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i'm still in shock that it is actually twenty-twelve. this past year was such a whirlwind: my internship, graduating, getting married, moving to utah, and having all the best holidays spent as a married woman. there were lessons learned, friends lost, patience tested, and all the good things that come with growing up. i look forward to this new year and what is to come with this here blog, my amazing marriage, my continued job search, and moving plans. but until then, i want to live in the present. i want to enjoy each month as it comes. and here to kick start this month are just some of my lovely new sponsors, so give them some love! and make sure to check out the rest on the sidebar!

Hello. My name is Bri from The Secret Life of Bee. I’m a photographer, wife, and lover of vintage things. I am often mistaken for Aubrey Plaza or the girl from Parks and Recreation. I am a reader and rice crispy treat eater. 

My blog is a creative outlet for me. I post a lot of photos and I talk a lot about my husband and estate sales. I like to see the world through a camera and my blog is a way to document that.

I am not a big fan of resolutions. I like to make goals on my birthday; which just happens to be in December, so it works. In my 22nd year I want to love more. I want to show more kindness and consideration to the people around me: family, friends and strangers.

See more of my husband and me at The Secret Life of Bee.


hi friends! 

my name is lauren and i’m a freshman in college. i just started my blog in september as a way to share my life with my family back home. i love all things vintage and love to go thrifting in my free time. i write about adventures at school, the things & people i love, and my day to day life. 

i’m most looking forward to opening my big cartel shoppe in 2012 and hope to have some success in doing so. i’ve been working on it for a couple weeks and am really excited to get that rollin’ in 2012.

i hope you stop by and say hello ;)


Hi! My name is Jordan and I started The Sweetest Things as a place to share the things I love. One of those things being my love for all things sweet! You will find everything from recipes to weekend happenings and DIY projects. Oh, and you will probably see lots of pictures of my sweet pup, Sallie :)

I have made several goals for 2012, which you can find on my blog. But, a few key goals are: making more time for reading, trying new recipes each week, drinking more water and running a half marathon! Looks like I'll be busy this year, but I like busy. I wish you all the best in 2012 and don't forget to hop on over and check out more on The Sweetest Things! xoxo


  1. Hey sponsors, nice you meet you!!!



  2. I like how you highlight your sponsors! Very cool way to get us to pay attention to that sidebar :)


  3. i am loving her batman shirt!
    ill check em out thanks love!

    Melina ♥

  4. Oh my gosh....love them both already. And I love Bri's shirt!

  5. Bri kinda does look like Aubrey! haha


  6. It´s great to see your creativity in this blog.


  7. Love these little intros! I will definitely have to refer Bri's blog to oen of my friends because they seem ALOT alike, especially with the Batman shirt! :)

  8. Ill for sure check them out :)

  9. I'm definitely going to have to check these girls out! Thanks, lady! :)

  10. So exciting! Loving all of their blogs so far. yes, last year was pretty crazy and exciting for you. Hope this year is even BETTER!

  11. I love posts like these because I get to discover some new blogs! Going to check these ladies out right now :)

    star-crossed smile

  12. thanks for sharing cute blogs! xoxo

  13. obsessed with this post. thanks for sharing, love. xo


  14. they all sound like lovely people :) i will definitely be popping by each of their blogs! XO brynn


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