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soooo remember that time we did a little q+a for my 1,000 follower celebration? yeah, remember how that was a few weeks ago? well the time has finally come that i have gotten around to answering all of your lovely questions. there were quite a few, so i had to break it into two parts.
this is part 1.
so grab some hot chocolate, a popsicle, a blanket, whatever your fancy, and lets get this party started.

If you could pick one thing about your husband that most people don't know about him but that made you fall deeper into love with him, what would it be?
Something that not too many people know about the mister is that he has a great singing voice! I love when he sporadically learns a new song on the guitar and sings me to sleep. I know, he’s a keeper!

When can we meet in real life so we can be friends?!? 
Whenever you want!

What is your absolute favorite thing to do with your hubby? Why?
I love going on bike rides, and stopping and taking pictures along the way. He’s such a good sport with those. Gotta sacrifice for the blog of course ::winks::

How are you so darn cute!!??
Why thank you, I got it from my momma!

When do you plan on having a baby, and what is one thing your husband hates that you do often?
Well, we’ve only been married for a little over 9 months now, so we’re taking things slow. You have to enjoy that “just the two of us” moment, so important! But trust me, we know all the details and the names. We’ll just have to keep you guys on your toes.
As far as the bad habits, I don’t have any. Hmm, well I know the hubby always corrects me when I say “the other day” while telling a story, but it was really just “yesterday”. Does that count?

Where do you get your inspiration for style??
The blogging world is definitely pretty cool when it comes to this. But you can never go wrong with pinterest or while people watching in big cities. Yeah….definitely people watching in big cities.

Where do you shop!?
Well, I haven’t gone shopping in quite a while (oh the woes of poor newlyweds), but some of my favorite stores are F21, JCrew, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie.

WHAT IS YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT NAME….that's what I want to know!
@hislittlelady. Find me!!! 

What do you do for a living?
Well, I was a nanny for five years all throughout my college days, did a little radio marketing on the side, but since moving out to Utah I have been jobless. I spend my mornings sleeping in and blogging the whole day away. It’s kind of nice having this little break for a while.

What is your advice to bloggers to have an enjoyable and successful blogging experience? What is a non -blogging hobby you enjoy? 
The best advice I can give for you all to have an enjoyable and successful blogging experience is to remember that this blog is yours. You can do and write whatever you want to write about. Sometimes people will have negative things to say about what you write, but ignore it. This is your little space, keep it positive, and throw out all that negativity people may send your way. All it does is give you wrinkles.
A non-blogging hobby I enjoy is camping. I haven't gone in a few years. Hoping that changes in the next few weeks (cough, Allison!).

What type of Camera do you use and software to edit?
Ever since instagram, most of my photos have been dedicated to my phone. Bad camera owner. But when I do wipe the dust off that bad boy I use my Nikon D500. Still on the hunt for a good photo editor now that picnik has ended. Tears are still being shed people… 

What's in your favorite playlist?
I’m all about the 90’s. I could bust out to some LFO, NSYNC, Alanis Morissette, Nirvana, Counting Crows, and the Goo Goo Dolls all day long if I could.

Favorite accessory?
My wedding rings of course! That or my smarty glasses. So perfect for those days where make-up seems too daunting of a task.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Sometimes my tv decides to hate me, so spending a relaxing night catching up on my favorite trashy shows online is pretty perfect. That or heading to the Frisbee golf course for a nice day in the sun with friends. I’m so bad, but I love making the mister laugh and watching him get my Frisbee out of a high tree, or travel into the massive bushes and be my hero ::winks::

until next time...


  1. Love getting to know more about you TJ :) You get even cuter with every post! And I hear ya on the 90s music...I'll take some Alanis & N sync any day.

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I have a solution to your picnik problems, my dear ;)




    Both are amazing!

  3. So fun to get to know you a little better, pretty lady! I second Berni's suggestion of picmonkey. It was created by picnik employees and it's VERY similar, and it has a few filters I LOVE!

