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France has always been high on top of my must see list. I knew that I would eventually get myself to Paris, but what an incredible opportunity to visit parts of France that are less traveled. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side but rain could never stop us Seattleites! We drove 4+ hours from Germany to our airbnb apartment, dropped off our luggage and headed straight into town for some sightseeing. Every nearby city that we visited just got cuter and cuter, and was straight out of Beauty & The Beast (which we watched about 100 times on our car ride up thanks to our cute niece and nephew)! Colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, half-timbered homes, and canals! Oh my!!

Side note: Is anyone else struggling with blurry photos within blogger? I tried uploading them in all different ways {currently through Photobucket} and my bigger pictures are still coming out blurry. SOOO frustrating. Suggestions much appreciated!

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 ^^ The Strasbourg Cathedral of Notre Dame, built in 1176 and finished in 1429. I really wish America had architecture this old! Incredible!! ^^
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 photo Strasbourg8_zpsg1iaezb5.jpg
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 ^^ There was a cute two story carousel in the middle of the square that Fox, Jane and my cute SIL Paige rode on! ^^

Next stop: Colmar!


  1. your trip looks amazing, i am loving seeing all of these pictures & hearing about your adventure! congrats on your pregnancy, i can't wait to see you with a little babe!
    xo, kerry

  2. So beautiful place! ♡♡♡

  3. Beautiful photos! And yes I am having the same issue with blogger :( I have tried changing the sizes but nothing works. Let me know if you figure it out :)

  4. wow what a beautiful place!!

  5. Love the photos! This is such a cute place!!
    Per your question about blogger...YES!! I've been having tons of trouble with my photos. I actually load them straight from my iphoto, but it's less about blurriness and more about the color of the photos. They come out 'slightly' more grainy and the color is really dull. It's bizarre, I seemed to have worked around it...some how, but I hope it stops soon.


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