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let's meet mommy of the hour, ms. jenna. honestly, she gives fashion posts, tutorials, and even recipes with one cute baby one her hip. and don't get me started on her gorgeous red hair. i just love the gingers guys. probably because everyone in my family rocks the unique color. you own it girl! ::winks::
so before heading over to her lovely site, look through this little q & a session and see why i have dubbed her the modern day "wonder woman"!


1. What are five words to describe your personality?
Crazy, Loud, Funny, Sarcastic, Real 

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I quit my job teaching 3rd Grade, and decided to stay home full time with my new baby boy. I was (to be honest) super bored, and I needed a creative outlet. It just started as a fun way to talk about something other than baby talk 24/7 :) 

3. What are some of your favorite blogs?

4. What do you do when you are not blogging?
Hanging with my 7-month old, crafting, drawing, painting, making jewelry, laundry & grocery shopping (exciting I know). 

5. What's your favorite thing about being a mother?
I love being a mom!!! I used to think I would never want to be a mom and have kids, but it's THE BEST. Every time he learns something new, or conquers sitting up or rolling over, it just makes me so happy. I have learned to be a lot less selfish too..because all you care about is your baby's happiness.

6. How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your hubby? hubby was in California for work over V-day..sad day! We celebrated in Hawaii a couple weeks ago, we are good! :) 

7. You're a pretty crafty lady! What are some of your favorite things to make?
Crafty is my middle name. Ha, not AT ALL! I just love to be BUSY and I always have a project of some sort going on. Whether it's re-doing a room in my house, or making jewelry, or painting a huge landscape, nothing makes me feel as accomplished like when I am making something beautiful.  

8. You're also a momma with style. What are your go to pieces?
The days when I DO get "ready", I try to be pretty colorful in whatever I wear (I used to work as a makeup artist, and I could only wear BLACK! Boooring). 
My MUST-HAVE wardrobe pieces are: TONS of jewelry (so I can always dress up a plain T-shirt), boots, leggings, and of course, colorful shirts/sweaters/tanks. I always try to throw a POP of color in whatever I am wearing.  

9. What are your future goals?
I have a lots and lots, but my main focus right now is towards starting my own shop selling some things I design. I just can't decide on a name for it (I will gladly take any suggestions). 

i told you, wonder woman guys! now hurry your buns over and get your recipes, craftiness and
mommy-wood on!


  1. I'm such a big fan of Jenna's blog! She has great style, is totally gorgeous, and seems like so much fun! Also, why are so many bloggers making me want to start having kids? Seriously.


  2. Cute! Love her necklace in that last photo!

  3. such a great post! love the yellow and the necklace in the last post!

  4. Man you are too nice to me Tanya! Sheesh I'm blushing over here!

    You're the best!! Mwwwwah!


  5. Love her hair and necklace in the right yellow shirt pic!

  6. I have never hear of Running on Happiness...I'll be over there in a sec to check it out. :) Your amazing, are you opening an etsy shop or a store?

  7. This type of post are always very nice to read and meet new blogs =) love it!!

  8. Awww super super cute family and lovely mom. I"ll head over now to check out her blog!

    - Sarah

  9. Wonderful post... and gorgeous pictures!!


  10. Gorgeous hair and baby and attitude. I am not crafty at all so I always love a good tutorial.

  11. Could you be anymore adorable? I think not! :) Love.

  12. she is the cutest ever!
    i love following her everyday ♥

    her baby is adorable and
    her hair :)

    MELINA ♥

  13. Her hair is amazing!! So pretty. And her baby? CUTE!!

  14. She's beautiful!! i love her hair too!!!


  15. Ok, she is adorable and those family shots....bananas. What an adorable family!

  16. She is so cute! I really enjoy reading her blog :)

  17. Definitely a modern day wonder woman! Loved reading this! Going to check out her blog now!

  18. her hair is beautiful!! definitely like that you dubbed her as the modern day wonder woman, seems quite fitting!

  19. What a doll!

    <3 Cambria

  20. Adorable...and her little family is so sweet!

  21. So, so precious! I love your pretty, pretty red hair!

  22. Aw love this feature on Jenna! She's a stunner and I love this peek into her life, such a cool girl!

    Alexandra xo

  23. LOVE the pictures of her and her baby! too cute!

  24. awww cute blog! love love love the pictrues :)

  25. Love her! I agree, beautiful red hair!

  26. Found your blog through a comment. Thanks for checking me out and if you have any photo pointers I am all ears! You are ridiculously adorable and I can't wait to read future posts!!!

  27. her hair is gorgeous.

    and that family of hers.

    oh my goodness.

    everything about them is just adorable.

    thank you for sharing jenna!

  28. what about "wonder woman designs"?! :)

    love ya, jenna!! and tj!! xo


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