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oh gosh, i can not contain my excitement much longer. when the lovely ms. meg sent me her blog post last night i quickly starting grinning from ear to ear. i mean look at her and her man! cutest things ever, right!?? and not only that but she has a personality to boot. before you run off to her site, look through this little q & a session and see why everyone is getting "HAMmered with mr. and mrs. ham!"
xo TJ


hello, hello! from a distant blog called "the happy hour", my name is meg, i'm that girl on the right over there riding her bike around. i'm so thrilled to be introducing myself to you today here on this fabulous blog! i hope you enjoy :)

1. What are five words to describe your personality?
loquacious, charismatic, sarcastic, sympathetic, grateful. good golly, sounds like i'm all over the map! 

2. Why did you decide to start blogging? 
guys, it was sheer peer pressure i tell you. on my wedding day the most frequent question i got was, "when are you going to have kids" or "when are you going to start a blog?" since we weren't going to have a honeymoon baby i opted for the blog. now, it's become my journal of what we do day in and day out, well maybe more of what we eat day to day ::winks::

3. How did you name your blog?
when your last name is ham, ham with just one m that is, you just can't take yourself seriously! while, i don't drink alcohol i thought it would be quite the oxymoron to name it "the happy hour, get HAMmered with mr. & mrs. HAM". is it possible to get drunk off reading a blog? i, myself, can name a few blogs i've shamelessly read till you don't see that "older" button at the bottom of the page anymore... i suppose it's the good kind of drunk! hopefully, you'll want to do that with our blog ::winks::

4. What are some of your favorite blogs?
lately, i've been into photography blogs. i love just scrolling down the page and seeing what other people see through the camera. there is a lot to learn from looking at someone else's take on a bowl of pasta, a burger etc. (guys, i'm kidding about the food part.) but, i really enjoy looking at how people achieve great photos. here are some of my go to photo blogs:

rebekah westover (my wedding photographer)

5. What do you do when you are not blogging?
most likely...working, cooking (it's a passion i have), planning our next adventure, riding around town on our vespa, or catching up on some favorite tv shows with my husband!

6. How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your hubby? 
since, we don't know each other formally, i'll keep it [G rated] for you. bahaha! 
we are working peeps which means, we're early to bed and early to rise, so my husband knows me best. he sang "she's got a way" by billy joel, as he slow danced with me. meant more than any present he could buy. that song has special meaning to me, he sang that song to me at our wedding dinner as a surprise! and we may or may not have grabbed a burger with my in-laws on valentines night too :) how romantic.

7. You definitely have style, girl. What’s your favorite go to piece? 
well, thank you very much! this changes all-the-time. right this instant i'd say my favorite thing are my bright red minnie pants from jcrew. maybe because they run huge so i'm a size 4 in them. i think the last time i bought a size 4 was in middle school, no joke.  everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, should go buy a pair and go down 2 sizes from what you regularly are. that'll make your day! it's clearly making mine each time i slip them on!

8. Who are your style icons?
i usually just love looking at catalogs from anthropologie, jcrew, and ruche, or even just people i randomly see, i try to use those as inspiration for what i have in my closet. i love to wear color. just like listening to good music can make one happy, for me, wearing color makes my soul happy! 

9. Food makes a constant appearance on your blog, and I love it. What restaurants should we visit next time we find ourselves in your neck of the woods? might regret asking me this question, the list could be a mile long!

your palate will thank you if you visit a food truck location here in california. it's like the chuck-a-rama of choices, with upgraded food! bruxie, a place where your sandwich comes folded on a waffle instead of bread. the filling station, for the best outdoor cafe-esque feeling. you can't skip pedros tacos, for some good greasy mexican food ordered to-go and eat it on the beach. 25 degrees and shwack burger for mouth watering burgers and fries. best bbq around is phils, p.s.- order to go, for the line is a long one!

hopefully that'll keep you "stuffed" for now... 

10. What are your future goals?
life for me is all about trying to be better each day. make something of who you are and love where you're at in life. i already achieved one of my biggest goals - to be a college graduate! (still boasting myself if you didn't' notice...) i'm trying to prepare to be a mother one day, thats something very dear to my heart. i also want to be able to look back on my life when i'm older and not have wished i'd done this or that, but feel content with how i lived and treated others.
i hope you'll get the chance to come stop by and say hello! p.s. i've got many giveaways all week long for you!!!

i told you, isn't she the cutest?? okay, i know you've been itching with exciting to go and check out her amazing site. well, what are you waiting for? 
let's all get bloggy hammered!


  1. she is seriously the cutest thing ever!

    they make such a cute couple
    i am definitely checking her blog out!

    MELINA ♥

    1. Yeah, I think I just got blog wasted after reading this. Love her.

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  2. What a freaking adorable couple...definitely checking her blog out, thanks for the feature, great to find new favs!

    <3 Cambria

  3. I want her teeth. Oh you pretty young girls make me feel SO old.

  4. her wedding photos are beautiful.

  5. Oh I love her! I'm so glad she got to do a post!

  6. i just love meg. she certainly does have style, and her blog is addictive!

    ps: gorgeous photos!


  7. Love this post, she is so pretty and funny. I was practically drooling over her descriptions of the restaurants! Heading over to check out her blog now. Completely HAMmered. :)

  8. Those photos are so pretty--and she is so funny. I will be checking out her blog and getting even more HAMmered!

  9. They are so adorable! I already read her blog :) Super cute!

  10. Thank you for the intro! Love meeting new bloggers:) Such a fun interview!

  11. They are such a cute couple! Love her hair :)

  12. SO cute!! her wedding dress and style are fabulous!


  13. Omg this is amazing, they are SUCH a cute couple!

    Alexandra xo

  14. so adorable!!

  15. I really love her hair lol so pretty :)


  16. Such a stunning couple! Headed to her blog now!!
    ♡ Lexi
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  17. what a beautiful couple!! i'm excited to check out their blog. her wedding dress is stunning.

  18. what a CUTE idea! love this "love" feature!

  19. thank you so much from my whole heart. these comments have meant the world to me! so thoughtful!

    xo- Meg

  20. Love this little series. How fun and she is adorable!!


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