coming to an end

it's all coming to an end. i have officially graduated from college. mr. taylor had his last day of his internship. i have my last day of my internship on wednesday and my last day of work on friday. what comes next you ask? moving out of this crazy city i call home and moving to the small town of provo, utah while mr. taylor finishes up his last year of college. am i nervous? of course! i know no one, will be moving away from my entire family, jobless, and kicking off my life with the hubby in our own quaint place with no direction. i'm not the homemaker that i probably should be - sorry mr. taylor, we may starve. but if you live in the provo area or know any awesome shops and restaurants, hit me up! let's be friends! i like to think i'm funny, nice, and outgoing. applications now being accepted, ha!
  yay for new adventures!


  1. hahah oh gosh that's a pretty good photo. I kind of really wish I was going to BYU provo so I could chill with you all of the time... but I will visit from Rexburg for sure!! I really think you'll love provo; it's so pretty and a cute little place and everyone's so nice there!

  2. I can only imagine how nervous I would be if I had to move away from everybody but then again think about all the fun adventures you and Mr. Taylor get to experience together...I think everything will be amazing!


  3. definitely yay for new adventures :) it is definitely scary to have so many changes all at once, but you'll be great!

    to answer your question about my moving photo.. i made a gif in photoshop.. but there are websites out there that will make one for you! (or if you have photoshop there are tutorials out there.. i have to look it up every time i do it haha) here is the website i used before i started using photoshop: i love moving photos- reminds me of harry potter hehe

  4. Just moved out of Provo after four years. 4 years was a little too long, but anything less than that and you should be fine :) They have a nordstrom rack a few miles away, and that's where I satisfied my shoe fixes when I was on a student budget :) (they also got an in n out last year, which, being a southern california girl, I was excited about)

    Have fun!


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