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Hello there readers of Mr. Taylor and His Lady! I'm Kristen, I'm a fellow reader, and blogger of Summer Sets In. I love tea, vintage finds, gardens, and being a barista. Nice to meet you.

TJ was kind enough to allow me to share some love on her blog. I've been enjoying reflecting on thursdays, about how truly awkward and awesome they are. Really though..there is something awkward on every single thursday for so many of us! So strange.
Here's my encounters, both awkward and awesome.

-I am an avid library user, and rely heavily on my email notices to remind me when to return my books and movies. For some very, very unfortunate reason, I didn't have emails coming in for a few days..and my library notice was one of them! Yes, friends, yes, it's true. I didn't return my large list of library items on time. And apparently, movie fines are $1.00 a day! Um, yes, I had many movies out, so...let's just fines are more than what I get for tips in a week at work. So sad. I must put on a brave face and go pay my incredibly large fee before I take out books again.
-Ever been to the grocery store and spend half an hour looking for one item? I was looking for coconut milk, and finally asked a stock boy if they carried it. He spends about five minutes scanning one aisle, then I look up, and it's right in front of me. He was a little embarrassed when I told him I found it. Guess he will be reading up on the inventory list tonight so he'll be ready for next time!

-Summer festivals. I enjoy the idea more than the crowds, but still, so fun!
-Ever played the 'Fruit Ninja' app on an Iphone? Do it. It's a stress reliever that's free.. after you have the Iphone I suppose.
-The Civil Wars. Such beautiful music! I got the free live album here on NoiseTrade, and am loving it. What's on your summer soundtrack?

Hope you are all enjoying a sunny summer, or if you're in a different part of the world, a relaxing winter!

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  1. I once took a book out and forgot it for months. I could have bought the book with the fee I had to pay for it. GAH. I love The Civil Wars too! My favourite song is 20 years!


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