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today we've got another blog interview, the lovely Kristi of Payton Woodcraft Jewelry Design. all of her creations are just so beautiful and unique. and if you think it looks familiar, that's because it is. her works can be found modeled by the lovely Casey of Casey Leigh! i highly suggest you check out her jewelry and get some for yourself. i promise you won't be disappointed.
xo tj

Describe your jewelry in three words.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

What inspired your collection?
I am inspired by nature.. am a hippy chic, cowgirl at heart and always have been...but live near the city.  So I have always loved leather, wood, silver, turquoise and all natural stones...So this line is all of those things coming together :)

What is on the top of your resolutions list this year?
Letting go of my expectations....  I read this somewhere and loved it!!  " What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of how its supposed to be." 

 Future dream goals?
Well, we are currently picking up and moving from Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Suburb) to
live on 5 acres in Nebraska (Lincoln) our workshop and expand our jewelry line....
My in-laws started a vineyard in Nebraska and we will be running the Vineyard and developing a Bed and Breakfast/ Tasting Room on their gorgeous lake front property  Sheah Blue Vineyards (named after our daughters).   My Dream/ Goal  is to do all this and be able to travel the country spreading the word of Sheah Blue Vineyards and Payton Woodcraft Jewelry Design.

What are you doing when you are not designing jewelry?
haha, When I am not designing Jewelry, I am making jewelry, buying supplies (finding suppliers is a full time job in itself), taking pics for website, working on the website, accounting, booking events, inventory, promoting....It has become a more than full time job, but I am blessed to have found a job doing everything I love and working from home!!!
When I went to college I wanted to be a designer, a buyer, a stylist, a photographer...I never would have dreamed that I would be someday doing it all!!  
I am most importantly a full time wife and mommy to my two daughters..Blue 13 and Sheah 4!!

What is your go to piece?
Large Tree of Life on Wood w/ sterling silver chain or my wood heart on sterling.  I always have lots of leather bracelets on too!!

Any tips for crafters starting out?
When you do what you love and you believe in yourself....others will too!!
When we started out we had just wood necklaces...that consisted of a wood pendent hanging on a leather rope with knots...
I look back and can't believe how primitive our designs were, but I believed in our jewelry just as much than as I do now.

thanks Kristi. now go check out her site. you know you want to! 


  1. Those necklaces are so stinkin cute :)

  2. just adorable! =)

  3. Pretty, very earthy and natural looking. I love it!

  4. i saw this necklace on caseys blog.
    LOVE IT!

  5. Oh wow. She is so talented. You always find the most creative people!

  6. Really pretty necklaces!! Man it's been forever sense I have been able to commit on this blog! Glad the web is working right.


  7. I fell in love with her wooden lotus necklace.. ♥
    I wonder if she delivers overseas.

    Thanks for your comment! ^^ I do hope to find those shorts -- or make them.. [which sounds terrifying!:D]

    - Indie by Heart

    1. The wooden Lotus Necklace is the very first Payton Woodcraft Piece I owned. I still love it more than anything. I'm sure Kristi would ship to Finland for you!
      It was great seeing you over at The Earthfood Experiment today!

  8. Wow! Such gorgeous pieces and it's always so inspiring to hear the stories of people doing what they love - and making a living with it! Her future dreams/goals sound fantastic! Thanks for sharing! XO brynn

  9. I saw her work on Casey's blog once before and I LOVE it. Cute interview, too. :)

  10. Those pieces are beautiful!! I want that necklace!

  11. her pieces are really amazing. loving it all.

  12. We'll have to check her out!

    Minted Magazine

  13. So gorgeous! I love your blog and am now following.
    Check out mine if you'd like


  14. great interview! I all tree on wood necklace!
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog :)

  15. Thiese are some great pieces! definitely checking her out :)


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