  4. Your music choices are so cool. I miss chumbawamba they we're different and I loved that. Then again I was just a small child then.

  5. Really nice questions, and I loved your answers :>

    Have a lovely day,

    Indie by heart

  6. I know EXACTLY how you feel now that picnik is done. BUT there is hope :) I found 2 great online free editing sites. Picmonkey and Pixlr express. They are way better than picnik!!! :)

  7. Beautiful photo!

    And I'm also aaaaall about the 90s, so totally hear you on NSYNC (was 14 when they became popular and quickly became obsessed), Alanis Morissette, Nirvana, Counting Crows, and the Goo Goo Dolls.

    ...not so much LFO seeing as I only know that first song of theirs, "New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick, and I think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer, for the summer."


  8. picmonkey is where its at! I feel like it almost fills the hole in my heart left by picnik haha

  9. Cute! And I live for watching trashy TV shows online. You're not alone! xo

  10. I love this post - I feel like i "know" you more now :) I'm all about 90s music too... I love me some NSYNC.

  11. you make me smile :) i truly loved all of your answers. they warmed my heart.
    i like that you guys are just enjoying the 'just you two' time :) i think ill take your lead and do that someday if i ever get married! as far as the 90s are concerned, you're a woman after my own heart!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  12. it's so wonderful to get to know more about you! i, too, love bike rides with my hubby :) AND i have a major crush on all of your favorite stores, too!

    xo, amanda

  13. love Q&A posts and your answers! 90's playlists are the best.

  14. Such a cute Q&A. You and the hubs seem really great for each other :)


  15. I love your little Q & A sesh! I was wondering when it was going to happen! Looking forward to part 2 ;)

  16. It's smart to take things slow on the baby front. My husband and I were married almost 5 years before we had kids. We look back on those days fondly, we definitely got a lot accomplished.

  17. You're so dang cute! I love reading your blog!

  18. Thanks for the info on blogging...I'm just getting into a regular pattern and trying to get the kinks out. So thanks for the upbeat tips. And...I love me some good 90s music! Nirvana, Dave Matthews, counting crows, radiohead

  19. Love reading this and getting to know more about you! I really thought you had been married longer than 9 months. That's great that you guys aren't rushing the next stage. Enjoy this time together before having children :)

  20. So cute! Forrest plays guitar too...love me a music man!

  21. Try PicMonkey for photo editing!

  22. "oh remember the other day...." hahaha. Yeah, you do kind of say that all the time. Cough cough, camping is a must. still waiting for updates!!

  23. Great Q and A session, I love that you watch trashy tv and are jobless and don't apologize for that (minus blogging of course) and the site PicMonkey is exactly like Picnik and is free and amazing!

  24. This was great! I can totally relate to the sleeping in and blogging the day away....so funny! :)


  25. so i know the faq i over, but i was wondering if you have any advice on getting a nannying job. especially with no history of nannying behind you. i would love love to be a nanny but i honsestly have no idea where to even begin looking.

  26. Woohoo you just became my favorite, I love NSYNC and still listen to them all the time!

    A few weeks ago I put my old school NSYNC CD in my husband's truck and turned it up really loud. The next time he got in his truck and turned it on he was greeted by this. LOL i'm dying laughing right now as I type this. LOVE this post!

  27. so fun getting to know you a little better! need to find you on instagram. love your pics! :)
    xoxo, great little day

  28. This was so much fun to read...I love getting to know you a little more! And I'm with you...big city people-watching is the best inspiration ever.

