the answers

(heading home for the holidays, enjoying a 14 hour car ride...)

1. can you teach me how to dougie?
you can bet your bottom dollar!

2. what's your favorite part about being married?
i'd definitely have to say being able to be with your best friend all the time. when mr. taylor and i were dating (and even engaged) we'd hang out as long as we could but when it was time to go to bed he'd take me upstairs, tuck me in, and head back home. i would cry like a little baby every time. now, i love never having to say goodnight, and knowing when i roll over that he will be right there. 
love that man of mine. 

3. what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
well, being from seattle, rain is never a huge issue to keep me stuck inside. but when it's nice and stormy outside i just love making a fire and putting on the cheesiest chick flicks of all time. 
top choices:
p.s. i love you
when harry met sally
sleepless in seattle
10 things i hate about you
pretty in pink
a walk to remember
never been kissed
the notebook

4. what did you want to be when you were little?
when i was younger i really wanted to be as big as mary-kate and ashley olsen. i was obsessed with 'passport to paris', 'our lips are sealed', 'winning london' get the picture. i used to practice in the mirror giving my oscar winning speech. and still secretly do!

5. what is the greatest lesson you have ever learned?!
in the words of eleanor roosevelt, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." i've always loved this quote ever since i heard it in 'the princess diaries' starring anne hathaway, ha. i've really tried to apply this to my life when i am put into situations that i am not comfortable with or just meeting new people in general. 

6. where is your fave date night spot?
it's nice to go out to some grand restaurant, see a great movie and have a night out on the town. but i am definitely a homebody at heart. i'm a big fan of getting teriyaki to go and cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie i've seen a bazillion times. for extra romance, make a fort, light the fire, and add some twinkle lights. pure bliss!

7. what’s the one thing you feel like you have to do before you die or your life will feel a little incomplete?
have babies. although i'm scared to death of the whole birthing process, i feel like motherhood is such a blessing. oh, and probably sky dive. what a rush! 

8. i'd love to hear what TJ stands for.
so ever since i can remember my family has always called me TJ. and those of my friends who have known me since elementary school do the same. TJ stands for Tanya Jean. i always preferred TJ growing up though, mainly because no one could ever pronounce or spell my name right. so TJ it is!

9. when will you two love birds have kids?
being a newlywed and surrounded by tons of babies, you definitely get the baby fever. mr. taylor and i know we will have kids some day (three to be exact). and yes, we may have all their names picked out already. but we are in no real rush. we just think whenever it will happen will be the best time!

10. besides being an awesome housewife, do you work outside the home? 
for the past five years i have been a nanny. ever since moving out to utah, it has definitely been a struggle finding somewhere to work to put my diploma to use. at this time i am just an unemployed newlywed college grad. that is my official title. yep. and what i do is blog full time. i usually will wake up around 9, check all my emails and blog away to my hearts content. 

11. if you could put yourself into any TV show, what show would it be, what character would you be, and why?
oh gosh, this is hard because i adore everything tv. the entertainment world is going to be my future occupation after all. so let's get down to business: mr. taylor and i used to say our romance was like cory and topanga from 'boy meets world'. but i would love to live the blair or serena life from 'gossip girl', only for their wardrobe though. but at the end of the day phil and claire dunphy from 'modern family' shows our true persona. so there you have it. 

12. are there any strange food mixtures that you secretly love?
growing up i was not a big fan of milk. this small fact leads us to the answer of this question. i only dip my graham crackers in water, instead of the obvious milk choice. sometimes even oreo cookies, but only sometimes. in fact, i have just come to the realization that i am about the only person who does this. this explains a lot of the strange looks i get.

13.  why did you start blogging?
i always kind of find this question a little hard to answer because it's never just one reason, like wanting to stay in contact with my friends and family. i first became introduced to blogging when i stumbled upon The Rockstar Diaries (basically my girl crush). i fell in love with the way she wrote, how open she was about her daily life, her style, and just the overall confidence she had sharing. i've always kept a journal / diary (whatever you want to call it). but i would end up throwing them all away because i would write about the most meaningless things. i loved this idea of having a permanent journal that i could reflect on, actually spend time thinking about what i'm writing and enjoy it. i wanted a journal that my future children (and even their children) would have fun reading down the road and seeing my life.
i also loved this idea of a little community / family you make through the blogging world. i have just enjoyed so much getting to know people throughout the world and really connecting with them. 
this and so many more reasons is why i started and continue to blog. 

14. what's your favorite place in the world?
hands down, my favorite place in the world is my grandparent's house in otis orchards, WA. i practically grew up there playing in their garden, their acres of land, the basement filled to the roof of old toys. i love how their house always smells like food. how the floors creak. seeing the marks in the laundry room of practically every person in my family and how tall they have grown throughout the years. my grandpa's extra comfy chair in the family room. the laundry shoot that we would throw and catch all our dolls and action figures down. the countless family reunions we have had there, with over 100 tents pitched in the yard. the countless flag football, flashlight tag, kick ball, basketball, and volleyball games that have occurred on the property that my grandparents created. the little swimming pool they made by hand that is always filled with spiders. every single thing about the house and the small town itself puts a huge smile on my face. 

15. describe a perfect day from start to finish.
the perfect day would go as follows:
- not waking up until 9 with mr. taylor (which is nearly impossible because he is practically incapable of sleeping in)
- heading to a cafe for brunch
- going on a scenic bike ride on a bright and sunny day, packing a lunch and laying out a blanket to enjoy for hours on end
- head back home, take a warm shower, and put on some comfy sweats
- make dinner while mr. taylor set up a romantic fort and fire
- cuddle up, eat dinner, watch a romantic movie, and head off to bed

done and done.

oh, and after all of this, if you still haven't had enough of me you can read more here. and don't forget to keep eyeing my new sponsors. they are all too great to pass up!


