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lately i feel i have been doing a lot of dishes. i'm not sure if that is just because there is no dishwasher in our new place, but still...i do not like washing dishes. no sir!  but yesterday i had made mr. taylor an amazing lunch, made his dinner to go (while he was away at school for 9+ hours) and cleaned up all the dishes and kitchen. i was a little sad and mr. taylor knew it. he asked me what he could do to make me feel more appreciated. and it instantly reminded me of this lovely video that i saw over on the daybook. so adorable! let's all show our appreciation more to those we love!
p.s. i do want to point out, however, that mr. taylor DOES help me with the dishes. he has just been such a busy man now that school is back in session.


  1. this video is adorable! i saw it over at daybook too but i seriously could watch it over and over again...which i sorta did. ha! <3

  2. That made me cry. I was doing great until the little circle punches...I love it!

  3. Down with dishes! Let's all get rich so we can just buy new ones every time. We'll use the old ones for some artsy mosaic or something.

  4. Nice video.

  5. i loved this video. made me cry and so sweet. thanks for reposting it!

  6. love it so cool :)



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