    <3 Cambria

  29. i loved this...i'm pretty sure we could be best friend in real life :)

  30. Love this! So if you ever decide to travel to az call me up and I will take you to lunch! For reals

  31. Love it...sad day now that Picnik is done. My poor photos are gonna suffer.

  32. LFO! That's a blast from the past! ha!

  33. You're so cute. <3
    xx. Jillian

  34. Go check out the site picmonkey.com! Just like Picnik... only a smidge better ;) xoxo

  35. It's amazing all the former nannies out there who now blog. I was a former nanny too. So was Delighted Momma, Rebecca from A Daily Something currently is. Kinda funny =) I always love reading these Q&A's =)

    - Sarah

  36. I am still grieving for Picnik. I have found PicMonkey to be pretty good.

  37. Ugh...I'm so sad for Picnik. And don't you love how the second you get married people are asking about babies? Give us a minute will ya?!

  38. Ahhhh love 90s boy bands, and I must say that i'm not sad at all that boy bands are coming back.
    Also... picmonkey.

  39. How fun, glad you did this, love getting to know you better!

  40. I love when you do these Q & A's. I totally love to throw back with N'Sync and the backstreet boys. And, I was totally bummed about picnik :(

  41. Must be nice to sleep in and then blog all day -- what a dreamy life. :)


  42. Fun! :) I love Q + A's. I ♥ camping too. I also like to play disc golf even though I'm not very good, haha. It's been too long since I played :(

  43. How fun :) Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know you a little better!

  44. Love your shopping places- my favorite too :) hope you are having a wonderful day xox

  45. haha yes, picnik has thrown me for a real photo editing loop!!! if you find one, let me know and, if i find one, i'll let you know! ha boohoo
    also, lfo? uhm, HOLLA. yes pleasseee.

    she loves fun dip n cherry coke, i love the way she laughs when i tell a joke, when i met you i said my name was rich, you look like a girl from abercrombie+fitchh

  46. Loved reading about your fabulous life! :) Instagram is the best!!!

  47. Yay I just found you on insta!! This is my favorite pic of you!! You are gorg!! Xoxo

  48. You are adorable!!! Great finding you! Have a great week dear!

  49. i loved this little q&a post. my favorite accessory is my wedding ring too. i've been married for about 8 months now (close to you) and we're enjoying "us time" too. i'm all about trashy tv shows girl. i'm obsessed-i cannot lie. :)

  50. awesome blog!
    if your still looking for an editing software, check out Picmonkey.com! its just like picnik, except everything is free, {and the collages are still yet to come} super awesome site.

  51. Oh I see my question! As far as photo editing goes you may always use Photoscape. That is what I use (:

  52. Piknik (well, at least most of it) is still there! In Picasso click on creative kit and you will see most of the functions!

  53. Oops. That would be picasa not Picasso! Although it might be nice to have him edit your photos....

  54. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :) You look stunning in the picture!


  55. So lovely :) I really enjoy your advice to bloggers the most!


  56. I love the goo goo dolls!! My sister can play the guitar too. Im just not musically gifted. I love your answers and im a fan of Guiliana and Bill too.
    Thank you for you love and support in my time of need. xox

  57. I always enjoy and good question and answer post :)

    and oh the patience you have to have if you're the boyfriend/husband of a blogger. "Wait! I just have to take some pictures!" "Stop! Don't touch that food before I've photographed it!" "Can you take a picture of me doing this and that and that??" :)

  58. you are just the most dahhhling thing :) Love your question, "how are you so darn cute?" :))))

    I loveeee my bike rides with my boo too!! Oh... and our two beasts... oops I mean dogs!! Family outings are the bayyyyst!!

    Don't forget.. I'll be posting your infamous la la LOVE story on my blog Thursday goooorlfrannd!!


  59. alanis yes!! love the picture, your beautiful!


  60. sleeping in and blogging all day is my dream.

  61. Just found your blog :) A great photo editor is Photobucket - they just updated their software and I love it..give it a try :)

  62. Aw, she's adorable! Haha, and you had some great questions for her :)

    Trendy Teal

  63. If you're still looking for a good (free) photo editing software, definitley check out PicMonkey-- it's from the creators of Picnik! :)

  64. More more more!

    You can come be a nanny for me anytime :)

  65. Great Q&A!

    xo Jennifer


  66. Love these posts....actually, love ALL your posts!




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