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Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that last weeks giveaway has been extended to Monday, May 6. I've been so distant from the blogosphere I feel like not everyone has gotten the chance to enter. Plus, now you get a better feel for one of our giveaway hosts after this product review that I'm sure you'll all want to hightail it over here afterwards. 
I'm so happy to have partnered up with Soul Makes these past few months. All of their pieces just have my inner hippie child bursting at the seams! Thank goodness for Spring and warmer weather so I can make this a possibility. I received this lovely amethyste necklace in the cutest package a few weeks back and have now successfully made it one of my staple pieces. I just adore how it can go with any simple outfit to give it that extra "natural/earthy" pop! It's super light weigh so it doesn't weight you down for those beachy days either. 
Do yourself a favor and head on over to their site here. Or better yet, enter the giveaway mentioned above and win a free item of your choice. Other pieces I have my eye on are this, this and this!


  1. Beautiful photos! Just checked out their sit and I am loving all the crystal necklaces, so much to choose from...

  2. Hello hotness :)!


  3. wow it sounds awesome <3

  4. Sooooo pretty girl! You're just beautiful :)


  5. Love this giveaway!


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