  1. I'm the first to comment!! That never happens! Woohoo!

    Loved reading all your answers. I should copy this idea. I'm glad you made it home safely! Take lots of pics and blog 'em so I can get even homesicker!

  2. :D niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i love reading the answer to all these
    questions ...

    now i definitely want to see a video of you
    doing the dougie hahahaha xD
    you will make my day ... or better yet the catdaddy . you pick haha

    i am happy for you love
    that you are going back home for the
    holidays .. you deserve it =D


  3. I love these Q&A posts! So many fun new things to learn about you! :] My brother totally does number 12 so you are not completely weird! Still mostly weird though 'cause my brother is a pretty goofy guy! ;)

  4. oh my goodness I DIP MY GRAHAM CRACKERS IN WATER! i don't like milk either, so every time my dad would sit at the counter with his graham crackers and milk before bed, i'd pull out the H2O. i thought i was alone!

  5. Girl, I love this!
    Those were some great questions. And all of your movie choices - I approve 100%!

  6. love your answer to #2- i feel the same way! and i was just talking to my hubby about that the other night about how sometimes i miss the constant excitement of when we were dating but i wouldn't trade it for being able to always have my best friend with me!

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this :) You are such an amazing lady! So glad to be reading along and learning more about you! You grandparents' home sounds amazing! My grandparents' home was my favorite place growing up...I don't think it was ever this cool, though ;) xoxoxo brynn

  8. ooh ooh ooh i agree with the perfect day thing. that all sounds wonderful. but obvi, it'd be with my man. not yours :)

  9. For the record, I STILL want to be Mary-Kate Olsen.

  10. Wow. Can I go visit your grandparents home?! Haha! Sounds magical! :) and I LOVE Mary-Kate and Ashley! Definitely love all their movies too. Hah!

  11. i loved that tradition of him tucking you in before he left. i hated the feeling of leaving my then fiance's place, that is when i realize where home truly was and i couldn't wait for the wedding to happen so i could officially be home :-)

  12. i always enjoy your posts but this time i really enjoyed reading your answers - you're such an interesting person and even though you're a total stranger to me, im happy to see you've found you happiness :)

  13. Oh i loved getting to know you a bit better with this Q&A! :)

    *cheers* to being NW girls! you asked on my blog where I'm from in Washington...I grew up just 3 hours south of you, in Vancouver :) Oh I'm kinda jealous, but more happy, that you're there right now!

    MK and Ashley...oh their movies bring back all sorts of fantastic sleep over memories growing up :)

    your perfect day sounds INCREDIBLE...I may make something similar happen tomorrow (Adam's day off!) wahoo!


  14. haha i loved this! that's no little, not every q&a is as fun as yours, you are adorable!

  15. I've never drank milk! I put water on my cereal and my friends think I'm crazy!

  16. I love your description of your grandparents' house! It reminds me of my grandparents' slightly creepy Victorian house with lots of hiding places, piles of old toys, and tons of family reunions.

  17. I love this post! I feel like I know you so much better now...and we should be friends so you can teach me how to dougie. I still can't get it right! haha

  18. Amazing!! Loved getting to "know" you via your Q&A. Great idea & really lovely answers. :]
    xx. Jillian

  19. such a lovely post. i love rockstar diaries too - she's the cutest.


  20. It was fun getting to know you better! :)

  21. Enjoyed reading your answers!! :)

    Megann ♥ STYLE SURGERY

  22. Hi TJ! I hope that you are enjoying your vacation. #5 is my favorite...I really like that quote!



  23. You are not the only one! I don't like milk either. Never have actually. When I was little and everyone else was dipping their cookies in milk, I was dipping mine in some other alternative, like water or even sprite. Gross I guess, but it's what I did! I wanted to dip too!

  24. Thanks for answering all the questions. It's great to get to know you better. :)

  25. Thank you for answering all the questions stuff, I love to read your blogs..

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  26. We're in the same boat... newlyweds and surrounded by babies! My husband always says going to church in a married ward is the best kind of birth control there is, ha ha. :)

  27. How adorable are you! Loved learning more about you! Yay for having babies! :)

  28. So fun getting to know more about you! And I hear ya on the MK & Ashley movies...OBSESSED :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  29. Great Q and A. There definitely is something special about waking up married, its like having an amazingly snug comfort blankie


  30. That's so funny that you dip graham crackers and oreos in water! I have never heard of that before.

    Loved your Q&A and your perfect day idea would be so similar to mine for me and hubs. :)

  31. I LOVE your perfect day. Mine sounds almost about the same but with a lot of pie in it.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  32. Ha ha! Who didn't want to be Mary Kate or Ashley! I know I did...or I would have settled for just being their BFF! I think we are all terrified of the birthing process! I can't wait for that either though! I love your quote by Roosevelt :)

  33. boy meets world is one of the best shows that has ever aired on tv. really though. i loved it entirely. rockstar diaries got me into blogging too! she was one of the first blogs that i ever followed and she is the one who got me into the whole thing.

  34. haha you're funny :) who didn't want to be bff with mary kate and ashley? They made me want a twin sister so badly! ....I might still have some old VHS tapes with them lying around somewhere.

    I totally agree on the babies thing. Babies rule, but the whole getting out of my belly into the world thing gives me nightmares.scary ones too.

  35. aw I love your blog it reminds me of my favorite blog the rockstar diaries!
    thanks for the sweet comment! :) -anna

  36. i love everything about this!! :) i especially love the eleanor roosevelt quote from princess diaries...always been a fave since that movie. love your blog!!

  37. you two are so cute i can't handle it

  38. LOVE this! Your day sounds like my perfect day too... :)


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