awkward and awesome Thursdays

- yesterday i went to the student bookstore with mr. taylor to help him pick up some more books. we had gotten him some books and decided to buy me some new scriptures with my new name inscribed on them. while we waited for that to get done we walked around the bookstore checking out the new computer store. upon entering AND exiting the alarm system decided to go off, resulting in many-a-look our way. no biggie. we then traveled downstairs to look at some merchandise to pass the time, and then headed towards the stairs again as it was time for my pick-up. i was carrying all of mr. taylor's books at the moment (no sure why) when all of a sudden CRASH! i had fallen going up the stairs. books flying making an absurd amount of sound...many stares again. glad i don't go here.
- one thing i have come to find about this "provo culture" is that the standard male checkout is to: 1. look at your face. 2. smile. 3. check your hand for a wedding ring. 4. if a ring is present, walk away. 5. if ring is not present, come up and talk to the girl or stare for eye candy. niiiiiiiice.
- while at the grocery store mr. taylor had shouted "babe" down the aisle to ask me how many frozen pizza's we should buy. yes, we are healthy people. unbeknownst to him, an older lady had stepped in front of me thinking he was talking to her. "what did you say?" she replied. i quickly answered him to let  her know he was talking to me. she turned her cart away embarrassed. mr. taylor turned away even more embarrassed. i proceeded to laugh in the aisle. i'm so nice. 

- finally getting all things settled into our new place. slowly but surely it's starting to become a home.
- having all of mr. taylor's classes start later in the day, resulting in long cuddle sessions and playing house in the mornings. love him. 
- getting to skype with my lovely BFF, kimberly, her cutie-patootie nephew, and her mom. miss her and the gang.
- becoming a domesticated housewife. i'm up to four prime meals including chicken quesadillas, spaghetti and peas, pancakes with peaches and good ol' fashioned chicken sandwiches. yay me! and trust me, this is a huge accomplishment. i don't all.
- and, after a long time of cooking and eating, mr. taylor requests that he do all the dishes. brownie points for sure.
- for it being september and the beginning of the best holidays and brining back the best tv shows! bring on the fall!


  1. "1. look at your face. 2. smile. 3. check your hand for a wedding ring. 4. if a ring is present, walk away. 5. if ring is not present, come up and talk to the girl or stare for eye candy."

    Soooooooo true.

  2. So funny! I am thinking of starting my own Awkward and Awesome Thursdays... I have so many awkward moments!

    Loving your skirt!


  3. Funny story about the grocery store and yay for cooking more meals...I definitely need to practice more myself. My boyfriend will eat anything I bake but I'm not sure he trusts my cooking just yet :)


  4. i must admit, i've fallen up the stairs before... more than once! love that your day was both awkward & awesome.


  5. Oh amazin shots, love the outfit as usual! :) following, check out my blog?


  6. So true about guys in Provo!

    I once fell up the stairs getting on the bus my first day of high school. And of course backpacks were for losers back then so my notebook and papers went everywhere. Feel your pain. Hope you are enjoying Utah so far!

  7. yay tanya! Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. And I can't wait to hear all of the awkward "provo culture" things that happen haha.

  8. Heheh I love your story and it sounds as though you are having so much fun!! I also really love this look on you by the way!! I just styled a shoot with beautiful maxi skirts like this!! So pretty!! xx mandy

  9. Hahaha the penny thing made me laugh!! How funny! :) And YAY! I made your blog mentions :P I love our skype dates bestie!! <3


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