I'm so happy to finally be sharing with you guys this fun little side collaboration I have been working on these past few months. If you haven't noticed from my Instagram and Pinterest, I have been collaborating with the new company MeUndies, and helping spread the word through my social media. You guys, hands down one of the coolest companies I have ever worked with! Not only are they super efficient with their packaging and mailing, but their products are by far the softest items in my wardrobe at the moment. MeUndies is a clothing business based out of Los Angeles that specializes in making clothing and underwear SO comfortable that you won't want to buy from anywhere else. Oh, did I mention they have super cute designs on their products as well? Check out these bad boys! Ever since our collaboration together, Eric has been nothing but impressed with each and every piece. I swear if we were the same size, he would be sneaking my shirts for himself. Looks like I know what to get him for his birthday ::winks:: 
... and now, a little bit from them -
"MeUndies is a family. Everyone from our employees to our customers are a part of that family. We are dedicated to creating the most comfortable undies that the world has ever known, and after years of development, we've done it. From our luxuriously soft Modal fabric, to our limited edition artist collaborations - our undies are the perfect combination of comfort, quality, and design, and our customers agree."

... and their favorite piece and why -
"I love our Women's Brief in Camo, makes me feel like I can take on the world and kick some serious ass!" 
- MeUndies, Karolina Swietoniowska

Thanks for having me along for the ride MeUndies! 
Check out their  Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

^^ Don't mind the wrinkles in this shirt. I slept in it per Eric's request. Lots of snuggles while wearing this one. Also, these sweatpants need a shout out all their own for a moment. While I was recovering from my miscarriage, I wore these bad boys to the hospital and every doctors appointment. They gave me that little boost of security when all I wanted to do was hide. In fact, while I was getting my blood drawn to make sure everything was happening naturally, the nurse asked me where I got them. Kind of awkward to ask under the circumstances but strangely I didn't mind sharing the love. ^^
^^ SOOOOO soft and comfortable. Hands down, no joke, buy them now, what are you waiting for, go! That is all. ^^



  1. so cool! you've got some exciting things happening. their products look soo comfortable, i would probably live in them!

  2. Obsessed. Love the joggers <3 Xoxo

  3. all of this looks so comfy.
    also those boots i need them.

  4. Really cute stuff!

  5. love the sweats! super cute stuff!

  6. I have such a weakness for soft clothing - I literally won't take them off for three days in a row. It's terrible!

  7. Love your purchase!! X

  8. Sounds like a great line! And you look LOVELY!



  9. These look SO comfy! I just want to slip them on right now! So cool that you have the opportunity to work with such a neat company :)


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