The winter season just keeps on giving! I'm keeping true to my word and taking full advantage of any little getaway I can sneak in this year! Thank goodness for three day weekends, Eric and I took ourselves to the mountains! We went snowmobiling with his family, nearly got stranded in the middle of nowhere and snuggled up to space heaters in their cabin just in time to watch the Seahawks stamp their tickets to the Superbowl. I may have grown an ulcer after that game, but my boys did it! What fun adventures did you go on this weekend?

^^ The snow was coming down so hard, everything looked like you were watching a static TV screen! So beautiful! ^^
^^ I could just squeeze those cheeks all day long! Gosh, I love him!! ^^
^^ Snowed in! Thank goodness I had my copy of "Not That Kind of Girl" with me. The perfect amount of R&R!" ^^


  1. How fun the snowmobile look! and you two are adorable in the first pic :) The view of all the trees covered with snow is dreamy. I must get a copy of Lena Dunham's book, are you enjoying it?

  2. Oh this looks like a dream. I really want to go snowmobiling but we just don't have Winter's like that in the UK - it sucks, it hasn't even snowed here yet! I finished Lena's book when I was on holiday before Christmas and I loved it! xx


  3. how fun! i've never been snowmobiling & think it looks like so much fun. & getting snowed in with a good book sounds perfect :)

  4. I always love reading about your adventures and seeing your beautiful photographs. This looks like another incredible weekend! I love the photographs including the snow tumbling down - so pretty.


  5. omgosh, dying to get snowed in! (you would think it would happen in MT but life always goes on) love the pictures!

  6. You always have the best weekends - so much adventure and relaxation at the same time :)

  7. This looks like so much fun! Beautiful.

  8. How fun! I miss snowmobiling in Minnesota with my family!

  9. ah wait, i just found your blog! where do you live? this little winterwonderland looks perfect and i'm hoping so badly it's in utah.


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