i've been seeing this floating around the blog-o-sphere for a while now and thought i'd play along. so here are eleven random, funny, and insignificant facts about me for your own entertainment.

1. i've had multiple dreams where i am posing for vanity fair. i'm pretty sure this means it's going to happen now.

2. i'm incapable of getting out of bed in the morning before checking my phone for emails, looking through instagram, twitter, facebook, and playing a round of bejeweled. and you wonder why i sleep in so late. this is a lengthy process people, and it takes a lot of dedication.

3. i'm obsessed with all 90's movies. from the cheesy acting, the high school drama, all the way to the "as if's". Honestly, they don't make them like that anymore.

4. my most embarrassing moment has to do with the eleventh grade, chemistry class, spilt boiling water, and ending up pant-less in front of not one, but two teachers. i became know as "that girl who burnt herself" for quite a while...

5. never have i ever met anyone super famous. i'd like to think i'd be one of those calm, cool, and collected people that can just walk up and start a conversation and end with a picture. but in all honesty, i'm sure i'd end up either a) staring, pointing, and giggling b) peeing myself or c) fainting. i'm not really sure which one is worse.

6. i despise doing dishes with a passion. in fact, i have convinced myself that they have started an ongoing war with me and growl every time i walk by the sink. i'm not making this up.

7. i've been dumped through a blog post. i'm pretty sure this qualifies as worse than through facebook. and maybe even worse than carrie getting dumped through a post-it (10 points to those of you who know what i'm talking about).

8. i randomly came across a tiny plastic troll in my bookcase a few months back. i don't know where it came from but i like to tell myself it must be good luck, that or something right out of "are you afraid of the dark".

9. i like giving fake names when waiting for my order or to be seated. mainly because i don't like seeing people write my name wrong.

10. i have what is called "driving-someplace-new-phobia". it's a real condition. no it's not. basically it means i have a huge phobia of driving to new places and getting lost, because 97% of the time i do. in basic terms, i'm directionally challenged.

11. i tweet, text, skype, and call my husband when he is in the next room, or even sitting right next to me. i haven't decided yet if this is just because i am lazy or because i think it's cute that he responds back.

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  1. these are always so fun to read ! Nice post ^^ Last one's so cute; I text my boyfriend sometimes when he's next to me. So I definitely say that we're not lazy, it's just so cute when he responds. :>

    Thanks for your recent comments,
    so lovely. I wanted to wait for something new from you to response & now I did. ^^

    Have a happy new week,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. 2, 3, and 6 I share with you. I used to hate doing the dishes so much I'd cry when I had to touch the old food on the plates, I've matured since then and only wince now. I've also spilled boiling water on my leg, but while doing a steam bath for my face over a bowl at age 11. Pure vanity and pure stupidity on my part...so your burn is much smarter! Don't be embarrassed :)

  3. i always give fake names too. i think my child is totally confused as to what my real name is. love the list.

  4. This is such a neat way to learn some random facts about you! I can't believe that you spilled boiling water on yourself! I can't even imagine. And that's really cute that you and your hubby text each other when beside each other. :)

  5. This made me laugh--driving-some-place-new-phobia is a real condition because I have it too and if two people have it I mean it is definitely a medical condition! I could get lost in a paer bag, I am that useless with directions and remembering journeys but I like to think it makes me into a great passenger as I never offer advice or hassle the driver surely that is a major plus!

  6. Dumped through a blog post, say what?! That's stooping to an all time low!

  7. 10 is me. all the way. i get lost going places i do know on occassion. it's bad.

  8. Aww this was such a fun read! :P I don't think I've met anyone THAT famous yet too. But I do think peeing in your pants would be the worst! That might just be a repeat of your 11th grade moment somehow. Hehe

    <a href="http://spellmegann.blogspot.com>STYLE SURGERY</a>

  9. ha love this! love getting to know more about you. the fake names things is classic.

  10. love this! great post.


  11. Hahah, I love this! I do the same thing with tweeting, texting, and all that jazz.
    The fake name thing is great.
    And I love your morning routine.

