awkward and awesome Thursdays

- (see above picture) hot.
- i wasn't sure where this should go but i felt it appropriate here. so sunday, after church (and after an amazing nap next to the fire) the hubs gets to working on his homework. 15 minutes later, this conversation goes as follows.
            me - "what are you doing?"
            hubs - (scrolls the computer screen down so the picture doesn't show)
            me - "i saw the picture of justin."
            hubs - "what are YOU doing? are you tweeting about this?"
            me - "nope." (signing onto facebook to message a friend of this occurrence)
            hubs - "fine. i don't care. i'm not ashamed."
...yes, he was reading up on the newest gossip of the biebs and the baby daddy drama. nice.
- another mr. taylor moment (such a funny guy). the other day i was woken up abruptly to the hubs walking in saying this:
            hubs - "tan, i think we shrunk our clothes in the laundry."
            me - "oh no, are you serious?"
            hubs - "yeah, look!" (puts on shirt)
            me - "um, that's because you're wearing my shirt babe..."
-coming up with a list of awkward and awesome's and realizing that all my moments this week involve mr. taylor. i really do need to make friends down here.

- having a great sunday service. seriously, it's like the talks were directed RIGHT at me! love those days.
- although i didn't end up getting the job i had been hoping for, we finally figured out our money situation. with that said, i feel like i can breathe. the worst is sleepless nights worrying about money. but last night i had the most wonderful dream that i was an australian pop star. full star treatment. brilliant.
- kicking butt against the pinata at a birthday party. yes, those are still considered awesome, even at our age. photos of my success can be found HERE.
- starting "thanksgiving-ness" lists this week. i believe it is so important to really take the time and think of something to be ever so grateful for each and every day. 

and speaking of "thanksgiving-ness":
last night i had a skype date with my mom, who had my dog sitting on her lap, holding his paw waving hello to me. i miss my little old man every single second of the day. he was my christmas present almost 11 years ago to the day. best. present. ever. i am grateful that he sat with me through every sad moment, literally licking away my tears. i'm grateful for that wagging tale he has every time i walk into the room. i'm thankful that whenever i am happy and jumping around, he has to jump around. i'm grateful for the responsibilities that he somehow instilled in me (every poop pick-up and all). i kind of love that i'm the only person that you really like to be around. or that whenever seattle gets a bit of sun light shining through on the carpet you always slowly walk over, go around in a circle and plop down on it. i'm kinda, sorta obsessed with every little thing you do. love you little old man!

what are you thankful for today?


  1. Haha this was great (are you doing movember??). All my moments involve my roomates and my roomates only because we just moved to a new town together. It's hard to make friends in a new town. But you're so lovable, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

  2. My dog does that too! He's angel puppy cause he heals me when I'm sad! :) hehe. I love the Mr. Taylor moments! So good.

  3. Seriously your hubs wearing your shirt, hilarious!!!!!

  4. Those awkward moments are hilarious! I wanna know what shirt of yours he thought was his! Haha. And your dog is adorable! I love that last picture!

  5. Haha any chance I get I tweet or FB or even blog about the funny and kinda embarrassing things my hub does and it kinda drives him crazy hahaha..

    - Sarah

  6. please wear clips in your hair more often. Youll be able to see your little man in just a few weeks for Christmas!

    hahah I laughed so hard when I read that Mr. Taylor had your shirt on. AND reading about Justin. So typical. haha.

  7. I love that he wore your shirt. thats so funny. I would die if i saw my husband wearing my shirt.

  8. Today I'm thankful that I have a crazy and weird husband who, incidentally, also has a fascination with celebrity gossip. Have a good day!

  9. Those are some funny moments haha Your puppy is super cute! When I was younger I wanted one of those well just as long as they were furry I was happy! I thankful for being able to continue my education without it costing too much money from my pocket. Thanks for sharing!

  10. omg your husband is too funny and your dog is too cute. my dog finds the rays as well :-)happy thursday!!

  11. the clothes shrinking story! Sounds like something my hubs would do. :)

  12. I totally giggled over this post.

  13. Hahaha! Your awkward's were amazing!!! :)

  14. no shave november! it's time the women-folk take over that trdition. you're rockin the no-shave look.

  15. Cute post! you should link up to my thankful thursdays post! :)

  16. I like that you are sharing all kinds of things that you are Thankful for! I think that is a wonderful way to mark the holiday and really admire what gifts you have been given--whether it is a person, a puppy, or something tangible.

    I also like that he was wearing your shirt, haha. Poor thing, being all confused. (I have moments like that with my boyfriend, who made up a song about his beard to the tune of "My Girl.") OH MY. haha

    Anyway, take care!

  17. Haha...your hubby. :) too funny.

  18. Bahaha I can't get that picture! It's hilarious! And the pup is too cute :)

  19. hahaha!!! your too funny girl!!! love it.

