I know this is a late but I wanted to share our little getaway to the mountains for the Fourth of July. We've started to make it a tradition over the years to head over to Eric's parents vacation home in Wallace, Idaho. If you are ever driving through the area and want to go antiquing, this is the place to be! Such a cute old mining town! *a million heart eye emojis*

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^^ Where I spent most of my time, the local rooftop pool. For $1 entry? Heck yes! ^^
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 photo IMG_3252_zpsoakiquv3.jpg
^^ We pulled over on the side of the road to pick some red, white and blue wildflowers for Fourth of July decorations. Lost in the wild! ^^
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One afternoon we hiked up to Upper Glidden Lake to take in the views and have some fun in the water. The lake was still pretty cold but we managed to float out to the middle on some tubes and take some pictures. We had the whole lake to ourselves which made it that much more magical.
 photo IMG_3225_zpsiisbbxqy.jpg
^^ Obsessing over my new Stila lipstick!! ^^
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^^ Aftermath from a early morning dirt biking ride. ^^
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^^ All in all I would say it was a very successful Fourth of July, full of yummy food, pretty locations and quality family time. Happy Fourth!! ^^


  1. awesome photos!

  2. You look beautiful!!! :*
    Nice place ♡

  3. very cool photos, I love your baby bump :)

  4. You are theeeee cutest pregnant lady!! That lake house looks beautiful and I'm glad you had a nice holiday!

  5. That rooftop pool looks like fun! Also I love the red, white and blue tassels for your fourth of july party! So cute!

  6. How heavenly!! You look amazing and radiant being pregnant.

    Katrina Sophia

  7. Looks lovely. Happy (belated) fourth. :)

  8. you look so adorable!!

  9. oh these pictures are just lovely - i am craving a mountain town, we may just need to plan a trip to wallace!

  10. Looks very festive!! I love your bathing suit! I'm 32 weeks preggo and just cannot find a suit that fits me well!! The regular one pieces don't pull up as far as my boobies b/c of my tummy.. and I'm just not comfy with wearing a 2 piece while preggo :/ Any tips?

    1. Oh gosh, I feel you girl. I would feel awkward wearing a two piece. Unless I let my inner 13 year old come out and try a tankini, ha. I wish I had better advice for you. I'm 26 weeks so I feel like my baby bump let me get away with this bathing suit just a little bit longer. It's from JCREW. But I don't foresee it being in my future that much longer :(

      I know ASOS has some pretty good ones! Hopefully you could find some cute ones there?

      Wishing you the best! And congrats!!

  11. These pictures are sooo nice! And you look beautiful!


  12. it looks like a lovely, relaxing time! and a rooftop pool!? that sounds amazing!

  13. congratulations!! You're glowing in all of the pics :) looks like you had an amazing time! xx

  14. I love your dress!!! So cute. I'm incredibly happy and excited for you to bring a baby to your family. What a blessing and adventure all in one. Take care,


    I'm finally going to find you on Instagram. :) xoxoxo

  15. I havent been over to your blog in awhile, but I'm so happy that youre pregnant! Thats so so exciting! Congrats! Also, this looks so fun :)

  16. wallace looks so fun! and you look like a dream pregnant.

  17. I love your blog enjoy my bags .))

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