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everyone, meet erika. erika, meet everyone. honestly though people, if you haven't stopped by Rouge & Whimsy yet it is a must because she is a must! not only is she creative with her etsy shop, but her and her adorable hubby take it up a notch with their hilarious humor, and her amazing fashion sense. 
so let's get whisked away with erika! 
xo TJ


What are five words to describe your personality? 
creative + passionate + scattered + loving + joyful

Why did you decide to start blogging? 
I've always loved writing and I started a more personal blog shortly after getting married. I started blogging about less personal, day-to-day things and more about my side interest: fashion, creating, etc. It made sense to drop the personal blog and move to one just for me!

How did you name your blog? 
I love French culture and "rouge" is French for red. (I have red hair.) Plus I think that my personality is pretty creative, whimsical and I hope that my blog is a place of whimsy and happines for readers. Hence-- rouge & whimsy! 

What are some of your favorite blogs? 
I can never pick one! But currently I am loving Julie Ann Art, (, just lovely things (, lollipops (  

What do you do when you are not blogging? 
work! :/ but that's boring to talk about-- so I love to cook and experiment with new recipes, sleep!, harass my puppy and hang out with the husband and friends.

A fellow Seattlite, I love it! Where are you favorite go-to spots in the city? (because you and I both know it doesn't rain ALL the time, ha)  
I LOVE Seattle. And yes, it doesn't rain all the time-- it just is gray a lot. But I love Ballard -- a sweet, funky neighborhood that has a great cafes , cobblestone streets, cute shops and a Sunday farmers' market!

You have yourself an etsy shop. What got you started in that? 
I've always been creative-- sewing, crafting, writing, whatever and selling things that I design and make seems like a great extension. I just launched a line of purses that I'm really excited about!

I just adore all your little DIY tutorials. What has been your favorite so far? 
Gosh I don't know! Probably making my doily banner! It's hanging across my living room window and makes me happy every time I see it! 

I'm a sucker for love stories. Tell us a little bit about you and your cute hubby! 
My hubby is very cute and so supportive of me! We met in college. I came home and he was studying business calculus with my roommate. Later we ended up chatting in the kitchen and became very good friends that started dating a few months later! We dated all through college and he proposed to me my senior year. (He's a year older than me.)

What are your future goals? 
Gosh-- I have so many! I would love my bags to be more successful, my blog to be more successful. I want to live a very creative life and ultimately get paid to do so. And have some kids along the way and travel more as well. :)


so now that we've all gotten acquainted, let's all travel over and say a little hello to the lovely miss erika!


  1. She seems really nice - I'm going to check out her webpage.


  2. She has some great style. My fav is her long skirt and scarf outfit!

  3. First of all, somehow missed your last post...but the weekend photos are gorgeous! What glorious weather and pretty colours...and that food looks scrumptious!

    Thanks for sharing...I'm a huge fan of Rouge & Whimsy, she's fun and has great style!

    <3 Cambria

  4. Fun outfits!!! And I love that cutie purse! :)

  5. I found Erica's blog recently and fell in love with it :)

  6. oh jeez she is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wish I had boots like those :) cute style Erica

  8. she is just so darn adorable!!! AND a fellow Seattlite??!! this chickadee is a must meet for me :) thanks for the intro :) XO brynn

  9. She's adorable! Thanks for sending me to her blog!

  10. I started following her blog a few months ago, I think she is just darling! I also love the fact that she lives in Seattle. I will be moving there then end of summer so local bloggy friends would be helpful in getting adjusted to a new place!

  11. Great post!! I love her... and checking out the etsy shop now.


  12. such a nice feature. she is so cute.

  13. Oh isn't she the cutest? Love love her style!

  14. love this little introduction to Erika! She is so lovely & creative.

  15. Love her! So glad I got to meet her this weekend :)

  16. Ooh I love that bag! Pink and Orange are my favorite colors to mix together =)

  17. hi dear...
    you are very beautiful!!
    I'm discovering your blog now and it's fantastic..
    i'd like to know what do you think about my new post on my blog..
    tell me know.. :) thanks


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