awkward and awesome Thursdays

so mr. taylor has been away on his business trip for just over 24 hours now, and in that span i caught up on all of my TV shows (the bachelor pad is intense this season), went to a concert at the park, played out in seattle, had a romantic candlelit dinner with this lovely, and got a drastic hair cut. productivity on packing is still at a 0% but leaving two days to pack should be enough, right?

- showing up to work 4 minutes late and getting chewed out by your supervisor by using the silent treatment. nothing like that is ever fun.
- PDA. i'm all for everyone showing their affection for their loved ones, but it's a little awkward when sitting in a group of people asking the new couple how they met and in between each sentence they feel the need to be all over each other. okay, we'll come back later. 
- conversations where you are sitting there both waiting for the other to ask meaningless questions just for the sake of keeping a conversation going. note to self: just walk away.

- movie marathon dates with best friends, creating a bate cave and catching up on life itself. i adore my friends.
- having a celebratory dinner at panera bread. i absolutely love this restaurant and will miss it terribly while in utah. in fact, i might just have to go back one last time before the big move.
- waking up at 6 AM every morning just to sit down and chat with the husband while he eats his big bowl of cereal and then make him a lunch sack for his day. i'm such a good wife. who says i don't have domestic skills? next step is mastering dinner dishes....we'll see about that.

*sorry for the lack of cool awkward and awesome stories. i'm sure this coming weekend will bring plenty of those.


  1. Love the new hair-do!!!


  2. yay tanya! I really like your new haircut. Is there no Panera in Utah? haha at least there's Cafe Rio, right?

  3. Oh I hate those conversations with meaningless questions. I think I would probably be making my future husband sack lunches...I really need to practice more in the Love the haircut :)


  4. Loooove your new do! And your outfit is so totally cute and you look beautiful.

  5. you seriously have such a beautiful face!
    Just like an actress.:)

  6. the last one is my absolute favorite!


You're an all-star!

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