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some exciting news to also share today:

the lovely Gentri, Ashley and Kelsey are so generous to put together this amazing blogger meet up! what a great way to meet new bloggers and become real life friends! if you live in Utah and would like to attend, RSVP to Gentri at gentrileeblog [at] gmail [dot] com. okay? okay!

also, I was awarded the "versatile blogger award" by kelli over at the daily polkadots! thanks lady!
as part of the award i am to share seven things about myself, so here we go!
  1. i married my best friend of seven years!
  2. i would much rather live in sweat pants and grunge t-shirts all day. i'm all about the comfort.
  3. i was raised protestant and converted to mormonism almost two years ago.
  4. i am one of eleven siblings. right in the middle. i suffer from the jan brady syndrome, ha!
  5. i am deathly afraid of needles, the sound of thunder and cats! 
  6. i absolutely hate the smell, sound and look of gum. i believe the world would be a much cleaner and less stickier place if it did not exist.
  7. my favorite movie is Hook! i love anything to do with peter pan. when i was younger i used to want to be a lost boy. yep, i was a major tomboy. 
i now pass this award onto YOU:


  1. So a couple of things!

    I saw on Gentri's page the Utah meet up and I cannot wait to meet with other bloggers from Utah! So exciting to actually meet one another.

    I love your blog and my favorite movie is Hook too!! I was a tomboy as well.

    Love your blog!! Looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Great blog!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  3. Wow, I am afraid of those EXACT same things. Crazy! Totally found your blog and love to hear updates of you and Eric.

  4. yay!! :D Thanks for spreading the word! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. haha!

    I was going to give you that award, but Kelli already had. :) I too could live my live in over sized t's and sweats. I kind of do because of my job anyways. But I love cute (LOVE. Sundays are my favorite days because I can actually dress up) clothes... I just don't get to wear them a lot. :P I didn't know you were a convert! I think that is so so awesome! :) And I love Hook!

  5. Thanks! I love it! I am also terrified of needles! : )

  6. Oh, I wish I were in Utah so I could go to this! And I so agree with you on the gum. I can't stand hearing people chomp it - GROSS! :)

    ~ Angela

  7. Oh thanks for helping spread the word girly!!! You rock! And excited for the shindig :) And funny, I am OBSESSED with gum! Oh well, I'm disgusting haha.

  8. You and I are alike.. I HATE gum!!! Gross. And I wish I could live in sweat pants too.. Life would be so much easier haha.

  9. Agh, so jealous! Wish there was an Ohio meetup!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  10. I wish I lived in Utah. :( wow, one of eleven, I can't live with my brother half the time, how did you do it?? I hate needles too,But I do like your blog.

  11. congrats on the award! and one of eleven siblings?! jealous!!

  12. So jealous about your meet-up :( wish I lived closer!


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