    Classic & Bubbly

  20. aww, my mom skypes me with my dog too! it is hilarious. I miss that pooch. :)

  21. Those two conversations are funny :) There is no shame in checking out Bieber news is there? I didn't think there was(oops). He sounds so adorable(your doggie) I want one just like that...someday. I'm thankful for funny and happy posts :) Have a great day! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  22. Bahaha, I love that your hubs was wearing your shirt! That's just classic.

  23. Hi friend! Ha I love that you are telling on your husband here. Mine would KILL me! We're in the money woe boat with you- being married to a law student and all. I hope you get the job you're looking for and can breathe easy that you will be taken care of in the meantime! It's amazing what you can live off of (take it from a couple who lived off of babysitting money & a part time job at Dick's Sporting Goods for a year!!)

  24. AWW LOVE!
    i am sorry to hear that you miss your dog!
    i don't know what i would do if i get so
    attach to a dog that i grew up with all my life
    and then have to leave it behind ..

    :)your hubby is hilarious
    i am glad he keeps you happy and

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ xoxo melina

  25. Ha ha I LOVE this post! Love the husband/Justin thing, did JT have a baby? Now I want to know! And doggies are the best!

  26. This is so it! My hubs claims I'M the one obsessed with celebrity gossip yet whenever I try to tell him a story I heard, he already knows it! Mmmmm-hm!

    PS - I also LOVE that you have my same Nine West boots! You've got some great taste girl! ;o)

  27. Um so incredibly awesome in so many ways. Checking up on the Biebs...rad. Haha, that would just kill me if I saw my husband doing that!

  28. Ha ha I love the reminds me of an old Sex and the City episode.

    Today I'm THANKFUL to have a best friend that believes in me more than I believe in myself. Just when I'm feeling down he lifts me up and makes me feel like I'm the smartest and most awesome person in the world.....

    Thanks for the positivity TJ!

  29. Is that a fake beard you're wearing? Awesome :) See you in T-minus 13 days!!

  30. hahaha @ the awkward

    and that last picture? OH GOSH! sooo cute

  31. that picture is priceless. i love your list of awkwards! i had one of those amazing sunday's too! i LOVE it when that happens!

  32. Absolutely love this post! And yay for Thanksgiving soon! I am thankful for my family. :)
    And that picture at the bottom is so so cute. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  33. Haha! I love that your husband was reading about Justin and embarrassed about it. And I hope you do find your dream job soon!

  34. oh my gosh i forgot everything i wanted to say because of that last photo! he is SO cute i need him! such a little scruffy face ahh!

    makes me want to go wake up boo and give him a hug :) (he went to sleep without me.. can't stand my night owl tendencies)

    the mr taylor moments are really hilarious.. beiber.. oy vey.

    aaaand.. i just posted a new post and then read your last comment.. and the commercial you were thinking of is exactly what inspired my photo! haha.. the link to the commercial is in my newww post :) (best commercial ever, no??)

  35. Ha ha ha...that bit about your husband wearing your shirt...I swear that would be straight out of an episode of friends...i think it may have even been one! Classic stuff right there.

    I am sorry about the job, but how amazing that you figured out the financial worries! God is taking care of you two and all things will come together in His timing :)

    What a sweet little cutie you have in your arms!! :) You look lovely chica!

  36. Your conversations crack me up...seriously!!! Thank goodness for the little furry ones {they truly are there through thick & thin!} xoxoxo brynn

  37. Your dog is super cute. And your hubsands awkwards were super funny :)
    Did you just move or something? Where do you live?

  38. Im thankful for my family and health. I love that last picture. so darling.

  39. Your picture almost made me pee myself. You are just too attractive for words, sometimes.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  40. that pictures is awkward and awesome. all summed up into one. ha!!!

  41. This is such a hilarious post, how fun!

  42. I am cracking up over him putting on your shirt and thinking all your clothes were shrunk! Too funny!

    P.S. I'm hosting an awesome indobay giveaway for a $40 prize! Come check it out!

  43. Haha, conversation about your laundry reminds me a lot of my boyfriend Steve. The other day he bought a new pair of work boots, and sent me a text with a picture of his new boots. When I finally opened up the text after much harassment, I found a picture of him wearing MY tall boots...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  44. you did indeed show that pinata who's boss:) i think eric was a little jealous that he wasn't the one that got to break it haha

  45. That last photo is too cute for words!

  46. Hihi, this was great post ! I smiled whole way through, especially on the all Mr T. parts :D I should pay more attention to my Misters funny behaviour and perhaps mark them down :D

    Aww, your dog sounds so lovely and truly an amazing little thing ♥ ^^

    Thank you for all your nice & encouraging comments TJ,

    xx indie by heart

  47. Hun who is wearing whose shirts in your house?:D Love this post, and sorry but I adore first photo!:)
    Jelena (

  48. Ha! The husband and I talk about the biebs drama all the time. We have a bet going... he thinks that it's Bieber's baby and I don't think it is. If he wins, I go hunting with him. If I win, he goes to see Twilight with me! Perfect.

  49. The picture with your dog is so cute!! Love it!

    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like :)


  50. He is. The. Cutest. Dogs are the best medicine. They always cheer up you when you're feeling down.


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