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After our girls trip it was time to say goodbye to my mother-in-law and Allison and say HELLO to Eric!! On our last night all together we decided to go out to dinner at this cute little Chinese restaurant. I know what you're thinking, why are you eating Chinese food in Germany? I love me some Chinese food but I immediately regretted that decision. Unfortunately that night I woke up with the worst case of food poisoning. I've never had food poisoning before and I pray to never get it again. The only thing I was able to keep down was a small amount of gatorade in 48 hours. Thank goodness Eric had just gotten into town to take care of me. Poor guy was so worried though so he spent the next morning calling our doctor back in the states to ensure that everything would be okay with me and the baby. If you've ever had food poisoning while pregnant, it's the weirdest experience. This creature inside of you is kicking around begging you to feed it but the last thing you want to put around your mouth besides a toilet seat is food. Sorry baby girl, but luckily we made it through and food is in constant supply now ;)

 photo Weiden8_zpslrmk9w2f.jpg  photo Weiden7_zpslfqgozkf.jpg  photo Weiden2_zpst4mia7m4.jpg ^^ I can't get over all of these colors and quaint rooftops. Europe, you're so charming!! ^^
 photo Weiden6_zps7c4nmvnv.jpg  photo Weiden3_zpseip31ch0.jpg  photo 806375e0-4191-4673-b8f3-d180ca50ea59_zpsoforkwkx.jpg ^^ Having fun with cute Jane at the park. I love her smile at Uncle Eric while she comes down the slide. ^^

Next stop: France!!


  1. Love that your posting all these travels!! So fun to see through your eyes :)

  2. such a colorful buildings <3 And I always love colorful thingy :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. divine photos...

  4. wow look at that architecture just gorgeous!

  5. Those buildings are so beautiful!

  6. Ugh, food poisoning is the worst!!! I hope you're ok now! Also, I am so jealous of your trip!! xo


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