  12. Ohh, I always have to check my emails/facebook/twitter/ before I get out of bed. It is definitely a lengthy process. :)


  13. When we go out to eat Chris always gives the name "Maverick". I guess he really likes Top Gun?

  14. I hate doing the dishes too, but the husband hates doing them even more, so I have to do them or they'd never get done lol

  15. haha the best post so far!
    you are hilarious love!

    i text my sister mom and dad
    all the time because i am too
    lazy to get out of my room ... and
    its super fun when they reply! haha
    or when i am sitting in the couch
    playing words with friends with
    my sister that is right next to me! HAHA

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  16. I am guilty of 2,10, and 11. It feels wrong to get up before looking through my phone for emails and text messages. I am horrible at directions in a place that I am familiar with. How am I supposed to be good at it in a new place? AND my boyfriend hates it when I do 11. Drives him crazy.

    XO Lourdes

  17. 90s movies are really "icons". I was a child in the 90s so we often went to cinema and watched the best movies :-)

  18. I can't believe you were dumped through a blog post! Definitely worse than facebook.

    xo L.

  19. Dishes are torture. No doubt. :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  20. Love this! Ah the post it from Berger!! And getting dumped through a blog post...oh no he didn't!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  21. i love the last one and so can totally relate hahaha.

  22. I get lost ALL the time too which has resulted in this same phobia. I have to take Mikes GPS to get home Every. Single. Time. I have lived in DC for three years now, you'd think I'd get the hang of it, right? Wrong.


  23. My husband and I totally text each other in the same room too.

    And I can't believe a guy dumped your through a post! Most guys I know don't blog so that is probably a rare(and rude) way for it to happen!

  24. I know exactly what you're talking about. I got hooked when SATC was on TBS (edited version) and thought that show so funny!

  25. I HAVE to pin, instagram, check blogs, and facebook (if I had a twitter I'd do that too!) before I go to bed. It's actually sick. But from one obsessed individual to another, I applaud you. ha
    Oh, Just Livin' the Dream

  26. Being dumped through a blog post is super tacky. You're too good for that but I wholeheartedly agree that there is no way I can get out of bed without checking emails and the such. That's so bad isn't it?

  27. the dating world has been seriously compromised no thanks to facebook, blogs & text. it really has gotten out of control. a dump over a blog post? not okay. not even a little bit.

  28. you are hilarious, that's it. your driving new places phobia, and how you crossed the next line out? you are a comedian.

  29. Think I have the driving new place phobia thing too. Haha.

  30. Haha, we loooove this!! You have SUCH a lovely and amazing blog! Happy to stop by!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC


  31. i get lost when i drive to new places too!!!! even though it's a freaking grid system out here. it terrifies me. TERRIFIES ME.

  32. Ahhh these are SO very interesting, and I really like that shoot of lady ga ga, so nice to see her without all her "crap" on! very clever in posting lady...

    hhhmmm...i'm just contemplating on the fact that you said you skype tweet and text your hubby in the next room

    10 points for me b/c i have no idea what you are talking about being "dumped" in the blog world...

    so fun!

  33. I love reading these! I am sad that you got dumped via a blog post....dude, that sucks. I used to HAAAATE doing dishes, but two years away from my insanely strict parents and now I actually kinda like it. I just like cleaning in general now. It's very weird.

    AND I NEVER GET OUT OF BED UNTIL I'VE CHECKED MY iPOD!!!! Ahhahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one. I hate waking up early and I hate getting out of my bed every morning.

    Also, can we hear this embarrassing moment story?? That is all.

  34. Oohhh, this is a fun post. :] Good idea!
    Love your 11 things.
    I'm sorry about the blog post break up <3. That's uncool... & just plain wrong. Happy you have a hubby who treats you right.
    xx. Jillian

  35. LOL I much check my emails, tweets, instagram, fb, etc. before getting out of bed!

    And I live in Hollywood and see famous people all the time but never have the guts to ask for photos lol!

  36. K I LOVE 90s movies and HATE doing dishes too!

  37. i love that episode of sex and the city, and you could definitely give her a run for her money with your story. love this list :)

  38. I have to go through my emails, fb, and twitter before getting up to get ready too! haha and who in the world would dump you through a blog?! what a loser. you and mr taylor are way cute anyway so clearly it all worked out :) what kind of names do you give when you wait to be seated? I've thought about doing this and coming up with some pretty bizarre names.

  39. Are we the same person? I totally share the same phobia as you (like literally increased heart rate, checking google maps again and again, etc) and I also literally can not get up before checking my phone. And please, details on the dumping-through-blog-post situation. That sounds ridiculous! Love this post!

