time and energy goes into thinking about the future, what all you have to do to get ready, and doctor visits, doctor visits, doctor visits. I've loved having moments throughout my day to hit the pause button and take some time for me. One of my favorite lists so far has been reflecting on my childhood dreams. We all have moments in our lives where we second guess ourselves, or think what am I meant or supposed to be doing. Reflecting so simply on the dreams I set out for myself when I was younger has really given me that spark of excitement back into my life! I really do recommend getting this book for yourself, whether to help bring direction or for memory keepsake, I promise you will love it!
Buy your copy here!

And just for fun: What dream job did you want when you were younger??

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  1. Eeek in love! Putting it on my wish list right now. x

    1. Aw, yay! Let me know how you like it!!! xo

  2. Omg YES!!! Such a cool idea!! I want to start this too!

    1. Oh yay! You'll definitely have to check it out!! :) xo

  3. You knew about social media when you were younger? That's so cool! I had no idea what I would be... or that I would do what I am currently doing.

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  4. What a great project. Sounds very inspiring as well. Definitely will have to check it out. I used to want to be an archaeologist, and an interior designer when I was younger. Still fascinated by science and somewhat merged the interior part into my fashion job. <3 /Madison
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  5. Congrats on giving birth to your baby girl! I just got caught up on your blog. So glad you posted this. I have made several Thank You journals, and I gave one to my son to write his own thankful thoughts in. I really do believe being thankful is so powerful, and gives me a sense of wholeness. Oh yeah, I'm an Oprah fan too. :))


  6. Nice post, and thanks for your share


  7. A very inspiring post, with lovely photography x x

    Eva ||

  8. I have the book too! I feel like its too pretty to write in! I'll get over it and write in it eventually. Lovely photos!
    -|D I A N A|

  9. I just went to my local bookstore just a few days ago and found a copy! I found it so pretty and interesting, this'll be in my wishlist for sure.

    Jianine | Oh wander


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