here's to happiness {by Jackie}

just because the thanksgiving season is said and done doesn't mean that we no longer have things to be grateful for. so here to continue on with the "here's to happiness" tradition is the lovely...

10 things that make Jackie terribly happy
1. good hair days that just magically happen
2. Skype calls from my deployed loverboy
3. riding my bike around campus and being known as "that girl with the cute bike"
4. turning off the gross overhead lights and spending my evenings in the glow of white Christmas lights
5. The Office marathons with my awesome roommate- we're almost to Season 7!
6. breakfast for dinner when i go home to visit my family
7. a little sister best friend who keeps getting more and more fun to hang out with every time
8. chocolate in any form. namely chocolate ice cream, hershey's chocolate bars with almonds, and homemade chocolate chip cookies
9. pretty nail polish that brightens my day everytime i look at it. i can be having a fat day and a bad hair day all wrapped in one, but it's hard to have a bad nail day
10. beautiful words. i'm a sucker for pretty quotes and love poems

*psst, want to join in on the fun? for the month of december i want to put a "here's to happiness" post together for every saturday. the catch? i want your lists to be centered around december holidays alone! hanukkah, kwanzaa, chrismukkah, you name it. so become a follower and send me your lists, along with a kick butt holiday picture! i'll be waiting ;)

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  1. Mmmm I'm definitely gonna get on sending you a list!
    Love this post!

  2. I agree about the chocolate! And I'm going to send you my list for December!!! xo

  3. Girl, you hit the nail right on the head with the good nail day thing. And I think I just might send over a happiness list. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. love that she's known as "the girl with the cute bike". precious.

  5. That bike is absolutely adorable, so "that girl with the cute bike" is an extremely appropriate nickname! And I love making breakfast for dinner.

  6. what a cute idea. i hope to find time to send you my 10 things.

  7. I love good hair days that accidently happen! Monday my hair looked awesome and everyone kept commenting that I had done something new with it....nope...just slept on it is all! :)

  8. such a great post. i'm loving number four right now as well. :)

  9. i definitely agree
    pretty nail polish always makes my day <3


  10. Love happy thoughts! This post made me smile.

  11. loving everything that makes jackie terribly happy :) especially breakfast for dinner! xoxoxo brynn

  12. I love number 1 because I so hear that! 6 and 7 make my heart spin and make me love my family :)

  13. I love these posts so much! Always remind me of all the joys in life. :) I am obsessed with The Office!

  14. Love it. Especially the chocolate one... I can totally relate! ha.

  15. ooh, yes, yes nothing like a good hair-day to make me feel super happy!! Along with chocolate and bike rides! Hope your week is fantastic. xo veronika


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