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Omgee - okay, so the COOLEST thing happened to me the other day. Like, not even kidding it was *awesome*. If I told you i'm sure you wouldn't believe me. What? Ohhhhh. You want me to tell you! Well you see…I logged onto my email account a few days ago and had an email from none other than TJ herself asking if I would guest post on her blog (Mr. Taylor and his Lady) -obviously you know that- WHILE she is on her honeymoon!?!? Coolest thing ever right!?! Yeah- I thought so too! I mean who wouldn't want to guest post for such a sweet, awesome, GORGEOUS, awesome (did I say that already) person? And can I just say CONGRATS on your wedding! I'm sure you looked absolutely stunning, I mean common how could she not people!?! Bet your all just as excited about this up and coming wedding post as I am!! (i've been counting down the days…literally)

So I believe this calls for an introduction…hmm hmmm HMMM- Hello fellow blog followers of TJ my name is Courtney Ash and I am the author (LOVE saying that) of Dear Darling. I'm currently a 20 something (just 20. lame.) sophomore undergrad trying to attain my bachelors degree in Public Relations with a minor in Fashion. My blog is dedicated to my daily discoveries, life lessons, and the many epic fails that I encounter. I have an idea…on the topic of epic fails, i'm going to pretend it's opposite day and speak about epic success. For example my last friday night in Chicago - sorry I keep forgetting i'm not on my blog…i am currently living in Chicago for the summer as a nanny- couldn't have been any more prefect. You know those days where it's to perfect to feel real. Well this was my friday. It all started with the grand idea to go to The House of Blues for diner (may I suggest the chicken fried chicken if you ever go there. I practically licked my plate clean) we arrived and were informed that because we had not made reservations we would have to wait a WHOLE HOUR for a table. Lame. So we put our name down on the list and high tailed it over to the beautiful trump tower to see if we could snag a spot on the deck for drinks and sushi. (This is nearly impossible but we had an hour, so why not try?) As we walk in to get a table we again are informed that it's booked for the night and they are terribly sorry, so we take some pictures on the deck and just as were about to leave…BAM the man runs over and is like "hey what would you say if I told you we just had a cancelation?" So guess what? We had drinks and sushi on the deck of trump tower! It was so perfect-

We then ran back (literally) to the House of Blues seeing as we took a little longer than expected and were told our table was given up and it would be ANOTHER hour wait. Wow. So as we're walking out the hostess grabs us and is like come with me. She leads us to a booth closest to the stage…really!?! EPIC!

But it gets better people…on our way out the front doors a limo pulls up and looks out the window at me "you want a ride?" haha I busted out laughing because I thought he was just joking and then I got the "no….seriously." He was apparently just killing time waiting on his client and figured he would help us out. So we jump into this limo and have a dance sesh to "forget you"! Not gonna lie I felt pretty famous stepping out of that limo in front of the PinkBerry Froyo. One man even had his camera ready but quickly walked away, dangit maybe i'm not famous. But SEE what did I tell you, epic success of what!?!

My night ended in me receiving a message from my grandfather telling me "I have loved you from the moment I first saw you, I always have an always will, I just can't stop. I LOVE you!!" Perfect ending to the perfect night:)

I LOVE blogging friends so stop on over by my blog and say hey!
Thank you SO much for letting me post TJ and thank YOU for actually reading this!
-Your all amazing-

With all my love,
Courtney Ash


  1. Great post Courtney!
    Sounds like a perfect day to me. And that message from your grandfather is just the sweetest thing ever. I unfortunately don't have any grandparents still alive, but my grandfather was very special to me.

  2. fun photos!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose= )


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