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hello lovely readers of tj's blog! i am lizzie from the luckyenough blog and i'm oh so excited to be here today. isn't it just so exciting that mr. taylor and his lady are MARRIED? i'm so happy for both of you. if you're familiar with my blog, you know that i do a SEVEN THINGS post once a week. so this week i thought i'd share one with you all, but this time it's dedicated to love, love, love in honor of our favorite newlyweds.

one: sweetness.

two: is there anything nicer in the whole world than lovebirds?

three: i adore this photo. but should i be embarrassed that i have the same pair of sperrys as the boy? ha. oh well!

four: vintage love.

five: timeless love.

six: i have a strong obsession with chalkboards {and that's putting it mildly}. this photo just tickles my soul. so precious!

seven: and the most darling photo of all. this is how mr. and mrs. taylor will look someday. forever in love.

love, love, sweet ol' love. doesn't it just make your heart all warm and fuzzy? congratulations once again to mr. and mrs. taylor. i am so excited to see all your photos and hear about your special day and honeymoon, i can barely stand it. and thank you all for letting me share a little something on this darling blog. hope to see you all again soon!
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  1. Cute photos...I'm so excited for them as well :)

  2. This is an adorable post! These pictures are so heart-warming, especially the last one!



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