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well ladies and gents, the month of love is finally here. honestly, i feel like christmas was just yesterday. how is time passing so quickly? i guess all we can do is focus on the present. and what better way then to showcase this months sponsors, all such fabulous ladies. take a peek!
xo TJ


Meet Chandra
After a somewhat rough beginning to life, I experienced what I affectionately refer to as my quarter life crisis. This ‘crisis’ and the subsequent years of finding myself has left me downright passionate about leading the fullest life possible, and helping others to do the same. I’m a true believer that in order to live a full, healthy, happy life we have to do 3 things:
1.     Treat our bodies with respect, love them, and nourish them well.
2.     Be just as careful about what goes into our minds as what goes into our bodies… they are not separate entities as we oftentimes think, and I truly believe that one does affect the other. 
3.     Recognize our passions and desires, believe in them, and give them the space in our lives that they deserve. They were given to us for a reason, they are the divinity within us, and they are our contributions to the world.
I created The Earthfood Experiment to be a fun, lively, and accepting environment for us to meet together and experiment with all these aspects of life… 
a place where we pump one another full of good food, good thoughts, and inspiration.  So to aid us in living the best lives possible.

I feel that we should shower the ones we adore with gifts of love, respect, and compassion everyday of our lives.  My perfect Valentine’s Day would be a day just like any other in my house… cooking, good food, conversation and laughter, with lots of  XX&OO’s. 


Meet Chelsea:
Hey! I’m Chels-the writer of The Collegebook. I’m from Oklahoma, but I am currently living in Happy Valley, Utah while attending Utah Valley University. I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and possibly getting my minor in Spanish. The Collegebook is about my adventures through college and social networking. Because let’s face it…we all check our Facebook and/or Twitter multiple times a day. Am I right? Or am I right?

My dream Valentines date? Well let’s start with Boy brings Girl flowers (tulips or daisies) with a note that says be ready by 7:00pm. Girl giggles, bites her lip, and twists her hair. Girl gets ready by curling her hair, puckering her lips for her favorite lipstick, and slipping into her favorite outfit. The knock comes. Boy is standing there looking mighty dapper. Elevator eyes are used. Boy and Girl walk to the car where Boy opens Girl’s door. The two drive to the city where there is a quaint cupcake shop. Boy buys Girl her favorite cupcake and a hot cocoa. They sit on the luscious couch and sip on hot cocoa while exchanging “those looks” and good conversation. Michael Buble is serenading the cupcake shop which makes Boy stand up and pull Girl in the middle of the pretend dance floor. They start dancing, and of course Girl can't stop smiling. Snow starts lightly falling outside. Boy and Girl hold hands and run to the car. Boy drives Girl home, walks her to her door and then does the head scratch (you know the one that EVERY boy does in those romantic movies when he is hinting that he doesn’t want to leave yet? Yep-that one). Girl fumbles with keys. The sound of snow falling is getting louder. And then it happens. That ever so wanted Valentine’s Day kiss. Girl smiles, says goodnight, and does a hop skip into her apartment. Boy smiles, says goodnight, and does a hop skip to his car and doesn’t leave until after she waves goodbye from her window. 


Meet Krista:
Hello, my name is Krista and I blog over at Crescendo! I am a twenty something who just moved to a new city to begin a career, girl in a current long distance relationship, member of a loving family and friend of some amazing people.

Blogging began as a way to keep in touch with family and friends as I moved to a new place. It has now evolved as a creative outlet in a hectic world. I blog about setting goals, organization, DIY projects, favorite recipes and hair styles the average person can achieve. Mostly I blog about my life; what inspires me and the beauty I find in every day. 

My dream Valentine's date is actually what me and my man have been doing the past 4 years. We order a luxurious 'heart-shaped pizza special' from Papa Johns Pizza, get into sweats and watch comedies all evening. I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's - don't forget to stop on over and say 'hello' at Crescendo!


Meet Haleigh:
My name is Haleigh Forbes of A Forbes Life. I always have a baby in one hand, a diet coke and a camera in the other, and a husband standing beside me. My blog is just that: my life, my dreams; my good days, my bad days; my deep thoughts, my shallow thoughts; some snapshots and some creative writing to paint the picture. 

If I were to have a dream valentine's day, I would hope to be skydiving, or jumping off a rock somewhere deep in the jungle. And then he would surprise me with a huge box of chocolate covered strawberries. Because let's face it, valentine's day is not the day to be watching your figure.


Meet Hollie:
Hi there! I'm Hollie, I'm a country music lovin, 20 something living in America's Finest City...San Diego! I write a lifestyle blog which features everything from current style obsessions to my daily adventures...with a little bit of humor thrown in. I love to laugh and try to make that priority in my blog! Beware, my humor can be a little cheesy and over the top and ironic sometimes ;) 

My dream Valentines Day date is being swept away for a surprise mini vacation...or more realistically, a romantic restaurant with amazing food, irresistible ambiance, and a killer dessert menu!


  1. great blogs, thanks for sharing!


  2. So happy to meet a few new blogs via your February sponsors! I loved reading about everyone's dream Valentine's date. ;) We're going to visit each of their blogs now!

    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. ooohh very fun! It's so exciting to meet new people in the blogging world :)

  4. always love some new blogs to follow. thanks!

    Eliesa @ be in love

  5. your sponsors are so cute! love getting to know them!

    {oh and going #2 is scary after baby because you're afraid when you push to go, all the stitches are going to come undone {down there} and you might bust something open and all your insides might fall out! TMI? yeah mmmmk.}

  6. Loved these post! Love knowing new things!


  7. Sounds like some great sponsors. I'll have t check these ladies out :)

  8. Great sponsor post, I'll definitely check them out!

    xo Gillie

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  10. I love meeting new people :) I will definitely pop by throughout the week to meet them! Chandra's photo is adorable! XO brynn

  11. All new to me! :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. new to me as well- beautiful girls who sound like they have a lot to say! I love it.

  13. oh la la! new great bloggers! thanks for doing our dirty work to find them, and now i just simply get to click on the link! haha

  14. I love Chelsea's dream valentine's day date. It sounds pretty much perfect to me.


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