unpacking is worse than packing, i decided

hello world! i have gotten a few requests to take a tour of our new place, but to be quite honest, all you would come across is boxes, boxes and more boxes. yes, the unpacking has begun but trash has been piling up. exhibit a)

and this is only 1/4 of the "disaster zone". so until the place is spick and span, i will fill you all in on the adventures we have had thus far instead. the drive from seattle to provo takes about 14 hours. in that span we busted out some awesome tunes, witnessed a car engulfed in flames (no one was hurt), and watched some intense lightning storms. i'm not a huge fan of lightning so this wasn't the big highlight for me. but we finally made it here around 11pm. we unpacked the cars and headed straight to bed. the next morning we woke up early to head to the bookstore to get mr. taylor all of his school supplies for the semester before it got too crowded...i am certainly not going to miss this aspect of school anymore. books are ridiculously expensive! next we headed to the creamery to pick up some grub and meet up with our friend Scott for some fun and music. later came the 4 hour long shopping spree where we bought all the things that we didn't get off our registry and the groceries that we needed to survive. coming from seattle, i'm not quite used to this 90+ degree weather and constant sunshine. thus resulting in many mini-naps and change of clothes at least 2 times due to sweat. overshare, i know.
as for now, mr. taylor has headed off to his first day of classes today, leaving me with all the clean-up and continued un-packing. hopefully i'll throw in a few skype dates here or there with friends and catch up on the latest "bachelor pad" that i missed last night.
friend count in utah= 0. still working on that one...

view from front door


  1. Oh boy, I'm moving into my place in two days. I'm not looking forward to the actual "moving" part. Ugh!


  2. Ahhhh what about Maren? Could she be your friend? :) I'm sure you'll find lots of cool new peeps in your ward. Are you going to the Warner's ward or the married ward? I suggest the married ward cuz everyone there will be in the same situation as you. Hope this adjustment time isn't too hard. There is so much to love about Provo. And so much to rag on :) But we really do miss it cuz it's such a unique place. Maybe I can come out there before the holidays and hang out and show you my favorite places.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of boxes. I'm actually looking forward to 90 degree heat this weekend. It's been between 104-107 the past week. I'm sure you'll find friends soon...at least you have Mr. Taylor :)

  4. What?! That view is phenomenal! I hope you have many large windows through which you can see this killer view regularly.

  5. I can be your friend in utah. I live in provo too!!

  6. So glad you stumbled upon my page! It looks like we have a little bit in common! We just moved from California to Oregon, cardboard is invading my life and my friend count so far is also 0! Thanks for the sweet comment! You and your husband are adorable.


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