After spending a few hours in Prague, we got back in the car to continue on with our girls road trip up to Poland for some pottery shopping. I didn't know much about Poland or had any previous desire to go before, but once we made it into the country side it was absolutely gorgeous!! The windy roads, small towns spread through out, farm land, green luscious fields. I would not count this country out!!

My awesome sister-in-law made reservations for us to stay in a castle built in the 1500s. We didn't pull in till after dark but we all couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and snap some pictures of the outside, which was picture perfect (evidence below)! Plus, we were the only ones in this place! Our room had two bedrooms, but we opted to all stay together in the bunk room that had 1 inch thick mattresses, ha. It makes for a funny story now!! ;)

 photo IMG_2771_zpstk0hdefd.jpg
 photo IMG_2770_zpssvnxq4fz.jpg  photo IMG_2769_zps65pd20xk.jpg

After picture taking we headed into town for some pottery shopping. I've never been a huge dish / plate person but I knew I wanted to hunt for some cute finds for the nursery. I walked away with a few pieces (Thanks Carolyn!) and a delicate ring dish. Luckily they all made it back to the states in one piece!!

 photo DSC_0137_zps7t05mpwh.jpg
 photo IMG_2782_zpsag4lh0c3.jpg
^^ Stole this picture from Allison because they are both too cute! Love my SIL's! ^^
 photo IMG_2775_zpsb8mw4izj.jpg
Now that I'm over half way through with my pregnancy, I feel like I finally have the confidence to enjoy it! We'll talk more about that a little later, but below is one of my cute Polish pottery finds that we can't wait to find a place for in the nursery, along with one of my favorite pieces that I can't wait to dress our little girl in! Keep on cookin' baby!!

 photo IMG_2903_zpsoup9lfbq.jpg


  1. Such cute finds! How exciting for you to get to travel and also be planning the arrival of a baby :D

  2. cannot wait to hear more about your pregnancy - sounds like this was a lovely trip!

  3. congrats again on your pregnancy!! so exciting!

  4. Checking into that old castle was one of my favorite parts about the whole trip. I don't know why, but it was just so FUN nestling in for the night with my favorite girls. Pottery shopping was exhausting and, I'm afraid it wasn't in the cards for me to get pottery. Remember the woman who took the bowl from my set? The shop hasn't sent the replacement yet, even though I PAID for it. And, half of my pieces were shattered in my suitcase. BUT! I still loved every minute of this part of the trip! (except when I thought we might be lost in the Polish countryside)

  5. I am Polish ;)
    It's nice that you visited us :)

  6. Huge Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Such exciting news :)
    I think we are due around the same time, if you are already a little more than half way through. It will be fun to follow along on your journey. All the best, and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and happy!
    Jules xoxo


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