the gratitude journal

the other day i ran across my gratitude journal that i have not written in for ages. yes, the gratitude journal, as in oprah's advice because everyone loves oprah!!! anywho, i found that the majority of the things that i was grateful for were my husband (boyfriend at the time). simply adore him. but i was reflecting back on yesterday and all the things that made me happy. now i must admit, this idea sprung from young people in love, my new blog obsession. check it out! but before you do, here are just a few things that made me exceptionally happy yesterday:

- having mr. taylor push snooze 3+ times so we could do extra cuddling.

-making banana waffles for breakfast while watching repeats of modern family. nothing seems to beat this show right now.

- doing the laundry. it makes me feel domestic.

- having a grand ol' time at the grocery store, and making a scene trying to keep mr. taylor away from the candy....he's kind of an addict. not really, but yes.

- getting to watch my guilty pleasure, jersey shore. don't judge.

- making this amazing recipe of chicken curry thanks to grandma doris and the sister-in-law, paige! i think mr. taylor liked it.

- and ending the night with a lovely late night walk with the hubby.


  1. aww. I love cuddling and couples grocery shopping too. Isn't married life amazing?

    Love that photo of y'all, by the way. :)

  2. sweet. Banana waffles sound delicious.


  3. finally! A new post.... i still need to take pictures up here at Badger Creek. I think I need to start a gratitude journal.. thanks for the idea!

  4. You're cooking up a storm these days! You're so domestic :)

  5. I might have to pass on the laundry part, but I would be extremely grateful if banana waffles appeared in front me from time to time.

  6. What a great idea with the gratitude journal! Might have missed out with this Oprah suggestion! Love all the things you were grateful for...jersey shore huh?!...just joking!

  7. Where do I begin?

    1. The first picture is so freaking cute that I actually gasped.
    2. I LOVE Modern Family, and pretty much every activity you mentioned....I'm thinkin' we were separated at birth.
    3. I'm so green with envy at how adorable you and your hubs are.
    4. Your blog is amazing and I'm a new follower.

    The end :)

  8. oh I love Jersey Shore! so we are definitely destined to be friends :)

  9. I should start a Gratitude Journal. Or a bloggy one at least. :]

    Modern Family is seriously the BEST! My husband and I watch it all the time. And then we introduce all of our friends and family to it. It's great because every episode is funny every time you watch it!

    You two are a gorgeous couple by the way!


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