new years, 2012

happy new year! 

there is just something so magical about new years eve. perhaps it's the optimism that is in the air, the anticipated midnight kisses, and being surrounded by those who matter most. no matter what the occasion, i am just so happy that it's the beginning of a new year and a fresh start with whole new goals to embrace!

forgive me because i cannot seem to remember where i got this idea but just like how i created my twelve before twelve, this is twelve before thirteen. each month i have designated a goal that i plan to complete and check off my list. one goal for every one month. simple enough right? i highly recommend you join in on the fun and really get around to checking off all those things you are hoping to complete.
make it fun, make it easy, make a change!

twelve by thirteen
(new years resolutions)

start a gym membership and get my booty in shape. 
OH, and unsubscribe from everything that creates clutter in my mail box!!

reach 800 followers! so help make this happen and grab a button.

go on a little mini vacation for my star birthday celebration!

spring cleaning, painting, and reorganizing furniture around the house.

learn a new language. i'm thinking either french, spanish or norwegian.

don't procrastinate and be on time for everything. (this is definitely one of my worst qualities)

one year wedding anniversary. one year down, eternity to go!

connect with friends. make it a point to meet up with friends regularly before heading back down to utah. 

keep a list of things that make me instantly happy every day of the month!

come up with a kick-butt halloween costume to wear to a halloween party.

forgive all grudges that i've been holding on to.

volunteer and give service to one main organization.

here's to a new year!

p.s. for those of you who are sponsoring mr. taylor and his lady for the month of January, make sure to send me your ads today so i can send you all an email with further info. thanks!


  1. Great 12 by 13! :)

  2. super goals. i guess if you put them on the interweb for all to see then you are really held accountable. hmm, i might have to try to be fearless enough to do this myself. or maybe i'll just stick with self deprecating humor! Cheers to the new year!

  3. Sounds like a great idea! Happy New Year!

  4. I love these!! They are all such great goals! I'm joining the gym in january too...probably with about 100 other people haha. And what is a star birthday? Is it the same thing as a golden??
    ps-grabbed your cute little button :) I know you can reach 800!
    Happy New Year!!! xoxo

  5. Really great list! I should definitely work on procrastination and being late alot, it's a hard habit to break!

    Looking forward to seeing you reach your goals!

  6. TJ, what a great list. I love how you organized it per month. I did one yesterday but just 1-12.

    I love the idea of volunteering for an organization. Next semester of college I'm volunteering for 4-paws where I get to train a seeing-eye dog! I've never done anything like this but am VERY excited.

    Good luck on all your goals.


  7. awesome plan!


  8. Love this idea! Last year I did twelve monthly resolutions as well and it was much more manageable. Have a wonderful New Year!!


  9. I like how you did it month by month! I want to do the same as January and October :)


  10. Great list - what's a star birthday? I'll try and remember to grab a button when I get home from work {since I can't update my blog at the office}.

  11. great list love
    :) i look forward to helping you out
    with the spanish! YAY

    i believe we are good to go for January right?
    let me know if you need anything else love ♥

    Melina ♥

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  12. Oooh I like the way you did your resolutions list. I would do it that way if I didn't have oh probably 30 resolutions/goals for 2012. I'm not even kidding.

    Have an awesome New Years Eve!

  13. sounds like you have a plan! :) i need to make a resolution list as well!

    Hope you are having great holidays :)


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  14. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  15. I LOVE this idea!! I may have to borrow it :) Perhaps you should make it a link up so we can motivate one another? I study German on Live Mocha, it's a pretty neat website and you can talk with people from the designated country who will help you 1 on 1 to learn the language! Best of luck and I look forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for you!! xoxo

  16. Happy New Year! Love your goals.

  17. i learned french, its super easy!!! happy new year!

  18. Okay, this, is awesome. One for every month - you're genius.
    P.S. -- French, all the way.

    Happy New Year, beautiful! So happy I've gotten to 'meet' you through blogging. You're a gem.
    xx. Jillian

  19. I love this idea! :) Aw how exciting to almost be married for a year! You should learn spanish! I have taken like 6 years and I still can't speak it haha! :) I love that you are going to make lists of things making you happy! Such a wonderful idea! Happy New Years friend!

  20. great idea! but...norwegian!? you go girl!!! so happy i found you via the blogosphere this year :) and i didn't even realize that i'm NOT a follower!! bad form on my part!!!

    your newest :)

  21. dude. for may, learn hungarian! it is surprisingly easy! well... so my husband tells me =)

    Win a free mustard flower pillow!

  22. Love all your resolutions! I could follow a few of those too!

    Hope you have a wonderful, yet prosperous new year :)

  23. i like the idea of doing one thing per month. making one long list of goals to complete through the year is often too daunting which results in a whole bunch of un-accomplished goals.

  24. Ooo a new language! Fabulous goals! I should get on making my list...should probably add not procrastinating to it haha

  25. New Years does have a magic that I just love too! :) Wishing you the brightest New Year TJ!

    and i totally love your 12 before 13 idea :) I want to get on a list of my own! mine will also include spring cleaning and working on my lack of punctuality. Along with the good stuff like celebrating our anniversary! :)


  26. love these!!! you inspired me to make a list!

  27. awesome list! have a happy new year!!

  28. Your blog has got to be the cutest thing ever. You and your husband are lovely together! <3


  29. Way to set goals! I'm sure you will succeed in all of them!

    Happy New Year!

  30. These all look like great resolutions. Good luck with all of them!

    If Work Permits

  31. these sound like some great goals! you go girl! i love that you said one year down, eternity to go. that's a great attitude! (:

    i'm having a giveaway, if you would like to enter (:

  32. ooh, i like it! if you need any help with may (learning a new language), i lived in france this summer, so i could help you out :) happy new year, lady :)

  33. I like that you are making monthly goals along with yearly! Helps to accomplish more!!! I might have to consider short-term monthly goals too!

    Happy New Years Eve!!!

  34. I like that idea! Good luck with all your thangz. I wish I could learn a whole new language in a month. ;) :P

  35. Happy new year babe! Hope you have a good one! xxx

  36. I love this! Great goals! Hope you have a fabulous 2012! :)


  37. Great list! i have a march birthday, too! :) cheers to reaching goals in 2012!

  38. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I absolutely love this makes it seem so manageable :) Great check list! XO brynn

  39. Whoa, I love the idea of making a list of goals for each month, not daunting and so doable! I should totally do this! Good luck with yours ;)



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