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i'm so excited to share this next blog interview, the talented kristen marie. this is definitely one of my top favorite photography sites. and it doesn't hurt either that i've known her since the good ol' school days. she shoots anything from travel, to portraits, to weddings, and everything in between. i highly suggest you check her site out after you read this! i promise you'll find yourself hours in to her beautiful images. 
xo TJ

What made you decide to start photography?

Believe it or not, I've got nursing prerequisites under my belt. My initial spurt of energy growing up came from helping others, I've never liked seeing people suffer (I would run to my room crying when America's Funniest Home Videos came on the TV; I wasn't a fan of watching videos of people getting hurt). When I began doing my clinics for my nursing aid training, I started realizing that it wasn't the best fit for who I was at the time. I took up photography for filler classes and fell in love. From there, I moved onto focusing on people (portraits to family to engagements to weddings). I can say that the need of wanting to take care of people is still being fulfilled, I'm just with people at their highest moments now instead of their lowest. Both nursing and photography are rewarding, I am just able to get in creative mode a lot more easily through photography. 

You recently got engaged. Having photographed many a wedding, any themes you are loving right now?

I do indeed have myself a handsome fiance! He's my best friend and we are very excited. Ultimately, we just want to start a life together. Being in the wedding industry, I've seen a lot of blogs, ideas and magazines. We've decided to make a list of what's the most important : being outside, walks, good music, great food and the spending time with the people closest to us. I think a smaller outdoor wedding with our musician friends playing some tunes will blend really well.  I love simplicity and things that are visually pleasing so it will probably have more of a rustic, minimal feel to it. We were able to find an incredible venue that seems to match all of this. 

What are some of your favorite blogs?

The list on my google reader is incredibly short. I've been sticking to my top 10 wedding photographers for inspiration and a good kick in the pants for my own business :). One of my favorite cooking blogs right now is, not only is the food amazing (maybe it's what got me my fiance in the first place) but the images are clean and fresh. Hugh Forte ( is another wedding photographer who uses composition in a beautiful way and takes the images while his wife creates the recipes. 

A big part of your job is traveling. Where is your favorite location?

I've had some amazing opportunities to travel. Europe is one of my favorites and where we hope to go again after the wedding. We got to travel to Eastern Europe together last year because I had booked a wedding in Hungary and stopped off in Austria. It was magical. I got to travel to Italy the year before and had a wonderful time. SE Asia is incredible too, I am off to Tokyo and Singapore next week. 

What program do you use to edit your photos?

Photoshop seems to do the trick. My 2012 goal is a faster workflow for a quicker turn around time.

What is on the top of your resolutions list this year?

To make life less about me and more about others.

Future dream goals?

Definitely more traveling. There's talk of moving to Europe for a couple of years after Michael's music calms down but that could be more of a dream and less of a goal. I'd love to learn new ways of cooking, visit and meet more people and enjoy the small things. 

What are you doing when you are not taking photos?

Usually editing! I decided to take a month or two off from photography since it was such a big year but now I'm itching to shoot again. These past few weeks off have really helped to put myself first and work on the relationships around me. I've been really grateful for this time. I love a good day of thrifting too, it's amazing what you'll find in secondhand stores outside of the city. One of my favorite pieces is a WW2 locket that soldiers gave their girlfriends called a "sweetheart" locket.  I've been able to furnish my whole apartment with a tiny budget and I am quite proud of the way it looks!

You have great style. What is your favorite go-to piece?

My John Fluevog Radio Boots, Cigarette pants and a nice wool sweater. For summer you'll usually find me in a vintage blouse and skirt with some delicate antique gold jewelry and coral lipstick. 

Any tips for photographers starting out?

Keep shooting and shooting what you like. I think a lot of photographers starting out will be shooting anywhere from landscape to street to babies but don't realize their strengths are in underwater or animals! Keep pushing yourself to utilize light and to see things differently. I am constantly learning and letting my style evolve, it's great to be able to show people how you see them and the world. 

thanks so much for your lovely interview Kristen, and your more than perfect images!


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