    Alexandra xo


  40. totally have the driving somewhere new phobia~ so scary! i love that the troll made you think of "are you afraid of the dark", i was always too chicken to watch that. and i must know more about the being dumped through a blog post- what a loser he must be! oh well, mr. taylor's gain, eh?! :)

  41. Love 90s movies! 10 things I hate about you being my absolute favourite :P And that guy who dumped you by blog post is so lame!

    Say :) x

  42. Love this post! I'm with you on a lot of these! Especially #2, I won't get out of bed till I've checked my email, twitter, facebook and instagram.

  43. I hope my future hubby is just as kind as Mr.Taylor. Lucky you :) I'm surprised you haven't met anybody famous since you are working at Sundance!

  44. I share #2 with you, but for me, it's before I go to sleep.

  45. My on going war is with my laundry. It gets done, but I feel like it stares at me when I don't put it away right away {which is 95% of the time I do laundry} I hate putting it away.

  46. When I order food, I put it under the name "Tiffany" because they never know my name. The Post-it always sticks twice is my fave episode of SATC. I watch SATC almost every day lol. I love when her and Samantha get high and at the end they're eating the ice cream. Best episode. Im also obsessed with 90s movies. Most of my Movie Mondays are 90s movies and I worry pple hate them but I just love the cheesiness about the 90s movies. Glad you agree! :)

  47. i am number 2 all the way as well! dumped through a blog post, ouch! and yes worse than getting dumped through a post-it note. love SATC enough said.

  48. Ha! My husband LOVES to give fake names when we are out to dinner! It cracks me up!

  49. you could pose for vanity fare you are absolutely beautiful!!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  50. haha i am so addicted to bejeweled on my phone too. its rather problematic :)
    and i'm so excited you're pumped about the blogger meet up - its going to be great!

  51. hAHAHA this made me giggle. I love these kinds of posts :) Thanks for sharing!

  52. HOMEGIRL. you write all these sweet comments on my blog posts, but then your e-mail address isn't linked to your profile, so i can't respond to them! and then i come to your blog to find your e-mail address and i can't :( so get on that, girlfriend! you need to make yourself more accessible so we can be better friends :)

  53. I wasn't dumped via blog post but I did have something sorta similar happen. It's so frustrating when people can't tell you something to your face.

    p.s. 90's movies RULE! My favorite is Sabrina with Harrison Ford in 1995.

  54. have i ever told you just how much i love all of your little tid-bits that you share with us? well, i do...you entertain me :) you crack me up, in fact, and that makes me happy! thanks for that! also, i scored 10 points... oh yeah! XO brynn

  55. Haha, I do number 10 quite a bit, its fun and makes him laugh :)

  56. Ha ha I am the same way in the morning! Yes..I would love to have a copy of Vanity Fair on my coffee table with you on the cover. :) 90s movies are the best. Ha ha oh my gosh...I remember trolls and Are You Afraid Of the Dark!! ha ha!! You and Mr. T are too cute.

  57. Love this! 90s movies ARE the best. And so are trolls, haha - who even invented those things?

    The Other Side of Gray

  58. When you make the cover of vanity, can I get an autograph copy??!! Love your list. So many things I could relate too!

  59. HAHAHA these are the funniest! I heart you! #2 is my fav, cuz I think I do the same thing and on the weekends when my husband is home he takes my phone away so I can get ready to go out for breakfast. Otherwise we'd be going out to lunch.

  60. Totally agree about the 90's movies. Those babies are prime! And so presh about the tweet/text/skype husband thing! So funny he actually responds!!!

  61. Oh my gosh I'm dying laughing right now at you burning yourself :)

    Um, on a serious note...number ten is a real condition! I am also a sufferer. I think mine is even worse...I can go someplace like seven times as a passenger and then not know how to get there when I need to drive. It's embarassing asking for directions to somewhere you've been more than once...

  62. Ahaha!

    i love that :)

    And i think i will use my 10 bonus point for more informations about the fact n°7
    Who was crazy enough to dumped you through a blog post?!

    *I've my very first giveaway going on, feel free to join!

    Need a clue? It's from YSL!


  63. Someone dumped you in a blog post? OMG do tell!!!

  64. Oh my goodness!!! Are we the same person?

    As I was reading through I was shaking my head in agreement, and then I realized I was saying outloud "Yup."
    When I got to your Carrie/SATC reference...well you get me : )



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