My awesome Sister-In-Law shot me an email last week asking if I wanted to be apart of a little series called the "My Writing Process Blog Tour". It's a short little series where we share our writing process for creating our blog posts, etc. It's been so fun getting to see how other people create and put together their posts, so I thought WHY NOT, it looks like fun!

what am I working on? 
+ I'm still editing and putting together little posts from our amazing Fourth of July adventures in Idaho! If it were up to me they would never end! Stay tuned for more hiking adventures!
how does my work differ from others in its genre?
+ Because the Little Lady site is a lifestyle blog, my work is all original because it's ME! I share little glimpses of my life with Eric, as well as hair tutorial and Pinterest gems on the side. Two of my guilty pleasures!
why do i write what i do?
+ I just celebrated my three year blogiversary and I just now feel like I'm getting into the grove of writing with my own voice without being influenced by others. I first created Little Lady as a creative outlet from mundane academia and wedding planning. It has since grown into a space saturated in memories. Full of daily snapshots, inspiration, and simplistic fashion. I view my site as a visual diary of my journey, and as a little reminder to appreciate living in every moment.
how does your writing process work?
+ Of course it would be awesome if I could write out in my planner every week what I want to write on what given day, but sometimes I'm just not that organized. Most of the time I just write whatever comes to mind, and whatever adventures I've been up to that day.

*This awesome little series was started by The Stationary Place. Shoot me an email if you are interested in joining the series!!


  1. Fantastic idea!! ;)
    Nice post ♥


  2. Congratulation for the 3 years and is good to write what you feel or get you inspire. I write in a little notebook and thank I add to my blog what ever come to mind.

  3. YAY! good post :)
    writing without being influenced or intimitated by other bloggers' is very difficult but it's so great that you're able to do it now! and being organized for blogging is so difficult I really wish I had a better handle on that haha
    The Fashionista Bubble

  4. Congrats on the 3 year blogiversary! How exciting! I'm not even a year in yet and I'm definitely still feeling like I'm having a hard time finding my groove! Great post!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Ah 3 years is such a long time! I love your blog and all of the hair tutorial posts :)

  6. Oh my goodness. I am the SAME way. I've tried over and over to "schedule" and plan posts in advance and it just doesn't work for me. I usually just blog when something "hits" me.

  7. so cool to hear about your writing process. i love hearing about other peoples methods & how they do their blogs, cause sometimes it's just HARD to do. so hearing about other processes definitely help!

  8. Super sweet to hear more about your process. I love blogs that begin as a creative outlet then somehow transform in a lifestyle journal. Personal blogs tell the best stories. :)

  9. Man, I would be so inspired if I had sushi every time I wrote! :P Interesting to hear your process, I always love your pictures!

  10. I've been wanting to get organized and get to the point where I actually plan what I write, but it's so difficult to get there. By the way, that sushi looks amazing and it's totes making me hungry. Better finish my work soon so I can go home and eat LOL

    ♥ Gita @ mimiandchichi.com

  11. Lovely post, I may have to e-mail to get involved :)

    Charlotte's Web | The London Project

  12. That's such an awesome series idea!! I'm definitely curious about others' blogging processes :)

  13. Fun! I always love behind-the-scenes posts like this.


  14. What a fun idea! I want to do a post like this soon :)


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