With the start of any new season, it's a great time to re-evaluate the things our skin needs to take on the changing natural elements. The first step for me is changing up my skin care routine, so of course I was so excited to work with California Naturel when they reached out to me to test out their new products. Based out of Sausalito, California, California Naturel craft premium natural skin care using the purest, most effective ingredients found in nature, taking to heart the sensory experience by crafting textures and floral scents. One of my favorite things about the California Naturel products is that I felt like I just stepped out of a spa out by the sea after every use. The smell alone is so calming, especially right before you head off to bed. Another favorite is that after using the cleaning gel, it didn't leave my face feeling dry like most products have in the past. Cheers to those morning and night routines that keep us feeling fresh and clean!
*Something to note: It's important to mention that every product works differently dependent upon their skin type. I typically have normal to oily skin.

Pulling hair out of face and neck area, start with a fresh "palette".
Splash face with cool water to wake up the face.
Taking the Gentle Cleansing Gel, apply small amount onto hand and gently massage over face and neck.
Remove with warm water. Dry, with clean towel, by lightly patting the face.

Using the Nourishing Cream, pump bottle once to release the cream into hands.
Massage in slow, small circles on face.
Use left overs to massage onto neck.
*I love that this moisturizer doesn't leave your face feeling sticky afterwords!!

3. SPF
It is always important to use SPF every day, even here in Seattle. Your older self will thank you.
Using Sunscreen SPF 30, apply liberally at least 15 minutes before sun expose. Don't forget to take it along with you to reapply throughout the day!

Don't forget about those kissable lips.
Apply the Lip Balm SPF 8 throughout the day to keep lips silky smooth and safe from sun damage.
*I loved that this lip balm stays on longer (even through meals) and also gives a little bit of a shine and color!

This post was sponsored by California Naturel.


  1. Great review doll very detail I guess you right it might work differently on all skin type.

  2. great review. these products sounds amazing!

  3. Your skin is amazing!! I will have to look into these products since the company is based so close to me. I also love your bathroom sink. Is it weird that I noticed haha

    1. I wish those were my bathroom sinks. Sadly they are my parents. I had to take the pictures there instead of in my tiny bathroom ;)

  4. you're so cute! love this.

  5. Thanks for the great review! I love hearing about new products :)

  6. easy face routine for this summer!! awesome!!! :D

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  7. You are seriously the cutest! Such an awesome post!


  8. What happens if your fresh pallet looks better than mine with makeup on it? Hahaha. Just kidding. kind of. Love it. Hope all is well! xoxo

  9. ooooh. i might have to try me some of that!

    p.s. you are the cutest!

  10. you need to do a tutorial for that perfect bun on top of your head!!

    1. You are so sweet! You can view a past tutorial I did here (!


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