awkward and awesome Thursdays

- taking a stroll through the university, mr. taylor wanted to be all romantic and take me down to the new man-made creek and waterfall. once we got down to the sight he wanted to show off by jumping across the rocks through the creek. little does he know that some of the rocks are plastic, ultimately leading to one giant fall into the water. i hear laughter in the background as a guy walks by witnessing the whole thing. i know i'm not doing this story justice, but OMG...hilarious!!!
- mr. taylor and i had a mini date night last night and headed to the texas roadhouse (romantic, i know). while enjoying some very intellectual conversations mr. taylor proceeds to finish his sentence with "back-boob" just as the waitress had come up to take our drink order. why "back-boob" you wonder? i wish i knew, but i can't remember what our conversation was about.
- earlier last week i contacted a person here in provo for a possible internship while i continue my job search. 11 emails in, this person finally informs me that i had been addressing them as the wrong person. this 'she' that i had thought that they were was in fact a 'he'. woops! thankfully i still got the job.
- my husband has been reading this book, How to Win Friends & Influence People. With nothing better to do i decide to take a peek and read the chapter, "Six Ways to Make People Like You". while half way through my bestie from back home called me up to see what i was doing. i told her the book i was reading. "oh my gosh, TJ, i didn't realize you had gotten to be that lonely and desperate down in utah!" "what? no! i was just reading it out of bordom." "suuuure." good to know that my friends are starting to realize how pathetic i really am, ha.

- eating so much food that you actually create a love food child. i finally know what it must feel like to be pregnant and not be able to see your feet. meet food baby, Sammie!
- making that chicken curry the other night. seriously, this is an accomplishment, coming from someone who usually feeds her husband mac & cheese or cereal for dinner.
- coming back from our date night mr. taylor serenaded me some music, some which he wrote himself. i know, i'm lucky.
- skyping with friends and family. i loved getting to skype with my baby sister and see her new college dorm room. so proud of you katie!!
- enjoying some photoshopping on the iPhone. face-in-hole. i nearly cried, i was laughing so hard.
- while i attended the hubby's intermural soccer game, i ended up making a friend while cheering on his team. friend count in utah = 1. yep, i'm pretty popular around these parts!


  1. The story about your husband falling in the water is hilarious! I love what BYU has done with that part of the campus. When I attended, they hadn't done it yet and that area was still overgrown and, well, let's just say a girl wouldn't want to walk there alone at night!

    Fun post!

    ~ Angela

  2. I love Awkward and Awesome Thursdays! :) And "back-book"? LOL - hilarious! Enjoy the rest of your week girl! :)

  3. love food child! I thought I was the only one... :)

  4. "Back-boob"? Hahaha! You are too funny!!
    Mmmm. That food looks delicious!

  5. You always have the best stories. And forget the food baby - let's get a human baby in there :)

    Those pics at the bottom are price.less.

  6. hahaha! I would have laughed so hard, it's a good thing I didn't witness your hubby's fall... And guess what, I'M in Utah! So that brings your friend count up to- 2!! haha! But seriously, we're having a blogger meet up on October 7th and you have to come. :)

  7. best awkward and awesome post i've seen! seriously love it. Back boob? The awkwards are my favorite. Also love the food child baby :) You're hilarious. Let's be friends!


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